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[Kill of the Week] Pickaxe Through the Throat and Eye in ‘My Bloody Valentine’



Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

A clear attempt to capitalize on the success of Friday the 13th, released one year prior, the Canadian-made My Bloody Valentine is one of the true gems of the slasher movement, pick-axing its way into theaters at the height of the ’80s slasher craze. With a cool killer, a unique setting and gory kills, it checks off all the right slasher boxes.

It even has its own theme song, but we’re here to talk about the kills!

One of the most noteworthy things about My Bloody Valentine is that the MPAA hacked it up as much as “the miner” hacks up his victims, forcing the filmmakers to excise much of the film’s gore in order for it to see a widespread theatrical release; the MPAA handed the original cut of the film the dreaded ‘X’ rating, making it unreleasable.

Thankfully, Lionsgate released the film on Special Edition DVD & Blu-ray back in 2009, finally allowing us to experience it as it was originally meant to be seen. And boy does it make a difference. Put back into the film is nearly three minutes of bloodshed and gruesome carnage; you truly haven’t seen the movie until you’ve seen the unrated cut.

One of the kill scenes that was heavily edited for the original release was the murder of bartender Happy, who essentially serves as My Bloody Valentine‘s version of Crazy Ralph. He tries to warn the town about Harry Warden, but ends up becoming a victim himself when the miner slams a pickaxe through his throat and directly out his eye.

Poor Happy’s eye is gruesomely pushed out of his skull in the unrated kill.


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