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Family Home Movie ‘Mad Max Junior’ Brings Kids into the Apocalypse



Your heart is about to grow three sizes on this day.

Former Nickelodeon director Ian Pfaff and his wife are pretty cool parents, as evidenced by a pair of tricked out Little Tykes cars they made for their kids. The custom-made vehicles, which they call Mad Max Mobiles, were inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road, and they were recently a viral hit here on the internet.

Now, the Pfaffs have taken this whole thing one big ole step further.

Working with filmmakers Aaron Ulrich and Markus Rutledge, the awesome parents brought their kids into the Mad Max Universe proper with a faux trailer (or family home video, if you prefer) titled Mad Max Junior. The premise? A little girl’s family has been stolen from her in the post-apocalypse… and she’ll stop at nothing to get them back.

“My wife and I turned a couple of Little Tykes cars into Mad Max Mobiles for our kids,” Ian explains. “With the help of some friends we took the cars and kids out to the desert to make this “family home video.”

Enjoy Mad Max Junior below, which is anything but mediocre!

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