"Stranger Things" Gets a Very Impressive Fan Film With 'The 12th Search' - Bloody Disgusting
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Missing “Stranger Things” already? Here’s something to tide you over.

At earliest, the not-yet-announced third season of “Stranger Things” won’t be hitting Netflix until next Halloween season, so you might be feeling like you shouldn’t have binged Season 2 so quickly. Then again, how the hell could you resist?!

In the hopes of making the wait for Season 3 a bit more tolerable, the folks over on VFX Productions just took their own trip to the Upside Down for The 12th Search, the very first “Stranger Things” fan film we’ve ever come across.

And goddamn is it a good one.

In The 12th Search, set in 1984, a group of new characters have their own brush with the Upside Down in a creepy forest at night. No lovable kids in this one. Just pure terror.