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Want to See ‘Fight Club’ Without Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden?!



Before the towers come down in the grand finale, Edward Norton’s character in David Fincher’s 1999 classic Fight Club learns that he has a split personality. His alter ego, for which he spends the majority of the film bantering with, is Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt.

While the audience can see Durden, he’s just a figment of Norton’s imagination. Thus, he’s really not there.

God bless the ease of technology and the curious individuals with access to all of the goodies…

Richard Trammell wonders what Fight Club may have looked like without Pitt’s Durden character on screen. It’s not as witty, that’s for sure. And there’s about 75% less ab-envy and testosterone, too.

But what really shines through is how dark the movie would be if we could all see what was going on outside of Norton’s broken mind.

Here’s a taste. I hope this was a simple enough of a task that Trammell completes the experiment and shares the entire film sans Durden.

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