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‘The El Chupugcabra’ is Pint Sized Horror Comedy



I guess a Pug is bigger than a pint but to paraphrase no one, don’t let the truth get in the way of a decent headline. From Paper Street Pictures comes The El Chupugabra, “an over the top, self-aware genre pic about a young family adopting a Pug and getting far more than they bargained for.

The short was directed and edited by Aaron B. Koontz (he co-wrote it with Cameron Burns) and stars Jeremy King, Courtney Hans, Dashiell Smith, Spencer Greenwood and Leola L Perez. It was produced by Cameron Burns, Shane Domrongchai, Alex Euting, Cassandra Hierholzer and Aaron B Koontz.

El Chupugcabra first played Mile High Horror Festival in Denver before going on to numerous other fests across the country, and now we have your online debut.

Don’t be intimidated by the runtime, the short itself is 13 minutes and the extra 7 you see in the video below is dedicated to a gag reel.



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