Watching David Lynch Get a Standing Ovation at Cannes Will Make Your Day - Bloody Disgusting
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Watching David Lynch Get a Standing Ovation at Cannes Will Make Your Day



Redemption is a beautiful thing.

An incredible 25 years after we last hung around the most bizarre fictional town in TV history, David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” returned to Showtime this past weekend with a new season that will include 18 brand new episodes. It goes without saying that most fans of the show had long ago made peace with the fact that prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was the last they’d ever see of that universe, so it’s needless to say kind of a big deal that it’s back.

On the subject of Fire Walk With Me, which has amassed a large cult following over the years, it wasn’t exactly well received at the time. Infamously, the film was booed at Cannes when it premiered back in 1992, and it was also met with mostly negative reviews across the board. “It was a little bit of a sadness,” Lynch said of the Cannes reaction at the time, no doubt hurt by the overwhelmingly negative response to his return to Twin Peaks.

But 25 years later, things are much different. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Lynch’s latest return to Twin Peaks inspired an incredible 4-minute standing ovation, part of which was captured on video for us all to enjoy. With tears in his eyes, Lynch was clearly touched by the reaction, which was the polar opposite of the one he received the last time he brought “Twin Peaks” to that very event.