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[Kill of the Week] That Damn Exploding Soccer Ball in ‘Death Wish V’



Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

Eli Roth’s Death Wish has the goriest death in the entire franchise, a scene that was heavily featured (albeit always cut off before the good stuff) in the new film’s marketing. Hint: it involves Bruce Willis, another guy and Bruce’s friend “Jack.” The goriest in the series, no doubt, but it’s Death Wish V that has the honor of having the silliest kill.

Charles Bronson played Paul Kersey for the fifth and final time in The Face of Death, released in 1994. Kersey, by that point a full-on slasher killer-by-way-of-vigilante-hero, took on the mob in the franchise’s fifth outing, a film that starred Land of the Dead and The Hills Have Eyes‘ (2006) Robert Joy as mobster Freddie Flakes.

Flakes, as his name suggests, has a dandruff problem. Kersey cures him. Forever.

In the film’s most out-there kill scene, Kersey rigs up an ordinary-looking soccer ball with explosives, operating it via remote control to blow Freddie’s head to kingdom come.

I’m gonna take care of your dandruff problem for you,” a monotone Bronson quips, before hitting the kill switch. A dummy, and then a real stuntman, fill in for Joy.

Oddly enough, the clip features nudity, so be aware it’s NSFW!


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