[Video] Fan Hilariously Turns 'The Shining' into a Twisted Musical - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Fan Hilariously Turns ‘The Shining’ into a Twisted Musical



Get ready to have this insane song stuck in your head for the next week.

Remember that scene in The Shining where Jack has a conversation with the late Delbert Grady in the bathroom? The ghost of Grady, the previous caretaker who killed his family in the Overlook Hotel, tells Jack that he needs to “correct” his wife and child… in other words, he needs to kill them.

It’s a chilling scene. Weirdly, even moreso in the form of a musical.

Fan Antonio Maria Da Silva just turned that scene from The Shining into its own musical, appropriately titled “Correct Them.” To do so, he added lyrics and music over top of the infamous bathroom scene, making it seem like Jack and Delbert are, well, singing to each other about killing their families.

Enjoy the most twisted musical ever by clicking the play button below.