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[Random Cool] 15 Candies You DON’T Want In Your Trick ‘R Treat Bags!!

Halloween is tomorrow and odds are if you’re not trolling for candy, you’re inside doling it out. Some of these are only mildly gross and actually pretty fun but some you’d be legitimately well advised to stay away from.

When I was a kid, there weren’t really manufactured gross candies that I was aware of. Our parents were more concerned about razor blades (see above), poison and satanic cults than anything else. The candy itself was kind of boring. My folks occasionally chaperoned my sister and I to a local graveyard for the Halloween experience (true story – not going for goth points) to eat what little candy we were actually allowed from our take before throwing the rest of it away in an effort to stave off sugar rushes and Type 2 Diabetes. I remember all the candy being so rote – I’m into sour stuff so occasionally I’d be stoked if I got some sweet tarts or something – but this was in the days before mega-warheads and definitely before spermies*.

Anyway, apparently the last 2 decades have seen freaky candy take off in a big way and here’s a look at some of the more out there stuff out there.

*People handing out candy, please think long and hard before you decide to hand out stuff like this to kids. You don’t really want to mess with their heads, do you? This isn’t Season Of The Witch. Besides, this is 2011, and their parents will probably come and burn your house down if they see this sh*t.



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