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“Wolf Creek” Series Trailer and Images Sharpen Blade for Revenge!



WOLF CREEK series | courtesy of Stan

Eve Thorogood is on a mission for revenge.

Stan has released the first stills and teaser trailer for their “Wolf Creek” miniseries, based on the popular Australian slasher franchise.

Ten years since the release of the hugely successful feature film Wolf Creek, creator Greg McLean and star John Jarratt return to give audiences a new take on the legend of Mick Taylor.

‘Wolf Creek,’ a six-part drama series, is a psychological thriller set in the world that fans of the films will recognize – but this time things are different. At first the pattern is familiar: Mick Taylor targets an American tourist family to terrorise and destroy. But the tables are turned when 19-year-old Eve survives the massacre and starts to rebuild her shattered existence by embarking on a mission of revenge.

Eve is played by Vampire Academy‘s Lucy Fry, who is shown in the teaser sharpening her knife. The foreshadowing being that she’s going to give Mick Taylor a run for his money.

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“Having a female point of view is really interesting because it basically flips that whole slasher thing on its head because it’s not about that,” McLean to SMH. “It’s actually about her exploring a character and trying to understand the motivation for a character – it’s much more character-focused as a raw piece of storytelling.”

But Taylor isn’t going to make it easy for Eve. McLean talks about his love for the character, and how he’s so evil it’s beyond comprehension.

“I think he’s [Mick Taylor] a fascinating character – basically we’re fascinated by evil and bad people,” adds McLean. “Anything to do with true crime and people’s fascination with that kind of storytelling, even a detective story, it ultimately just proves the fact that people are just fascinated by other people and particularly by people’s motivations.

“When people reach that level of evil it is compelling because we’re just trying to understand why and how. When we hear about these things that people do in the world, we try to understand it. What could happen to make someone do that? What happened to them to be able to be so cruel and so violent?

“There’s an inherent fascination with that kind of personality.”

Deborah Mailman (Offspring), Dustin Clare (Strike Back), Miranda Tapsell (Redfern Now), Richard Cawthorne (Catching Milat), Jake Ryan (Wentworth), and Jessica Tovey (Wonderland) also star in “Wolf Creek”.

Peter Gawler and Felicity Packard are the writers on the series, which is directed by Tony Tilse and Greg McLean, and produced by Peter Gawler and Elisa Argenzio. The executive producers are Greg Haddrick and Greg McLean with Jo Rooney, Andy Ryan, Nick Forward and Rob Gibson.

The series was shot in South Australia, featuring striking Outback landscapes.

The 6 x 1-hour series will premiere exclusively on Stan in mid-2016, with all episodes made available at once, making “Wolf Creek” a binge-watch TV event that will thrill viewers in Australia and around the world.

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