First Seasonal Event For 'Fallout 76' Brings Creepy Masks, Burning Effigies - Bloody Disgusting
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First Seasonal Event For ‘Fallout 76’ Brings Creepy Masks, Burning Effigies



As part of their roadmap for 2019, Bethesda have dropped more info on the March 19th time-limited event for Fallout 76 called Fasnacht Parade.

As per Bethesda’s blog, as the name implies, it’s a parade that will be held in the town of Helvetia, and with it comes a repeatable quest that involves helping the town’s robot shopkeepers set up for the march. Tasks include ridding enemies from the route, choosing decorations, and playing music.

The parade will end with a burning of Old Man Winter in effigy (something we’d like to do in real life, frankly), but of course, doing so will attract even more enemies. The more marching protectrons players protect, the more loot they’ll earn at the end of the event, including some rather festive (and creepy) masks. There are also new C.A.M.P. plans with festive Fasnacht theming to earn.

In addition to all of that, the blog entry details some updates and fixes in the new patch, including C.A.M.P. placement, and a new interface for tracking challenges.

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