An Exclusive Look at Alternate 'Leatherface' Scene [Spoilers] - Bloody Disgusting
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An Exclusive Look at Alternate ‘Leatherface’ Scene [Spoilers]



Already available on VOD platforms everywhere, brand new franchise prequel Leatherface is buzzing onto Blu-ray on December 19, 2017.

Special feature includes “Behind the Mask: the Making of Leatherface“, as well as six deleted scenes and an alternate ending. Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive look at what appears to be a different take on a scene near the film’s ending. (There’s also a completely alternate ending on the disc.)

In LeatherfaceJessica Madsen plays one of four inmates (Sam Coleman, Sam Strike, James Bloor) who escapes from a mental hospital. One of them becomes the title character and iconic slasher.

In this alternate take, Madsen watches as Verna (Lili Taylor), Leatherface’s mother, pushes him to use his now iconic chainsaw on Sherif Hal Hartman (Stephen Dorff). Leatherface slices him up until Madsen grabs the sheriff’s gun and shoots the slasher. She’s then abducted as the clip goes black. 

Leatherface went through a series of additional shoots and it looks like this sequence near the end may have been included. It’s hard to tell here what happens next, but it looks as if they moved around Verna and Leatherface’s big moment and added a super gory scene in which Leatherface drives his chainsaw straight through Hartman’s chest. I love how the ending plays out in the completed film, so it looks like they did a good job fixing this up. It’s always fun to see the process in motion.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel was directed by Inside filmmakers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury.