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Who’s The Best Slasher Killer?

I’ve been avoiding this question because it’s just so damn loaded. See, the thing here is that there are many factors that one can use to say a slasher icon is “the best”. For some, it’s the number of kills. For others, it’s the character of the killer they are watching that makes them so appealing. For others still, it might not be the killer themselves but the carnage that they lay in their wake.

In the end, every person has their own slasher that they enjoy more than any other and that’s what I want to focus on today. This may be difficult but it’s time to ask the tough question: Who’s The Best Slasher?

To help you in this quest, I’ve included a few graphics in the next pages that offer some evidence and statistics for several iconic killers. It’s not mean to sway your opinion in the slightest, just to give you the chance to back up whatever choice you fall upon.

Now, get to commenting, make sure to upvote anyone who picks your choice, and let’s see who reigns supreme among the Bloody-Disgusting readers!

Note: The header image comes from artist Chris LaBrenz. Follow him on Instagram.

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  • Nick M.

    My pick is Michael Myers. Favourite killer. Favourite mask. Favourite horror film.

    • Victor


  • CaptainBlake

    The Shape, all the way.

    • Guest

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  • Zenith

    Krueger. There’s no way to escape him. The others can be constrained, stopped. Krueger can only be stopped as long as you don’t sleep. He’s already dead, killing him in the dream just slows him down for a while then he’s back wreaking havoc again. Not to mention, there’s no end to the imagination he can use against you to make your death horrific.

  • Andrew Coma Stegall


  • Leatherface. My all-time favorite horror villain, and the most likely one from this list that could actually exist in the real world (I guess theoretically Jigsaw could exist, with less elaborate traps).

  • Sean Williams

    I am a Voorhees fan.. how did he get to 300+ though?

    • Sean Williams

      oh the 158 on the 3rd page makes more sense

      • Angela M Campany

        Great debate behind that figure !! I’m glad you like Jason so much, as do i !

    • Angela M Campany

      Offscreen kill’s maybe from Jason X the ship crashing into the city due to a little divine intervention courteously of our Hockey masked friend !

  • iloveamanda12

    #5 has some issues. The picture is of Billy, Jigsaw’s homemade puppet. Billy is not the killer, in any aspect. He only appears in the victim’s environments.

  • matthew

    jaws is the best slasher that shark sure knows how to use a knife.

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Krueger. My all time favorite.

  • markemark

    Anyone know where I can find that pic in HD??

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    Michael Myers is my favorite, but where is Victor Crowley of the Hatchet films? He has a higher body count than half the killers in the “Top Ten”.

    • SuperKilla

      Victor Crowley is the shit.

      • Kenneth Tanner


  • Matt Gleason

    I like Candyman. Michael Myers is a close second though.

  • Ghostface

    I can’t pick one. Ghostface, Freddy, Jason, Myers, Pinhead, and Leatherface are the top. There’s still more great killers, Candyman, The Blair Witch, IT. Probably a lot more.

    • Kenneth Tanner

      Word, I thought it was just me.

  • CTHL

    Mick Taylor has quickly become my fave… the level of joy he gets out of killin folk is infectious.

    #2, Pinhead, via H3 especially. A mediocre pick of the series, but like my reasoning above, in this movie he’s playing around more than usual and puts on a fun show.

    You’d think I’d also say Freddy, since he’s the biggest jokester of all, but nope, I find him annoying. Too much silliness. #3?… Leatherface (sans 3d).

    • Rick-Taylor

      Who is Mick Taylor?

      • CTHL

        Your evil twin brother…

        Or from Wolf Creek.

  • Krueg518

    Freddy Krueg(5)e(18)r.

  • Pihlis

    Jason, Leatherface, Myers

  • Justyn Schwoegler

    I say bugual from sinister but out of this list I think jigsaw

    • ChelseaGoneAwry

      I don’t know if Bugual actually counts as a slasher, since he doesn’t do the killing himself, but instead has kids do it. But, if he does count as a slasher, he’s a flippin scary one!

  • El Weehole Del Taco

    THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!

    • wehoaks

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      • El Weehole Del Taco

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        • wehoaks

          El dumbfuck del dumbfuck.

        • I Am Colossus

          Lol I like ur style kid

    • Frank Lloyd Jr.

      Tim Curry was scarier as Frank-N-Furter.

  • Angela M Campany

    Jason hands down !

  • KundaliniRising

    You have Freddy Krueger’s signature look listed as a red and grey striped sweater, when it’s red and green. Wes Craven has stated in interviews that this color scheme was selected specifically because the human eye has trouble with these wavelengths when placed together. This is why these colors are present in the duochrome tests eye doctors use. Also, the mask worn by Michael Myers is supposedly a recolored version of a Star Trek William Shatner mask.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Supposedly? No no, it IS a Shatner mask.

  • Victor

    Hand’s down without a doubt Michael Myers!!! I mean the guy killed his older sister with a kitchen knife at the age of 6, nothing say’s natural born serial killer then that. Michael is the Godfather of Slasher in my opinion, c’mon the whole White Pale Mask concept, the knife, the stalking, the killing I mean he is the ultimate. Jason comes in a close second of course but Michael was here before freddy and jason so he takes the crown. Look at how much Scream was inspired from Halloween and countless other 80’s and 90’s slasher films, he just sets that tone. The only motive you know is he is consumed by Evil pure evil, he’s not some ghost, some zombie, he’s not some mangoloid or demon he’s a psycho behind a mask. The Original (1978) film alone is enough for him to win the ULTIMATE SLASHER KILLER. Yea Jason has more kills and is still a bad ass himself but Michael there’s something special about him there’s something more Dark more sinister to him. And I’ve never seen somebody slash people better with a Kitchen Knife then he does. He’s the Original, He is the Classic. #TeamMichaelMyers

  • TH3J4CK4L

    I’d vouch for Leslie Vernon from Behind The Mask

  • I vote Jigsaw. Not only did he manipulate others into helping him but his victims basically kill themselves. My second choice is Ghostface.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    I fell in love with slashers when I saw that hockey mask on TV at a friend’s house at age 8. I love how he destroys people by way of object and hand. Just so good. Think he’ll always be my favorite.

  • Joshua Keith Baker

    Kruger. Not the new one, the old one.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Jason Voorhees, period (and we’ve got numbers to prove it).

  • TH3J4CK4L

    Strangely this slasher list is relatively tiny for the amount of films using killers. If it were a real list it would have tossed in Joe Spinell from Maniac, Cordell from Maniac Cop, Leslie Vernon from Behind The Mask, Cropsy from The Burning etc etc this list pretty much just included Franchise Horror which is very very limited on lists. If anything the list should have chosen a particular incarnation of the Character from their first few films when they weren’t made superman indestructible and could be considered for a Real Horror Free for all :/

  • AphroditeBoy

    I think it’s really just a personal preference thing.

    Out of the “big three”:

    Jason has the most iconic mask and appearance. But his hockey mask doesn’t show up until part three, and arguably all the ‘Friday the 13th’ movies after the first two just steadily went downhill fast and are entirely disposable. The remake was simply not up to par at all. They got the look right, but the entire movie was mediocre overall.

    Freddy is more of a campy character than one that inspires genuine horror. The concept is interesting, but his goofy appearance and snarky little attitude make him the least threatening of the bunch. The remake was better than most people wanted to admit, but because Freddy himself had been defined by the Robert Englund’s performance, it just felt like it posing as something else. Freddy is really the only one with a distinct character though.

    The original ‘Halloween’ is the most intelligent movie out of all the three main series. It understood how to create horror in a suburban landscape that was believable. Michael’s white mask blurred his features and made him almost faceless, yet deeply implied the racial profile of we commonly see in serial killer. It’s the best acted of the original three and it’s had the most iconic scream queen. But Jamie Lee Curtis herself is part of what made the movie more than Michael. The Rob Zombie remake basically had him throw out everything in the original that was left to mystery in favor of crafting a tale that blames Michael’s murderous tendencies on a history of family dysfunction turned to violence – something Zombie has quite an affinity for and he is quite proficient at. But that wasn’t the Michael we knew.

    • ChelseaGoneAwry

      I agree with all of this, and especially the great stuff about Michael. He’s got my vote!

    • Victor

      I agree 100% especially on Michael, but of all 3 he is the Ultimate Slasher. Nothing can top the original film.

  • STRIK9

    Madman Marz

    • Neckbeard The Terrible

      Hell,the creepy-ass song that guy sings about Madman Marz ,is scarier than most other Horror flicks in general.

    • SuperKilla

      Madman Marz was my other choice besides Harry Warden. You know your slashers my friend.

    • diapers

      Lol, recently re-watched MADMAN for the first time since I saw the VHS in the 80’s. It holds up well, but that hot tub scene was pretty awful!

  • ThunderDragoon

    My boy, Michael.

  • Michael Myers, forever and always.

    • Saku Raitonen

      Agree 🙂 Michael Myers is the best out of all of them!!!!

      The originality, the he way EVIL possesses in him, the way he lurks and kills 🙂

      He IS the TRUE face of pure evil – he has no weaknesses, he CAN’T be killed off!!!!!!!

      • Victor

        He is The Original, He is the King Slasher.

  • Miles Wilburn

    Didn’t Krueger have a ton more kills if you count him killing every child in Springfield in Freddy’s Dead. (The Final Nightmare)…that scene with Roseanne is too too creepy. Freddy has my vote. Love the list tho!

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      That would lead to a whole lot of guesswork. There would be no way to accurately determine how many children were in Springwood.

  • Jesse

    Most effective horror movie killers. Personal favourite at the top.



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  • baronterror

    I do not trust this list. Facts are questionable. Jason has 12 movies and after that I doubt it all.

    Still, is best slasher.

    • Kenneth Tanner

      You got that right. You know their is supposed to be another remake in 2016 I heard.

      • baronterror

        I know they have been working on a movie of some kind but last I heard was not a remake so much as a general sequel to the franchise, but not a total reboot or anything. Still info is sketchy at best

        • Kenneth Tanner

          Yeah, that’s good because I could see if the rebooted franchise just end with I’ll say 4 or 5 sequels and then remake it again.I could see that though but it won’t make sense to reboot it again. I think it’s probably a prequel/remake. I’m not sure though but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Kenneth Tanner

    Hard to say
    Hell I love them all.

  • Valentino Amparan

    Where did this art come from, I am willing to meet the artist and discuss payment! And I would like to see the whole picture, my email is ..please and thanks to any one who has the info

    • SuperKilla

      Great artwork but they’re not all slashers.

  • SuperKilla

    This isn’t even a fair question. Too many to love but how can one not choose Freddy? Most slashers have one knife/weapon and Freddy has four blades to slash you with at one time. But aside from the obvious, I always thought Harry Warden was a great slasher. Great look and weapon for a slasher villain.

  • Bill-Carson


  • Garbageface

    Angela from Sleepaway Camp or the owl head from Stagefright

  • Where is ghostface?My favourite killer. Also, Michael Myers purely for the body language!

    • Elizabeth Chisum

      I don’t know but what I hear is that he uses phone calls to pray upon his victums before he makes a move.

  • Raul Calvo

    For me, that’s like asking if I love most my mom or my dad.

    • Frank Lloyd Jr.

      “A boy’s best friend is his mother.”—Norman Bates

      • Elizabeth Chisum

        isn’t that Pamela Voorhees Skeleton?

        • Frank Lloyd Jr.

          It’s Norman’s mother in the original Psycho.

          • Elizabeth Chisum

            If it is the mother of this noman Bates than why put in Jason and Pamelas picture

          • Frank Lloyd Jr.

            It was a response to Raul Calvo’s post “For me, that’s like asking if I love most my mom or my dad.” Norman and Jason both have mother fixations.

          • Elizabeth Chisum

            oh that explains a lot. say have you ever heard of the movie called MAMA.

          • Frank Lloyd Jr.

            Actually bought the DVD a week ago, but haven’t got around to watching it yet.

  • big tiz

    Jason Voorhees

  • Azure

    I love them all, but Jason has a special place standing out from the others just a little bit more. Memories and whatnot play into it, but he’s just so memorable to me.

  • diapers

    I’m team Jason, and always will be. I’m assuming the 300+ count credits that space station he managed to blow up.

    • Angela M Campany

      Lowe orders Pilot Lou to dock in on Solaris. As he is talking with the
      Solaris engineer, he is hacked apart by Jason. With no pilot, the ship
      crashes through a nearby space station, destroying it, and killing
      Dieter Perez and everyone else on the Solaris. The crash damages one of
      the Grendel’s pontoon sections. Jason breaks into the lab, reclaims his
      machete and decapitates Lowe. Mr. Vorhees intervention ,it’s not hands
      on killing by Jason but he was responsible for the out come of that
      space disaster.

      • diapers

        I’m going to have to watch Jason X again. My last viewing was at the tail end of submitting myself to parts 1 – X in one sitting a few Friday the 13th’s ago, and I was far too hammered to take in the finer details of the (imo) underrated X.

  • ProwlerInTheYard

    Frank Zito.

    That being said, Norman Bates is the psycho-killer who paved the way for many psycho-killers to come, including good old Frank…

    But, also, Alien is pretty deep into slasher territory by it’s final act, so does the original Xenomorph qualify? If so, I think my vote has to be there.

  • diapers

    You know what, I forget the psycho in “Final Exam”. The purest of slashers, with no back story of any kind… dude simply offs college kids because that is what he does.

  • Porty Guil

    patrick bateman from american psycho. Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?

  • Un Gsund

    hard to name a fav…but rutger hauer scared the shit out of me in The Hitcher..he is not the best but he should be named here in the comments i think 🙂

  • ChelseaGoneAwry

    I never thought a question like this could be so difficult! There is much to love about every slasher. Leatherface was the first one to really scare the pants off me, but Jason had me afraid of the woods and Freddy had me terrified to go to sleep. Chucky definitely birthed my fear of dolls, and Pennywise, coupled with that creepy clown doll from Poltergeist, is THE reason for my clown phobia.

    At the end of the day, though, there was one slasher who absolutely haunted me. This killer was so scary, so horrifically brutal to my young mind, that I couldn’t even sleep in the house knowing his face was on the cover of a VHS tape.

    That killer was Michael Meyers.

    I don’t know if it was his blank, expressionless face, or his silent strikes, or the fact that Carpenter so brilliantly instilled dread and fear with just a silhouette and a white mask (rarely even SHOWING the violence on-screen), but Meyers could pop up in my mind at any point, even broad daylight, and fill me with panic.

    You know how, when you’re walking somewhere, you sometimes get a weird feeling that someone is behind you? Imagine being an 8 year old and imagining that a six foot tall murderer was stalking you everywhere you went.

    Michael Meyers was THE definitive stalker-slasher. You weren’t safe in your own home, or anyone else’s. The authorities couldn’t protect you, the hospital couldn’t protect you, a FREAKING GUN couldn’t protect you.

    You didn’t have to go to sleep or go to the woods to encounter him – he could get you, asleep OR awake, anywhere you were hiding.

    And so my young, imaginative mind, impressed upon by John Carpenter, would run wild with fear, convinced that someday, I would look over my shoulder at just the wrong moment – and the last thing I’d ever see would be Michael Meyers’ soulless, black-eyed stare.

    • Victor

      This was beautifully said, I could not have agreed much more with you! Michael Myers is the Definitive God Father of Stalker-Slasher and nobody does it better.

  • JB

    No one is going to complain about Leprechaun being #3 over Freddy and Leatherface and pretty much anyone on this list?? He shouldn’t even be on here, Ghostface or Victor Crowley should’ve taken his spot and then been bumped down over the others mentioned above. Also, like someone else said, this list is franchise heavy. Give some love to Cropsy, Harry Warden, Mick, Norman, Angela, the Prowler, etc

    I could’ve gone with either Michael Myers or Jason as #1 though.

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      It’s not the writer’s list. It came from some Halloween costume website.

    • Kenneth Tanner

      I agree, I don’t know about any of you guys but to me the Leprechaun franchise sucks dick

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    My favourite Slasher is Jason Voorhees. He’s got the brutal kills, the high body count, the setting, and the look. Also, Friday the 13th Part IV is my favourite slasher movie. Freddy takes up the number 2 spot, followed by Michael Myers, then Ghostface, Chucky, and Leatherface.

    Honourable Mentions: Kane’s Son(Alien) and Patrick Bateman(American Psycho)

  • Jesse Sikora

    Frankenberry or Count Chocula!!!

    • Elizabeth Chisum

      Count chocula

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Leprechaun above Freddy and Chucky ?? Seriously ??

  • Deadguy

    Part 7 Jason, just standing there, electrically tense, lungs heaving, despite all the rot and holes in it. Waiting for his prey to make their move.. He’s the unstoppable force, and for me, that’s enough, but I also love it when he cocks his head to make sense of something.

    • Frank Lloyd Jr.

      Michael Myers did the head tilt thing in the original Halloween back in 1978.

      • Victor


  • the usual suspect

    it’s a toss up between Freddy n Jason

  • elpinche

    Team Michael Myers here. Jason is #2. And Ghostface is a pre-madonna . Billy the puppet could run over and kill that cunt with his tricycle.

  • Justin Smith

    Jason Voorhess all day

  • Evan3

    Kind of amazing that the three most famous killers have a B- average franchise review for their series.

    And everyone knows the best slasher is Norman Bates.

    • Kenneth Tanner

      Oh, yeah buddy!
      1960 Psycho started the slasher movies.

      • Elizabeth Chisum

        I agree

  • Kenneth Tanner

    I love Ghostface of course, Norman Bates, Hannibal Lecter, Jason Voorhees, Micheal Myers, Chucky, Jigsaw, Leatherface, oh Jacob Goodknight (See No Evil),The Prowler (1981),Freddy Krueger,Jack Torrance (The Shining), Chromeskull (Laid To Rest), Hairy Warden (My Bloody Valentine), Sam (Trick r Treat), Valentine (2001),(I Know What You Did Last Summer) Fisherman,Pinhead (Hellraiser), Victor Crowley (Hatchet), Killer Movie, The Man Behind The Mask:The Rise Of Leslie Vernon, Alice Sweet Alice, Maniac (1980),Creep (2004), Somebody Help Me (2007), and part 2 (2010)
    Dark Asylum (2001),Candyman, Wrong Turn series,The Dentist, This is a low budget and a horror/comedy also thriller. It is called Slumber Party Slmuber (2012).
    The last two are The Omen, and Silent Scream (2005)
    That’s it I just can’t choose just one hell I’m a fucking horror freak!

  • Kenneth Tanner

    Really Bloody disgusting?
    Leprechaun on# 3? Leprechaun was the worst franchise I have ever seen.
    Don’t get me started with in space oh my fucking god. I was just like WTF did I just watched?
    I don’t know how in the hell such a shitty movie like this made 5 sequels.
    He barely doesn’t even fucking kill people. WTF Bloody Disgusting?

  • Miranda

    Dread Central did something similar to this except they let the readers vote in a ‘March Madness’ type of bracket. Pinhead ended up winning the bracket.

  • Elizabeth Chisum

    the top ten female ones are: Tiffany Ray (from bride, seed, and curse of chucky), Carrie White (from Stephen kings CARRIE) Ginger FitsGerald (Ginger snaps) Leach woman (from puppet master 1, 2, 3 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10) Annabelle (from the conjuring and Annabelle the movie) MAMA (from the movie mama) Pamela Voorhees ( the Friday the 13’th series) Ester (from Orphan) Mary-Lou (From Prom queen 2) and Ju ( from The Grudge 1, 2 and 3)

    • SuperKilla

      Upvote for Pamela Voorhees who I almost mentioned myself and Tiffany Ray who completely slipped my mind. Some of your other choices I wouldn’t consider slashers but to each their own.

      • Elizabeth Chisum

        Sorry about that superkilla I just consider them as psycho killers and another thing good thinking on bringing up the klown leader (I do not remember his name) From Killer Klowns from Outer space.

        • SuperKilla

          Don’t be sorry, like I said to each their own. And I’m not sure if I remember correctly but I don’t the clowns from Killer Klowns had individual names.

          • Elizabeth Chisum

            you may have a point there. well this might help you out so you would be sure. for starters Carrie white the from the Stephen king novel killed the people and her Psycho path yet over protective mom (Margaret) with psychic powers. Leech woman is named that for a reason by Toulon because she kills people by spitting leeches. I don’t remember much about Ju and I havent watch orphan but I keep hoping. Mary Lou I think she killed the contestants or so I thought. I know you haven’t watch the she wolf movie ginger snaps (Rated R) Ginger herself is a werewolf she even killed a boy when she was full fledged literally. Annabelle well she gain the powers of hell even though she was alive in her own movie. with Mama in the other hand she killed like 3 or 5 people with one touch for the sake of someone else’s girls.

          • SuperKilla

            I’ve seen the Ginger Snap films, I just don’t consider werewolves slasher movies. Carrie I could possibly see the exception. Annabelle too is a close call for me. Always wanted to see Prom Night 2 though , I will be sure to check it out. And I’ve only seen one scene from Puppet Master 1, but Leech Woman sounds like a legit slasher.

          • Elizabeth Chisum

            you have a point there.

    • Frank Lloyd Jr.

      Mary Hatchet (from Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) is a cool female slasher.

      • Evan3

        Why can’t I get this movie on Netflix? It’s not even available on the DVD plan. Damn!

    • Krueg518

      Awesome list. The female slashers often don’t get credit. For me the top has to go to the classic, Pamela Voorhees.

    • Evan3

      Ugh, if Mama is a top-10 killer (and Annabelle), then the female slasher genre is weak. How about Mandy Lane?

      • Elizabeth Chisum

        whoever this Mandy Lane is she work as a female killer as well. tell me about this Mandy lane and what weapon does she use. :).?

  • Darkness69

    Freddy will always have my slasher-loving heart.

  • hicksmuld

    Michael Myers is king. Without him there would be no Jason or Freddy. I know Leatherface was before him, but Michael brought some much needed attention to slasher flicks and helped push them into the mainstream. Plus I always loved the way he crushed peoples heads in some of the sequels. Not weird?

  • SuperKilla

    Every time I check back on this post I forget to mention Mahogany from Midnight Meat Train.

    • Javi Simon

      Good flick. I need to catch it again sometime soon. I had forgotten the killer’s name.

      • SuperKilla

        Yeah, Great flick.

  • Javi Simon

    Another great post would be what’s the best Fantasy Slasher Battle? I always wanted to see Pinhead jump into Freddy Vs. Jason in hell.

  • Darnell

    Michael Myers is #1 all day everyday.

    Outside of Leatherface most of the other slashers wouldn’t exist without Myers. He gave birth to the modern day slasher. All the horror tropes you see come from the original Halloween movie. I mean even Scream gave homage to Halloween. The big chase scene in the house with Sidney vs. Ghostface had Halloween playing on the big tv in the living room.

    When she tossed the tv on Stews head in the house you could see Jamie Lee Curtis hiding in the closet in the original Halloween with Myers breaking down the closet door.

    There would be no Jason or Freddy without Myers coming first…

    Michael is king!

  • Lucas Fernandez

    pinhead is not even a killer, it’s his “job” torture people and only appears if you open the damn cube so he is like a demond, you can’t consider him a slasher killer at least in my opinion, Michael Myers is the best without question.

    • Elizabeth Chisum

      Pinhead from puppet master? yeah I agree all he does is let is puppet companions down by getting knockdown to his back and he even does a lousy job on everything. I agree on Myers however for what I heard he slays a lot good he even slayed his own big sister.

  • Michael Portugal

    Jason Forever

    • Super Steve

      Hell yeah, brother.

  • Robert Flores

    Death from final destination is the best. It never loses or gets detroyed by some teen blonde. No matter what it leaves no survivors and its kills are gruesome and vicious. if any of these guys fought death they would lose pretty quickly.

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