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‘Resident Evil’ Brings The Metal: Ranking The First Three Film Soundtracks

I’m not the biggest fan of the Resident Evil films. The first one was fun, the second was better, and then they started to get bad. Like, really really bad. The storyline got lost, the creatures made no sense, and the action dull and frightfully boring.

But something that potentially gave a little bit of enjoyment was the music, especially when it got nice and heavy, pumping shot after shot of adrenaline into a scene. It was moments like those that made me enjoy the popcorn munching flicks that these movies were intended to be.

With that in mind, and with the awesomeness that is Resident Evil Week going on here, I wanted to focus on the licensed music of the first three films. I wanted to dive in and think about which soundtrack I’d put on my mp3 player to go on a zombie slaying frenzy, all while avoiding the T-Virus, B.O.W.s, and whatever Tyrant or Nemesis gets thrown at me!

So, let’s get to ranking the licensed soundtracks of the first three films!

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  • Wow I actually completely disagree with you regarding the ranking of the films. I think that the first one is pretty good (and it works better taken by itself rather than when compared to the game….it took me years to do that but I’ve come to really enjoy the movie), the second one is TERRIBLE. Like, I don’t even think it’s entertaining because it’s just a boring, poorly-scripted mess. The third one is actually my favorite in the franchise (and has the most likable characters). I can certainly respect your opinion but I couldn’t disagree with it more.

    • You know what? You respected my opinion while stating your own. I like you!

      • Thank you! People rarely do that in online comments but I don’t see the point in being douchey.

    • Andrew Barloq

      I agree with your ranking for the most part as well. IMHO, the 3rd was the closest the franchise ever came to a competent film. Of the three, I’d place the first next (although I think it’s a dud in general), and then Apocalypse in last. In fact, Apocalypse would have been my least-favourite in the series if Retribution hadn’t somehow managed to be even stupider than the rest of the franchise.

  • Taboo

    I never really payed much attention to the soundtracks. Only songs that ever stood out to were the remixes of The Oursider and Sick by Flyleaf. I prefer to listen to the score music. The music in the first film and Afterlife are my favorites and some of the best I’ve heard in a film! The rest are okay.

  • Fantasma George

    I don’t get what’s the fascination with Dirt. Dead of Night is better by and far, but maybe not as appropriate for Resident Evil as it would be for a hypothetical adaptation of Garth Ennis’ Crossed (man I even think he was listening to this when he came up with it):

  • thedragon803

    As much as I love metal, nothing ruins a horror film for me by having some generic angsty screamo blasting. Films like Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, and Blair Witch 2 all have metal on their soundtracks and it just destroys what little palpable tension there is. It’s just a studio pandering to what they think is their core audience because in their minds, only freaky goth kids like horror films. Sometimes the inclusion of contemporary music can work well, if the film matches the atmosphere created by the music. A great example would be Return of the Living Dead, where the punkish new wave complimented the sleazy vibe. But for the most part, I like my metal and horror separate so I can enjoy them for their different qualities equally. Pizza and beer go great together, but not in a blender.

  • ThunderDragoon

    You’re the first person I’ve seen who likes the second movie more than the first. Now I don’t feel so alone lol. The rest of my ranking would be the same too. Never really cared for Extinction.

    • Richter Belmont

      It’s my favourite, too. Maybe we can form a cult around Sienna Guillory!

  • c-s-a78

    I’m sorry but I like them all to date.A lot of work goes into making these movies.milla dose not have to come back and work her ass off making these,and too say the action is dull…well…did you miss the chain fight in the last movie???HELLO!!!lol.

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