[Video] Alternate Ending to 'Mac and Me' Surfaces and It's Shockingly Messed Up - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Alternate Ending to ‘Mac and Me’ Surfaces and It’s Shockingly Messed Up



Notable for being one of the worst movies ever made, 1988’s E.T. ripoff/bizarre McDonald’s commercial Mac and Me was just released on Shout Factory Collector’s Edition Blu-ray this week, which means it’s once again become a top of discussion on Film Twitter. Even more so because someone tracked down an insanely messed up alternate ending this week.

Producer and film curator Peter Kuplowsky is the man responsible for this rare footage, taken from the Japanese version of Mac and Me. Unlike the version we’ve all seen, which ends with young main character Eric seemingly dying in an explosion but then being saved by his alien pal, Eric is shot point blank in the chest by a cop in the alternate version of the film!

Kuplowsky explains, “This is cut out of every US version that I’ve seen; no mention of it on the Shout Factory release.”

One of the people responsible for Shout’s bonus features, Daniel Griffith chimes in with more insight, “I discussed this scene with the director when I was producing the extras for the blu, and he mentioned elements in the film that went too far. They toned it down (I think after a test screening), but I can only assume that original cut went to foreign markets.”

Presumably, even the Japanese version ends with Eric being re-animated by Mac, but the “death by police shooting” is shockingly dark for a movie aimed towards children.

Check it out below…

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