'Evil Dead' Callbacks In Sam Raimi 'Drag Me to Hell'
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The Various ‘Evil Dead’ Callbacks In Sam Raimi ‘Drag Me to Hell’ (Video)



Drag Me to Hell (image source: Universal)

Before Sam Raimi moved forward with the Evil Dead remake, and the forthcoming “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” television series at Starz, he was able to stave off horror fans begging for more Ash with Drag Me to Hell, his big-budgeted 2009 horror film that Universal Pictures produced from a resurrected screenplay by Raimi and his brother Ivan.

At the time we were all begging for an Evil Dead 4, and while we never got our wish, Raimi definitely used Drag Me to Hell as a way to express those creative juices while he worked on massive studio projects like Spider-Man and OZ.

Drag Me to Hell was a return to Rami’s roots, and was full of references and techniques used in the original The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness. Below is a video that shares many of these callbacks…

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