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[Video] Go Behind the Scenes of Incredible Fan Film ‘Gremlins: Recall’



Old school puppetry. Is there anything better?

One of this year’s coolest things has no doubt been Gremlins: Recall, a MUST-WATCH fan film written and directed by Ryan Patrick that wonderfully utilizes practical puppets to continue the saga of the titular creatures.

Set years after Joe Dante’s classic film, the (unofficial) short imagines what would happen if a company were to medicate and sell Mogwai as high-end pets to the general public.

Naturally, things don’t really go well from there.

“The film follows Claire as she works the late night shift in her aunt’s diner. When she sees Owen, a Mogwai delivery driver, torturing the cute creatures, she tries to take matters into her own hands, not knowing what they can become.”

Gremlins: Recall was shot over three days by Isaac Bauman (“Channel Zero”), featuring practical puppets designed and created by “Face Off” contestant Eric Fox. As a fun little bonus treat, this behind the scenes video showcases the filming process, particularly highlighting Fox’s standout FX work that makes the short so damn good.



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