[Video] Gomez Addams' Guide to Love on Valentine's Day - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Gomez Addams’ Guide to Love on Valentine’s Day



Name a more romantic duo. We’ll wait.

If you’re looking for true romance with a horror twist, look no further than 1991’s The Addams Family, which offers up so much genuine affection between Gomez and Morticia that it’s kinda the perfect movie to cuddle up with on Valentine’s Day. Which is why El Rey Network is airing the film at 8:30pm EST tonight, Valentine’s Day!

To promote the fact that they’re playing AF on VD, El Rey also whipped up a fun little video titled A Gentleman’s Guide to Love on Valentine’s Day, hosted by Gomez Addams!

Well okay, so Gomez doesn’t host the guide, per se, but it features clips of Raul Julia wining and dining Anjelica Huston and romance tips plucked straight from the movie.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, there’s no better Casanova than the demon of true love, Gomez Addams,” says El Rey. “Whether you’re in a serious relationship or dating, have no fear because the master of suave will give you a few tips on how to sweep your sweetheart of their feet.”

Enjoy. And Happy Valentine’s Day!


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