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The 13 Most Horrific Scenes in NBC’s “Hannibal”!


It’s no secret that NBC’s Hannibal is one of the most visually stunning series on television.  It’s also one of the best. Our very own Zac Thompson said that Season 3 “firmly re-establishes Hannibal as the best horror show on television.” While it can sometimes be difficult to believe that Hannibal gets away with so much on network television, horror fans should be thankful that we have it at all. With the Season 3 already underway, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at the previous two seasons’ most horrific moments. Check them out below!

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  • Richter Belmont

    I give the utmost respect to NBC for allowing this show to air some of the most gruesome and disturbing imagery on network tv, and to continually renew it despite its terrible ratings.

  • J Jett

    the 2 Georgia Madchen eps are my all time faves. i felt so bad for her. she killed her bf but she had no idea what she was doing. i loved her & Will’s connection. those eps also showed an awesome, growing supportive friendship between Will & Beverly Katz (my favorite character thus far)…which leads me to i’m still not over Beverly’s death. lol.

    Hettienne Park was awesome in the role. and the human mushroom farm ep is to this day the most disgusting thing this show has ever done. lol. it’s so awesome !

  • Sylvain Thibodeau

    The Sliced Up section is a little copied on the horse segment from the movie The Cell

    • Sylvain Thibodeau

    • ash

      The Cell was a good movie but something was missing that could made it better.

    • SansSyntax

      Hannibal was recreating a tableaus inspired by the work of Damien Hirst (which inspired the scene in The Cell). The work depicts dead animals suspended in formaldehyde and includes a cow sliced into sections. I also find it of note that the Beverly tableaus shows his interest in modern art. Or maybe it just shows that his “brand” of art isn’t really unusual by today’s art standards.

    • Corby Daniel

      The series contains a lot of nods to classic horror films. While I doubt The Cell counts, there are definitely nods to The Shining, Halloween, Dead Ringers and I’m sure many, many more that got by me.

  • wildgator25

    In the highly unlikely event I ever have to resort to Cannibalism, I sure hope Hannibal is nearby because some of the meals he prepares look exquisite! All except the Sardine Gelatin Mold he made for Jack at the end of Season 2. Matter of factly speaking, his normal food looks like shit and the human meals looked way better, lol.


    I really need to watch this series

    • Phil

      Yes, yes you do. =)

  • Sick_skwerl

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- Hannibal is the best show on television

  • kohinoor


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    • Noel

      bad, naughty bot. I think it’s time you met up with Hannibal. He’ll make sure you don’t post anymore.

  • Matt Sreboth

    “I have the taste and consistency of a…chicken gizzard”
    I recently caught up on season 2, and this scene has stayed with me for weeks. Disturbing, yet strangely hilarious.

    • Sick_skwerl

      “I mean, I’m just full of myself hahaha!”

  • I also really enjoyed the guy with the bone-bear suit who would go around ripping people to shreds in season 2.

  • Dan

    I enjoy Hannibal too, but in this article we’re told to be happy we (horror fans) have this show. Yet my feelings are the same way with TWD, but BD regulary trashes the show. Not sure how that works.

    • I have nothing against The Walking Dead (I watched the first 3 seasons and stopped after that because I just didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else apparently does). But I meant we are lucky to have Hannibal because it’s a miracle it is on the air, since its ratings are miniscule. TWD does not have that problem, as it is guaranteed to be on the air for a long time. Hannibal is never a sure thing. That’s all I meant by that!

  • SansSyntax

    Mason’s “face peel” was gross and hilarious. Fuller has said episode 7 has a Mason Verger dinner scene that’s “Laugh out loud funny.” Can’t wait.

  • Greg

    When Georgia Madchen suffered from face-blindness, all I could think of was Marky Bark from Arrested Development, who had the same thing. What I didn’t realize was that the actor who played Marky Bark, Chris Diamantopoulos, also played the wonderfully slimy Clark Ingram in Su-zakana.

    • Corby Daniel

      I also loved that Georgia Madchen was played by Ellen Muth, who played Georgia Lass on Fuller’s old Showtime series, Dead Like Me. On Dead Like Me, she played a dead girl who worked the afterlife as a Reaper, claiming souls of people whose time it is to die. In Hannibal, she is a girl under the delusion that she is dead and goes around killing people in frustration because she can’t see their faces. I found that pretty damned funny.

  • The dead baby in the pig was one of the most horrific moments.

    • Phil

      That was a pretty rough one.

  • Rachael Prasser

    A new one to add on would be both the lip biting from the most recent episode and then the subsequent lip eating haha the second part caught me off guard, so great though

  • Casey Rosa

    hell I had no idea this show was this bold with its effects… ill have to give this a watch…

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