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Teaser For Fanfilm “Ash vs. The DC Dead”!



One of the coolest fan films we’ve seen in awhile was the “Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness,” courtesy of “Slash/Up,” a multiverse fanfilm web-series that was also behind “Sarah Connor vs. Jason.”

Now, they’re back with the promised “Ash vs. The DC Dead,” which they previously said “is basically a gigantic middle finger to the house of mouse.

The trailer for Brian Rosenthal’s fanfilm sequel “Ash vs. The DC Dead” is below with plans of a summer release. It features David VonHippchen as “Ash” from the Evil Dead films, Derek Russo as DC’s Lobo, Lindsay Croucher as Spider-Man’s first lover, Gwen Stacy, and Joshua Borcyk as DC’s Green Arrow.

But it’s the surprise cameo of Batman is what got me all excited…

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