[Trailer] Horror Classic Gets a Feature Length Fan Film With 'The Blair Witch Legacy' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Trailer] Horror Classic Gets a Feature Length Fan Film With ‘The Blair Witch Legacy’



Back in 1999, filmmakers Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick changed the game with their low-budget The Blair Witch Project, a terrifying blend of fiction and reality that unquestionably popularized the found footage movement that would soon go on to dominate the landscape of the genre for many years.

The hit film was followed by Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 in 2000 and more recently, years-later sequel Blair Witch in 2016. Neither film was well received by fans, which probably explains why one hardcore fan has just taken matters into his own hands.

Jason Hawkins is the man behind The Blair Witch Legacy, a forthcoming fan film that plays around in the Blair Witch universe.

As a fan of the original, and as a filmmaker, it was fun to play in this world and make an unofficial sequel,” says Jason. “Test audiences have loved it so far, so we feel good about that.”

Check out the trailer below!

“In July 2017, three filmmakers traveled to Burkittsville, Maryland to document the untold truth behind the making of the original Blair Witch Project.”

The Blair Witch Legacy is expected to be available in Spring 2018.