While You Wait for the Real One, Here's a Pretty Cool Fan Made 'Halloween' Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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While You Wait for the Real One, Here’s a Pretty Cool Fan Made ‘Halloween’ Trailer



There are two things all horror fans are craving right now, and they’re the trailers for David Gordon Green’s Halloween and Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria. Footage from both was shown off at CinemaCon a couple weeks back, and the reactions were extremely positive. In the case of Halloween, it’s one of the most hotly anticipated trailers *ever*.

We’re told the trailer is coming “soon,” but we don’t yet have a date. In the meantime, fan StryderHD, known for his concept trailers, just whipped one up for Halloween!

Using footage from the original Halloween, as well as various other movies and TV shows (notably the Jamie Lee Curtis-starring “Scream Queens”), Stryder paints a rough picture of what we can expect from this year’s Halloween. It’ll be Laurie Strode and Michael Myers in one last battle to the death, 40 years after their very first encounter.

And we… cannot… wait.

Check out two fan-made trailers below, the first being Stryder’s…


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