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Playstation 3 Is Getting Fresh With Netflix

Playstation is a little slow in catching up to Xbox 360 but they are starting to get the picture. Sometime in November Playstation 3 owners and Netflix members will be getting the same opportunity Xbox 360 owners get. Free streaming of instant queue movies via their Playstation 3.

The plus side to using Netflix on the Playstation 3 is you don’t have to play for a PS3 account like you do an Xbox Live account. However, if I am correct, via Netflix you will recieve a free Blu-Ray disc that enables the use of instant streaming on your Playstation 3. Past the break to read directly from the press release… Initially, watching movies instantly streamed from Netflix via the PS3 system will be enabled by a free, instant streaming Blu-ray disc that is being made available to all Netflix members. The free instant streaming disc leverages Blu-ray’s BD-Live� technology to access the Internet and activate the Netflix user interface on the PS3 system, which must be online via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Netflix members simply slide the disc into their PS3 systems to reveal movies and TV episodes that can be watched instantly. These titles are conveniently organized into a variety of categories based on members’ personal preferences, popular genres, new arrivals and members’ individual instant Queues. Members can use the Netflix Web site or navigate directly on their PS3 systems to add movies and TV shows to their Queues. With the PS3 system’s Wireless Controller, members can choose a movie to watch from their instant Queues or just play directly from any of the lists. They also have the ability to read synopses and rate movies. In addition, they have the option of fast-forwarding and rewinding the video stream via the Wireless Controller.



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