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Which ‘Saw’ Trap Device Are You?

I want to play a game…

It’s no secret that the Saw franchise was one of the biggest and most exciting horror offerings of the new millennium. Fans craved each new film so that they could dive deeper and deeper into the increasingly complex and convoluted storyline, all leading up to a climax that was, well… let’s be honest here and admit that it was obvious and poorly executed.

While I thought the first film was sheer brilliance followed by a load of dreck, I can’t argue that there was a lot for horror fans to enjoy. The pervasively dark atmosphere, the vicious and brutal deaths, and, probably the real star of the series, the traps. They were horrifying, disgusting, and whoever came up them should seek therapy…immediately.

Based upon your personality, this week’s quiz is going to test you and decide which Saw trap you ultimately are. Head below to figure it out for yourself.

And remember, “Live or die, make your choice.

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  • lion7718

    Stupid game, but I did it anyway…The Pendulum

  • Blade

    I got the reverse bear trap, which is odd considering I picked “hacking” lol

  • Mr. Dry

    Reverse bear trap? But I picked exploding! Where’s the exploding part? I want my money back!!

    • jIMMY

      Da head explodes.

      • Mr. Dry

        But without fire and shit, it tecnically throws the face away.

  • J Jett

    this is the most bizarre (and really dumb) quiz. lol. i got Shotgun Barrel, whatever that means.

    • Breno

      Yeah, me too.

    • Frank Lloyd Jr.

      Detective Sing was killed with a shotgun booby-trap in the first film and there was the shotgun merry-go-round in part six 6.

      • Javi Simon

        And didn’t one dude get his hand blown off by a shotgun in Saw III?

        • Frank Lloyd Jr.

          Forgot about the shotgun trap in part 3. Actually the guy gets the side of his head blown away. The hand getting shot off sounds familiar, maybe it was in another Saw movie or a different movie entirely.

          • Javi Simon

            I think you’re right. I remember now. His head is all mangled.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    I got a Saw. How is a saw a trap?

  • Saw their face off!

  • Werewolf

    Dafuq? I’m an ear screwer!?

    Let’s try this one more time and see if I can get something that sounds a little more…uhhh…dignified.

    • David Birney

      wrong hole!

  • Katelynn Torbert

    The Rack.

  • Im the saw from saw…ok

    • joewaters

      i don’t get that? how is that a trap?

  • Javi Simon

    Classic Reverse Bear Trap

  • Antisocial_ism

    Cube Box is what I got.

  • Halloween_Vic

    LOL I got a saw……. If you ask me I’m more of Kitchen Knife/Machete type of guy 😉

  • KlissTear

    The Pendulum xD

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