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Video Pays Tribute to the Other Actors Who Played Freddy in the ‘Elm Street’ Films



The first time Freddy appeared on screen, he was not played by Robert Englund.

Robert Englund is of course synonymous with the character Freddy Krueger, having played the dream stalker in every single film in the original Nightmare on Elm Street franchise – as well as in mash-up film Freddy vs. Jason. But though Englund played Freddy in 99.9% of the character’s appearances, a handful of other actors, stand-ins and stuntmen helped bring Freddy to life throughout the franchise.

What are their names and in which franchise moments did they play Freddy Krueger? You’ll find the full list below, along with a fun video that pays tribute to their largely unrecognized contributions!

  • Charles Belardinelli and Lou Carlucci played Freddy constructing his glove in Elm Street 1.
  • Jim Doyle plays Freddy coming through the wall and his hand in the bathtub in Elm Street 1.
  • Anthony Cecere is the stuntman who played Freddy when lit on fire in Elm Street 1.
  • Before Robert had come back as Freddy in part 2, a stuntman, whose name is unknown, was cast to play Freddy. He can be seen in the shower scene.
  • Michael Bailey Smith played Super Freddy in part 5.
  • Noble Craig, a legless actor, played Freddy coming out of Alice in part 5.
  • Chason Schirmer played Freddy as a child in Freddy’s Dead.
  • Tobe Sexton played teenage Freddy, also in Freddy’s Dead.
  • Kane Hodder played Freddy’s hand at the end of Jason Goes To Hell.

The song used in the video is ‘Froctagon’ by Linkin Park.

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