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‘Venom’ Clip Shares the Symbiote’s Dark Humor [Video]



Sony Pictures just sent Bloody Disgusting three brand new clips from Venom, the Spider-Man spinoff swinging into theaters next week. Unless the footage has been cut down, you can see how this was able to garner a PG-13, although tonally it still enjoys the same spirit as the original comics. In the first clip, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) confronts the Life Foundation’s Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), which foreshadows his termination from the Bugle.

Speaking of, Brock shows his romantic side in another piece of footage that touches on his new employment with the Daily Globe.

Lastly, Sony shared yet another action-packed clip (extended from the trailer) in which Brock and the symbiote beat the shit out of several intruders. It ends with the symbiote offering this hilarious quip: “Now, let’s bite their heads off and pile them up in a corner.” The gold is when Brock replies in shock, “Why would we do that?

It really would have been nice to see this hit that HARD “R” that was promised, but everything we’ve seen thus far still looks like it’s going to deliver. What say you?

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