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Joseph Kahn’s Ridiculously Cool ‘Justice League Dark’ Concept Art

Art courtesy of Justin Goby Fields and Ironklad Studios

Even while the Justice League ship was sinking, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC continued to try and get their adaptation of Justice League Dark off the ground. While Guillermo del Toro was the perfect choice to helm the dark side of the DC universe, he exited the project back in 2016. Recently,  IT director Andy Muschietti’s name has been connected to the project, which is still part of Warner Bros.’ forthcoming DC slate.

They must have extreme confidence in this property, being that it’s never ceased to be in development. In fact, Joseph Kahn (Detention, Torque) revealed that he pitched for the project after del Toro’s exit. In a series of tweets, Kahn shares several awesome pieces of concept art – courtesy of Justin Goby Fields and Ironklad Studios – that include Swamp Thing, Dan Stevens as Constantine, Natalie Dormer as Zatanna, Deadman, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Jason Blood!



  • Green Jello

    Zatanna looks terrible. Cool Swamp Thing though.

  • Matt Graupman

    I don’t hate “Constantine” – it’s pretty cool for what it is – but it wasn’t John Constantine from the “Hellblazer” comics. Dan Stevens as Constantine looks pretty damn faithful, though.

  • Wow, this concept art looks surprisingly bad. Hopefully the actual film doesn’t use it (if it even happens at this point).

  • Bruce Wayne

    I dont know about Dan Stevens as Constantine. I really like the guy as an actor, but he just doesn’t look the part, if you ask me. Deadman and Swamp Things designs are pretty awesome, though.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    this was the perfect movie for Del Toro

  • Sirengx

    I love Constantine, but no. Matt Ryan is Constantine. Swamp Thing looks great, though. I need this movie like yesterday.

    • Batmanfanboy

      Matt Ryan is a good TV Constantine for sure, but Dan Stevens is honestly a better actor and would do phenomenal in this role.

  • SillyPeddy

    Not feeling these at all. Swamp looks cool but not much diff than the comic.

  • Morgan King

    These characters are all wonderful and more than worthy of being done right on film, but a team-up movie of essentially-Horror characters is a ‘Dark Universe’ trainwreck waiting to happen – the concept itself is the wrong tone for the characters. Let’s see a Logan-like R-rated psychedelic-horror Swamp Thing solo film first – I’d vote for starting with Alan Moore’s ‘The Autopsy’ – and see how it goes. As far as directors, I’d love to see somebody from Horror who can really capture a mood – Oz Perkins, perhaps.

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