Is 'Ratpocalypse' the Next 'Birdemic'?! (Exclusive Trailer) - Bloody Disgusting
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Is ‘Ratpocalypse’ the Next ‘Birdemic’?! (Exclusive Trailer)




Winner of the “Sports Oscar” comes the most ridiculous trailer I’ve seen in quite some time.

Vladimir Uglichin filmmaker took to the U.S. to get behind the camera for Ratpocalypse, a bizarre new indie film that stars Casper Van Dien(!), Victoria Summer and Linda Bella. Gray Frederickson (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now) produces.

In Ratpocalypse, an American Senator has a vision directing him to share a dire warning. When the warning goes unheeded, he struggles to deal with the blowback, finding one ally as the rest of the world turns on him.

The movie has the “so bad it’s good” feel to it, which begs the questions: could this be the next Birdemic? The answer to that question begins with us finding out if Uglichin was trying to make something this ridiculous, in which case, wowsa.

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