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Ten Memorably Gory Moments in Non-Horror Films!

If you’ve ever found yourself watching some stuffy costume drama or family-friendly adventure movie and thought to yourself, gee, this film sure could use a few more disembowelments, then B-D’s list of “Ten Most Memorably Gory Moments in Non-Horror Movies” is just the ticket for you. It was a shockingly easy lineup to compile, what with the plethora of gruesome war movies and martial arts extravaganzas (not to mention one notorious religious epic) to choose from, and as such narrowing it down to a mere ten picks was no easy task. And while there’s admittedly much more where the following batch of (surprisingly quite mainstream) blood-and-viscera-laced entries came from (perhaps a Part 2 is in order?), this list is a good starting point for any hardcore horror fan looking to expand their gore-loving horizons into other genres.

While scenes of gory mayhem are most often associated with films in the horror genre, the truth is that some of the most gruesome bits in movie history are featured in films that can’t rightly be classified as such. War epics, martial arts movies, adventure flicks, slapstick comedies, and even religious parables have all been known to linger on the morbid details of on-screen deaths, and given this fact Mr. Disgusting thought it would be fun to compile a list of ten of the most memorable gore scenes not associated with the horror genre. While I was more than happy to take on the challenge, I should note that the gags I ended up selecting aren’t necessarily the goriest of all possible choices; if that were the case the list probably would’ve been quite a bit different. What I’ve attempted to highlight here, rather, are those grisly scenes that, regardless of the actual volume of blood shown onscreen, truly stick in the mind long after you’ve left the theater.

Note: I’ve listed the scenes in alphabetical order because the artistic intent behind each of them varies wildly – some seek to elicit laughter, others disgust, others adrenaline, etc. As such, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to rank them on a relative scale.

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