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E3: Metal Gear Solid: Rising Explains How Raiden Became A Badass

You may have noticed a slight difference in the skill and appearance of Raiden between Metal Gear Solid 2 and Guns of the Patriots. Rising will explain all that and more.

Rising bridges the gap between the second and fourth Metal Gear titles, and, try and contain yourself for this: in the game you will be able to pull off the same kickass cyber ninja moves Raiden threw at the creepy mooing mechs in Guns of the Patriots. Now that’s exciting. Read on after the jump for more details and the brand spanking new E3 trailer.

Raiden’s newest fully clothed adventure is looking great, especially the cutting mechanic that briefly slow down time giving you ample room to maneuver your sword so you can really slice and dice your enemies (or any inanimate objects that might be lying around the game). Seeing Raiden cut through a vehicle with ease than unleash his fury upon an unsuspecting watermelon shows that not even the thickest of fruits can stand in his way. I’ve cut a watermelon, it’s much more difficult than a cantaloupe. Just imagine, if you can, how much pain Raiden could unleash on a cantaloupe. Scary, huh?

One of the likely many awesome ideas in Rising is the ability to cut open mechs (and anything else) so you can claim the goodies inside. Now your enemies are essentially glorified piñatas, waiting for you to crack them open and get the life force spinal columns (see the trailer for that) or ammo that’s hidden inside their fragile forms. And since you can choose where you cut this means you have the option to maim or simply injure your enemies, which should give the more disturbed gamers amongst us the chance to brush up on their torture techniques. Fox News should have fun with that. I can see the headline now: “Metal Gear Title Lets Five Year-Olds Torture Innocent People”. Can’t wait.

There will also be plenty of stealth action in Rising, in case you were wondering. But enough chat, let’s get to the stylish new trailer, shown at E3 earlier in the week:



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