[Video] Hilarious Spoof 'Halloween 60' Pokes Loving Fun at the Franchise's Longevity - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Hilarious Spoof ‘Halloween 60’ Pokes Loving Fun at the Franchise’s Longevity



As longtime fans of the franchise are well aware, this year’s Halloween isn’t even the first time the series has returned to its original continuity and brought Jamie Lee Curtis back into the fold, as Halloween H20: 20 Years Later did much the same thing back in 1998. Another 20 years later, this year’s film is essentially “Halloween 40,” cut from a very similar cloth.

(Mind you, David Gordon Green’s Halloween is the superior film.)

So will we be doing this again another 20 years from now? In 2038, will Michael Myers and Laurie Strode have one more “final battle” up on the big screen? The folks over at Fuzz on the Lens just imagined such a future with their spoof trailer Halloween 60, which brilliantly parodies this year’s new movie by poking fun at the longevity of the franchise’s core battle.

Fight. Forever.

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