'All Your Favorite Shows' Blends TV/Movie With Animation
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‘All Your Favorite Shows’ Blends TV/Movie With Animation Brilliantly



The folk over at Ornana Films have just released their latest film, a short entitled “All Your Favorite Shows“. The film tells the story of a young boy and how his obsession with watching TV shows and movies on his phone lends to an incredibly wild and vivid imagination.

What’s really cool about how this is done is that the boy’s story is all done via animation but the images he conjures in his mind are actual clips and snippets from the shows/films he so adores, such as The Matrix, Transformers, Elysium, Poltergeist, and much more. In fact, when I saw “much more”, there are apparently 160 clips used in total! The vast majority come and go way too fast for me to identify them. However, some are iconic moments, which allows the viewer that great “AHA!” moment,

Check out the fantastic short below!

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