[Video] James Corden Puts Michael Myers On Trial With 'Halloween' and "Making a Murderer" Mashup - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] James Corden Puts Michael Myers On Trial With ‘Halloween’ and “Making a Murderer” Mashup



Featuring cameo appearances from Freddy, Jason, Chucky and Leatherface!

Villains in horror movies are never actually put on trial after committing their dastardly deeds, as they’re instead killed off or simply evade capture and live to kill again. As for Michael Myers (according to the events of this year’s sequel), he was caught and locked up in a psych hospital after murdering Laurie Strode’s friends. But what if we got to see that trial?

This fun spoof from The Late Late Show With James Corden puts Corden himself in the iconic mask, the skit making Michael the star of his own “Making a Murderer” series…

“Forty years ago, a man named Michael Myers was imprisoned for stalking and killing babysitters on Halloween night, crimes Michael says he did not commit. Follow Michael’s journey to clear his name and find freedom, despite an overwhelming amount of evidence.”

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