Every Victor Crowley Kill in 1-Minute Reminds that 'Hatchet' is Awesome - Bloody Disgusting
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Every Victor Crowley Kill in 1-Minute Reminds that ‘Hatchet’ is Awesome



He’s torn faces in half. He’s literally ripped humans out of their skin.

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with the Hatchet franchise. Before the first movie came out, a particularly gory clip (the jaw rip, to be specific) was shown as part of a sneak preview at a New Jersey horror convention I attended. The crowd went wild. We demanded an encore. We all went even wilder the second time.

That was my very first introduction to Victor Crowley, who has to date appeared in three Hatchet films – the first two directed by Adam Green, the third by BJ McDonnell. In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m a huge fan of the franchise, which managed to tap into everything I love so much about gory ’80s slashers.

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As Victor Crowley, Kane Hodder killed A LOT of people, and YouTuber TheSpringwoodSlasher edited together all of those kills into a badass 1-minute video for your enjoyment. The video reminds of a few things, including how gory the films are and how awesome the practical effects were.

More importantly, it reminds that Hatchet is one hell of a fun trilogy.