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10 Horror Influenced Groups You Should Be Listening To

Lately I’ve really been digging instrumental music, especially if it’s got a bit of a horror twist to it. There’s just something nostalgic about hearing something that reminds me of the horror films that I watched when I was a little kid. All those memories come flooding back and I remember the times I was scared to walk upstairs when the lights at the top were off. Or the times that I really thought something was hiding in my closet. Or when I would stare for hours out the window because I just knew that someone, or something, was lurking in the shadows, just beyond where I could see.

So I wanted to bring you 10 groups that evoked those feelings for me in the hopes that they do the same for you! Head on below to enjoy this list!

Cluster Buster

Using samples from several horror films of the 80’s, this throwback is a mix of vintage sounds with a modern approach. It gives homages to films like Maniac, Terminator, Robocop, Friday The 13th, and more.

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  • CaptainBlake

    Pye Corner Audio and The Haxan Cloak are doing great work in this vein.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Luna

    Wednesday 13 , Ragdolls, Bloodsuckers Anonymous

    • JonathanBarkan

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll give ’em a listen!

  • Max Vance

    Midnight Syndicate
    Like an awesome mix of Goblin and John Carpenter. Largely instrumental, also allows their stuff to be used at haunted houses and mazes.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Oh yeah, Midnight Syndicate is awesome! Definitely a great suggestion!

  • aeric_7734

    Pretty sure that Acid Witch and/or Hooded Menace should have been on this list, along with Hour of 13.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I’ll check them out!

  • viking1983

    thank satan the page is finally fixed, bloody disgusting had way too many adverts slowing things down before, liking the new design with one exception, can’t you keep the articles all on one page instead of clickthrough?

    • JonathanBarkan

      The problem with that would be that the page would have WAY too much information on it, which would slow down your page and be hugely taxing on your system. It’s like having ten YouTube videos playing all at once. We do it like this so that your experience here is as smooth as possible.

  • Lots of horror-themed music available through Graveyard Calling Horror Records, if you’d like to check some out I can send you some free download codes.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Just shot you an email!

  • what happned to site?

    What movie is that cover from Perturbator “I Am the Night”?

    • JonathanBarkan

      It’s not from a movie, just an original cover.

    • Baphomitt

      Network (1976). Google is your friend.

    • Baphomitt

      Network (1976). Google is your friend.

  • Tim Murr

    Werewolves In Siberia has to be on your next list! Amazing albums. Also Wolfmen of Mars.

    • JonathanBarkan

      They were suggested as a result of this article, so I’m definitely going to dive into them!

  • R0807

    Dimmu Borgur
    White Zombie

  • LexTalionis

    Anyone recommend something like Merrin? That stuff is downright beautiful. I like the deep bass, balanced guitar riffs, with a decent amount of ambiance thrown in. Not a big fan of the 80’s or 70’s pop sounding horror you’ve got on here, no knocking it just not a fan overall. Oh and thanks for making all the music available to listen to Jonathan!

  • Michael Ryan

    You absolutely need to check out Without You I’m Hunting Them.

  • Ivan David Opensight

    You should include the awesome Secret Chiefs 3. with Trey Spruance of Faith No More / Mr Bungle fame! Check this out:

  • Jäyŋøs Ðøŋŋëllÿ

    Graveyard Train: The Drink The Devil and the Dance album. Australian country/horror.

    The Good Ship
    Australian horror/
    (Not sure how to call their music other than mainstreamish)

  • martin

    got a album up on spotify with vampire inspired music i made some time ago =)

  • Thanks again for featuring -MERRIN- once again, Bloody Disgusting. And thank you everyone that’s followed up on this by checking out and downloading our record.

    Remember to Check & Like our facebook page for updates on our work.

  • James Baumann

    Wednesday 13 he just needs to be said again, motionless in white, captain clegg, and snow white’s poison bite not all metal perse but definitely horror related

  • Becky Bryant

    How can you not have Wednesday 13 on here?!

  • Ryan McMorkmack

    All of the Charles Park albums from Makeup & Vanity Set are amazing, or well, anything by them really, but the Charles Park Trilogy takes it.

  • Rick Sink
  • Toxic Razor

  • Toxic Razor

    and something in a more dark cyberpunk futuristic vibe…

  • axeslasher

    This is the best video you will see from an unsigned band, guaranteed.

  • Ozzypinapple

    Comon! How was this missed?

  • Jaime Coelho

    This list just made my day! Beautiful music and feeling. You also should check Wolfmen of Mars 😉

  • Jaime Coelho

    And also Anima Morte. They remind me of Daemonia

  • Guest

    Anima Morte are brilliant. Also maybe check out some stuff from The Night Terrors (Aussie band I think) We played with them a few years ago and they gave off a hard Goblin vibe.

  • mph23

    I used to listen to a lot of Skinny Puppy (and other industrial/electronic/ambient creepy tunes) in the early 90’s. So I do like ‘horror’ in my music sometimes. A few of these I really like, a few I could take or leave. But none have I heard before… So, awesome list! I did enjoy the Philip Glass-y arpeggios in Cosmos by Zombi, for example.

    Something fans of this type of music might enjoy is Corvus Corax. I was searching for the scientific name for the common raven, (which is corvus corax) and stumbled upon their music, lol. It’s a bit more medieval dark fantasy, but worth a listen, IMO.

  • James Gost Skull
  • RazorSynth


  • Brittney Saurus Rex

    Great list and suggestions! Check out Electronic Zombie Rock from Beauty In The Suffering and their AWEsome music video for The Crazies! –

    • MrMordrid

      The vocals tracks are so buried that i can’t make out what he is saying.

  • jake

    Patron Saint Of Plagues!

  • jake

    Patron Saint Of Plagues!!!

  • Toxic Razor
  • Volk Lore

    How about some futuristic 1980’s sy-fi techno….

  • sinkers
  • Podovski

    New Merrin record dropping in January 2016.
    Here’s a small taster.

  • Podovski

    The whole album is great, but YES, this.

    To Live And Die On The Air (Feat. Cody Carpenter)

  • Podovski

    New MERRIN.
    Pre-order Midnight Movies at Bandcamp.
    1st film premiere’s this evening.

    Please listen, please enjoy.

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