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E3: Resident Evil Infects the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s next handheld is going to be big; it has an amazing arsenal of features, impressive specs, and an increasingly powerful developer/publisher support base. There are a couple dozen titles coming to the platform but one of the newest unveilings is a brand new installment in the Resident Evil franchise, entitled Revelations.

If this bunch of screens is anything to go by, Revelations is looking mighty fine. Check out some gorgeous screens taken from the game’s pre-rendered cinematics, after the jump. Not much else is known about the game other than it includes HUNKs, may or may not take place on a large boat, and features Resident Evil 5 protagonists Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, the latter of which seems to have he old hair back. Oh, and apparently the duo are having some sort of disagreement, hence the guns aimed at each other.

And in related news, Resident Evil 5 Gold Editions looks to be getting the motion control treatment since Capcom has revealed they’re adding Move functionality to the game. Could be interesting, maybe they’ll let us strafe? Or maybe I’m being a little too hopeful.



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