[Video] Burger King Hijacked 'IT' in Germany for Most Brilliant Ad Ever - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Burger King Hijacked ‘IT’ in Germany for Most Brilliant Ad Ever



The longest Burger King ad in history? 2 hours, 15 minutes!

Oddly enough, Burger King has had a significant presence in the marketing for Andy Muschietti’s IT outside the United States. You may remember that Burger King Russia recently called for the film to be banned; since IT is about a clown who (somewhat) resembles Ronald McDonald, they argued that the entire film essentially serves as one big advertisement for their rival fast food chain.

Never mind that Pennywise, ya know, eats children and what not.

But now it seems that silliness was probably a clever marketing campaign, as Burger King has also capitalized on the smash hit success of IT over in Germany.

At the German pre-premiere of IT on September 27, Burger King essentially hijacked the entire film and brilliantly turned it into a 2+ hour advertisement for themselves. Working with the agency Grabarz and Partner, Burger King projected a message onto the screen at the end of the movie, as the credits rolled.

“The moral is: never trust a clown,” read the ad, with the Burger King logo underneath.

Check out video of the stunt below, which they’re calling a “clownnaping.”