[Trailer] 'Once Upon a Time at Christmas' Looks Like 'The Purge': Holiday Edition - Bloody Disgusting
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[Trailer] ‘Once Upon a Time at Christmas’ Looks Like ‘The Purge’: Holiday Edition



There can never be too many Christmas horror films, and I’m personally excited that several are headed our way before 2017 comes to a close. It’s a sub-genre I love dearly.

For starters, the super fun Better Watch Out just hit VOD over the weekend, while the Dee Wallace-starring Red Christmas comes to home video on October 17. And let’s not forget The Elf, a forthcoming horror film version of Elf on the Shelf!

Another tale of Christmas horrors to put on your radar is Paul Tanter’s Once Upon a Time at Christmas, centered on a deranged Santa and Mrs. Claus going on a bloody rampage.

Ahead of the December 12 DVD release, check out the trailer below.

In the holiday horror flick…

“Meet Santa and Mrs. Claus: he’s a one-eyed fiend, she’s a curvy, bat-swinging blonde. This serial-killer couple is terrorizing the holidays in an upstate New York town with a series of horrific homicides. Though the victims seem random — a mall Santa, a smooching couple, an innocent family — high-schooler Jennifer and clever cop Sam begin to unravel the sinister pattern behind the slayings. Can they stop the murders before Christmas comes — and there’s no one left to celebrate?”

Simon Phillips, Sayla de Goede, Brook Fletcher, Barry Kennedy, Jeff Ellenberger and Devon Mary Doherty star.