Tom Savini Turned WWE's Sasha Banks into a Zombie for Fun Video - Bloody Disgusting
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Tom Savini Turned WWE’s Sasha Banks into a Zombie for Fun Video



The boss is… undead!

We’ve written about makeup effects legend Tom Savini‘s recent collaborations with WWE a few times now, as he and his team have helped superstars like Erick Rowan and Kalisto stand out with badass masks that they’ve recently worn on WWE programming. Tom is not just a friend of the company, but also a big time fan.

For his latest collaboration with WWE, Savini was tasked with turning superstar Sasha Banks into a zombie. Why, you ask? Well, the second wave of Mattel’s WWE Zombies action figures just recently hit store shelves, and “The Boss” is part of the lineup!

After Savini got done turning Sasha Banks into a zombie that looked like she shambled off the set of a George Romero movie, Banks prowled around the backstage area at a recent WWE event, terrifying fellow superstars like Enzo Amore, the Hardy Boys and best friend Bayley. I guess you could say Halloween came early in the pro wrestling world.

Watch Banks scare other superstars over on!