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5 Things We Want to See in ‘Alien: Covenant’

Alien: Covenant | via Fox

Now that Twentieth Century Fox has officially announced the Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel Alien: Paradise Lost Alien: Covenant as a real project that is in development, fans around the world can rejoice over the fact that we are finally getting another Alien movie. That being said, many people were disappointed in Prometheus, especially those who were expecting more of an actual Alien film. Personally, I enjoyed the film on its own terms but can’t help but wish for a film with more Xenomorphs (and not this kind of Xenomorph). Here is a list of five things we really want to see in Alien: Covenant. Please listen to us!

1. Horror

With the exception of Elizabeth’s grotesque C-section sequencePrometheus didn’t offer much in the way of horror. It was more a straight science-fiction film that posed many questions and failed to provide any answers. If Ridley Scott is going to title his movie Alien: Covenant, then he better damn well make it an Alien film. Give us some horror! This doesn’t necessarily mean gore, but make the central villain intimidating and scary. The Engineers were interesting villains, but they were hardly scary.

Alien: Covenant

2. Tone Down the Religion

This could be a controversial request, but the overemphasis on religion turned a lot of people off from Prometheus. That film stood apart from the Alien films because it opted to take a different, more religious approach to the mythology. This is all well and good, and had the film not been billed as a prequel to Alien, those aspects may have been better received by the general public. Now that the sequel actually has the work “alien” in the title, the film will most likely tone down the religious aspects and focus more on what so many people love about the original franchise: aliens.

Alien: Covenant

3. Xenomorphs

Speaking of aliens, let’s get more of them in the film! Real xenomorphs though, not whatever that thing was in the closing moments of Prometheus.

Alien Covenant

4. Winking Tributes to the Original Alien

Part of the problem with prequels is that they feel too compelled to connect the dots between them and the original films. The closing tag of Prometheus, with its non-xenomorph felt tacked on an unnecessary. For the most part, the film did a good job separating itself from the original franchise, which made its epilogue feel even more out of place. Alien: Covenant should feature subtle connections to Alien, but not glaringly obvious ones that take you out of the film.

Alien: Covenant

5. Elizabeth Shaw

The official synopsis for Alien: Covenant mentions Michael Fassbender’s David, but fails to mention Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Show. It’s possible the studio is saving her reveal for a later date, but it’s posible they’re going to go the Alien 3 route and kill her of in the opening credits like Newt at Hicks. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT. It wasn’t cool in 1992 and it won’t be cool in 2017. Like it or not, Shaw is the Ripley of this franchise. After what she experienced in Prometheus, it would be fun to see a hardened Shaw kick some ass. Bring her back Mr. Scott!

Alien: Covenant

What are some things you would like to see in Alien: Covenant? Let us know in the comments below or shoot me a Tweet!



  • Pulagatha

    Did you read the Alien Harvest script? After watching Prometheus, it seemed worth reading.

    • RidleyScott

      You know that’s a fucking fan script, right? Lindelof and Spaihts didn’t know what the fuck that was when asked.

      • Pulagatha

        Jon Spaihts says it has nothing to do with him, but it has a lot in common with his other scripts.

        • RidleyScott

          “Jon Spaihts says it has nothing to do with him, but”

          No buts. Fan script.

          • Pulagatha

            I understand, but the problem I have is Jon Spaihts has a style to writing his scripts and uses certain specific phrases appear in this script and others.

          • RidleyScott

            Ok. Hogwash.

  • Golic

    actually, that was very cool in 1992. Way more tears have been shed over that annoying brat and one dimensional soldier than they deserve.

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      Yeah, I’ve never understood why people got all caught up on their deaths. Hick’s never did anything for me and Newt felt like a token child character at times. At least this way we don’t have the listen to that annoying scream anymore.

      • RidleyScott

        It was unearned and contrived. The Alien franchise never recovered from the baton dropping that Alien 3 did.

        • Golic

          well…how is a franchise supposed to “recover” after it reaches its perfect end? Alien 3 ENDED the series; there wasn’t supposed to be anymore films after that. Why is it necessary to make a dozen films in every series?

          • RidleyScott

            Alien 3 sucks

        • Harley Mitchel Dirk

          I expected you to show up. I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed.

          Though I can’t fault your reasoning here, it’s sound. Personally I felt like their deaths were necessary to tell the story of Alien 3. Which at it’s heart was a melodramatic tragedy. While the film was something of a hot mess I felt like it worked well as an ending to Ripley’s story.

          • RidleyScott

            Nah it blew

  • huntermc

    The main thing I want is a plot that makes sense and characters who don’t make the stupidest decisions possible.

    • Hank_Scorpio

      Well that rules out a horror movie, horror movies would be about 10 minutes long if the characters weren’t stupid….

      • Steven Irizarry

        really…i can think of a million good horror movies that didnt need poorly written characters to advance their more believable plots…the original alien is one of them

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    I’d actually like to see new and completely unique creature introduced and have the film move further away from the Alien series. This is because I don’t care for Scott’s ideas for Alien going forward and because I thought Prometheus worked better as a standalone Sci-Fi than a Prequel.

  • Adam Michael

    Get rid of religious themes, but keep the heavily religious character? K.

  • Nicholas

    Newt died so that revival posibility sucked.

    I enjoyed promethius. Can’t say I mind the religious theme, seeing as it attempted to explain some of our ‘beliefs’.

    Those aliens don’t look scary, but they sure as hell are; they intended to wipe out life on earth. Defintely an avenue to go there.

  • The Ring of Demons

    They should make a new type of Xenomorph, a special intrests pacifist branch with a liberal agenda who don’t believe in killing any sort of lifeforms. They should have a happy and welcoming attitude toward alien refugees and live on a planet of rainbows and unicorns.

    • Puny Earthling

      Oh c’mon. Unicorns don’t exist.

  • Personally, I would’ve loved to see them continue the story of alien. Seeing them ignore Alien 3 and Resurrection seems lazy and cowardly to me. They created this scenario and don’t know how to craft a story from so lets pretend it never existed. It’s like turning your back on a child that was born with disability.

  • Evan3

    I suspect that Shaw will have been killed sometime between her arrival on the planet and the other crew’s arrival.

    I would say the C-section scene was the only worthwhile thing of Prometheus, period. And now that it seems they aren’t going to directly follow up on it, it makes me think the whole thing was an even bigger waste of time.

  • Jon Holden

    Could you hire a fucking editor please?
    How many spelling errors can you make in one puff-piece?

    • Klpire123

      Embarrassing, indeed.
      I know where there’s a building full of fifth graders who all could’ve caught these errors. That building is called an elementary school, which the author of this “article” apparently skipped.

  • Mark Andrew Glinka

    For fuck’s sake people, if you’re going to write for this website, check your punctuation and spelling!! Hell, I’ll proofread all your articles if you want to put me on the payroll!!

    • Barry El Beardo

      Don’t be a cunt

      • MulderIsBack


  • MulderIsBack

    Evolve the xenomorphs. Keep the religious themes. Scare the fuck out of people.

    • Puny Earthling

      Promote the idea that the xenomorphs were created in God’s image. How ’bout that?

  • dp

    Prometheus has value to the series on its own merit and really is amazing as a standalone film. Why would you want to manipulate that with fanboy mentality? Don’t you want to the creators to offer an original piece rather than coddle you and pander to your wishes?

  • Turntables

    I hope they keep Shaw in Alien: Covenant, but if Scott decides to kill her off I hope it’s with some dignity.

    I see this film being broken down into 2 parts:

    1) A crew goes to check out what happened on LV-422 and encounters the new xenomorph that came out of the Engineer- in this case, the new breed of Xeno finds its way to the structure the Prometheus crew discovered and gets covered in black ooze, which transforms it into a Queen – hybrid which can lay eggs.

    2) Shaw and David travel to the home planet of the Engineers. Shaw is dying a slow death due to an infection post-surgery, but she is determined to find out why the Engineers wanted to kill off the human race. Somehow sacrificing herself before she dies comes in to play after she finds out why humans were slated to be oozed out of existence (can be viewed from a religious standpoint as well). A remaining Engineer on LV-422 awakens from cryo and battles the Queen after she kills the crew, but the Engineer gets impregnated, and shortly after take off crash lands on LV-426 after a chestburster makes its way through his rib cage.

    Just some thoughts. :p

    • Gina Kerry

      I wish turntables was writing these movies! Sounds interesting.

  • Commercial Cleaning

    Biggest Alien fan here, just want to voice my opinion… The final Alien in Prometheus I thought looked pretty damn scary, and Prometheus did have some really nice scary-adventurous moments especially when going back and forth from the derelict ships with that crazy music playing. Planet and scenery was done almost perfectly. The dialogue and smarts of some of the crew and parts is what I didn’t like, especially with that snake thing witch was kind of stupid. I would rather see some really weird looking aliens, like the “beluga alien” walking around in corners and kidnapping people than a bunch of aliens running around again and getting shot up like in Aliens. That was good once, twice won’t be scary or anything, unless you drive a tow truck for a living. I think Ridley Scott knows what to do…

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Vickers getting violated by the deacon alien if she’s still alive and tries to fly away with another derelict ship.

    Also, I don’t really care about Shaws and Ripleys, the main character is the Alien here.

    • RidleyScott

      Ha! The main character is the alien? I don’t fucking THINK so. Watch AvP 2, the movie where the main characters are the rubber suited monsters.

      • Brodequin

        Ruber (or other shit) suited monsters are in every movie.

        • RidleyScott

          Ha, missed the point. MAIN CHARACTERS.

      • Jerry Chaney

        Exactly, the main character has never been the alien, its always been the Ripley, Hicks or other characters.

    • Brodequin

      That is exactly what i think of Alien 🙂

  • Joseph Hoffman

    I just really want the new alien film to erase the events in the 3rd one and resurrection after all Alien 3 might be my favorite movie ever. Oh and make it scary!!!

    • Jerry Chaney

      Hollywood has forgotten how to make scary movies and the best Alien movie was the second one.

    • Psylisa

      I 100% disagree.

      The only two movies that should be acknowledged are Alien and Aliens. That’s it.

  • Eric

    I liked it better when the Xenomorphs where a mystery. Knowing their origin sort of waters down the experience for me.

    • Jago Hara-Kiri

      if u know the truth about Life and the universe , u ill complain and say “waters doen the experience” again ????

      Alien franchise is not about Death , but the Truth about life in universe .

      • Kitsune Inari

        42. That’s the answer.

        We still don’t know the question, though.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Ridley Scott really has been chopping my ass lately.

  • lolcat2000

    To be honest, I’m still waiting for a movie that does the “core” of the allure of the Aliens.
    All installments up to here have only been beating around the bush.

    To seems to me that Giger’s artworks, the demons he creates or “documents” are really what’s at the core of this entire franchise, and it is very interesting to see how all the movies have just been hinting at the true challenge they propose.
    Sex, birth, death, violence, fear of the body, the instability of the individual…

    – The original “Alien” is probably the strongest one in this respect, approaching it by not showing much and leaving everything to the imagination.
    – “Aliens” twists the entire premise into a quasi-Vietnam war movie. The movie has a lot of tension and good moments (my favorite the sequence with the automatic weapons holding off an unseen threat), but in the end all of this fighting and heroic dying excludes the “seductive power” of the Alien world. It may still be the most “entertaining” of them all.
    – “Alien 3” may well have been set to become the strongest of them all but evidently got derailed – it seems to explore the Alien as “the plight of sexuality” on a monastery/prison planet where the Alien becomes a sibling to the desires of the male population – Ripley and the Alien being unlikely sisters in bringing “sex and death” to the monks who are trying to stay clean from their internal monsters.
    The final scene of the theatrical cut was most revealing when the Alien breaks out of Ripley like an erected Penis that she holds on to so it – orgasm, catharsis and purification all in one. Giger’s concepts of the “attractive” Aliens he made for this film but weren’t used would have maybe made the story clearer. But as it stands now, Alien 3 is not much more than a bleak “10 little indians” with some echoes of Alien 1.
    – “Alien 4” had a lot of ideas in it, some of which are great to think about and consider, but overall the films design just doesn’t come together. It just looks so gross and like plastic props sprayed with some glossy fatty thing all the time. Also, there is no common thread to the ideas, it just strings up one crazy thing that could happen to the next. I sometimes wonder if Alien 4 could have worked better as a book in which the philosophical unterpinnings that were put in could unfold themselves with more room to breathe, without the visuals or the overly chaotic soundtrack.

    Not commenting on Alien vs. Predator – those are just pop-corn action flicks.

    Prometheus could have been great – but unfortunately it goes too deep into the domain of classic “Star Trek forbidden planet discovery” space opera stereotypes.
    Space cadets discover alien planet becoming confronted with a deadly danger it harbors – a classic plot line.
    The suffering of Shaw was nicely complex and had some elements of Giger’s world in it (e.g. the whole thing about reproduction, sex and death being connected), but like Alien 4 it was all just pretend to me and didn’t get palpable. The various layers of symbolisms – the vases, black goo, sexual tension between Shaw and her partner (who’s name I forgot already), the Alien pyramid, the way the engineers look – none of it seemed to me to be connected in any believable way, it was all just random details I was supposed to put together in my brain – or not.

    Can we dare / should we dare hope that there ever will be an Alien film bringing Giger’s demons fully to life on the screen?
    Maybe it’s better like that, if the films just take that terrible mother milk one drop at a time in homeopathic doses.

    • Kitsune Inari

      Certainly the first two movies are great in their respective genres: Alien is an awesome horror movie and Aliens is an awesome action movie.

      As for the AvP movies, they don’t do the videogames any justice at all (I’ve heard the comics are very good too). The games are badass, the movies are ass-bad.

  • Mike

    Uhm, “the work ‘alien’ in the title”? Proofread guys.

  • don vito

    The big point is where,why…not houndreds of xenomorphs and milions litres of blod and acid….it,s not a fuc…ng videogame.

  • Jerry Chaney

    Honestly I would love to see another alien movie set on Earth, but during the time of the Samurai. It would explain some of the myths about dragons.

    • Andrew

      Rule number 1 of Alien movies: NEVER SHOW THE EARTH.

      The whole point of the franchise is the idea of otherwordlyness and isolation in space. If Earth is shown in the Alien lore it ruins it.

      Also, when has there EVER been a good Alien movie that has Earth in it?

  • Lily Jane Harrison

    The “Religion” in the movie was NOT in your face so dont get your panties in a wad. Shaw was looking for answers to humanity’s creation and she found them (at least partially they didn’t explain why the engineers created in the first place), in fact it wasn’t what she thought she would find, her gods were evil and not gods at all but just alien lifeforms. Just because you hate religious themes doesnt mean everyone else does or that it should be removed. Religion can be a very versatile plot bunny, and adds more depth and realism.

    • Benny

      You said it. Thank you for your intelligent observation. Anyone who says this is a bad movie must have rode the short bus.

  • YNagato

    I like Prometheus way better than Alien. Very fed up with the latter.

  • Judith Quinones

    Prometheus was an awful movie. That Lost screen writer hack ruined it. Two bad Jerry Goldsmith has died and also James Horner. We need a composer that knows how to score horror action. The score to Prometheus was equally bad. Jerry Goldsmith could score a bad movie and make it much better.

    • Benny

      Really the score is why you think its bad. Only a loser watches the movie for the score. maybe you should stick to watching musicals. Get a life.

      • Dan Sveaver

        Hey Fanboy. Take it down a notch. You know who gets personal with people for simply expressing their opinions? Children. Kids. Mental midgets. And all of them would be an improvement over your bitchy ass

        • Benny

          How do you know I’m not one of those people you mentioned. Fact is I have a mental condition.Also I wasn’t talking to you.

          • Derek Schloesser

            Having a mental condition doesn’t give you the pass to be rude. State your opinion…that’s cool…your just using your condition as an excuse to be a asshat.

  • Bill_Fan

    There wasn’t too much religion in Prometheus.
    It just didn’t progress the story AT ALL.

  • john

    I don’t know why ppl don’t pike Prometheus. It was a very good movie.

    • Jacques Antoine Jr

      It was a terrible movie. The writing was far fetched. Elizabeth Shaw getting up and walking around after an alien abortion was absurd. Terrible film.

      • Benny

        your an idiot.You wouldn’t know a good movie if it slapped you in the face. Did you forget Alien 3 and Resurrection. Prometheus is far better than those two pieces of crap. Your complaining about Shaw walking around after the operation. Ever heard of adrenaline.That’s not half as bad as killing off Newt and Hicks or a clone of Ripley. you have absolutely no taste whatsoever.

        • Jacques Antoine Jr

          Wait a minute lol, did I for one second say that Alien 3 and Resurrection were good films (which they are most certainly not) Why don’t you go run away from a crashing ship in that famous idiot scene of running in the path of a crashing ship lol…Aces!!!

          • Benny

            Funny you said that. I tried that. Didn’t work out too well for me. I think it scrambled my brain. lol. i need to find Mulder and Scully.

        • Anthony DeRouen

          And you have terrible grammar.

      • Derek Schloesser

        My wife had a c-section and was up walking shortly after. Common sense dictates that in the future the med pod she used would have enabled her to have experienced less trauma compared to modern medicine.

  • I hardly agree with any of those suggestions.

    • Kitsune Inari

      I can agree with some of them:
      * The first Alien movie was a good horror movie (as opposed to Aliens being a good action movie, and 3 and resurrection being outright trainwrecks);
      * Religion is always out of place no matter where (films, reality, politics or phylosophy);
      * Alien: Covenant is supposed to be an Alien movie (as opposed to Prometheus being a movie in the same universe as the Alien movies) so xenomorphs should have a non-trivial role;
      * and Shaw’s character was one of the few cool things in Prometheus, so I wouldn’t object to her being the protagonist and being given further development.

  • Shannon Jacobs

    Ridiculous. The religious undertones were subdued and the xenomorph was a product of its host. why shouldnt it look different? and why should it be the same type of xenomorph? doesnt it stand to reason that a culture that could create humanity would also toy with other life forms

    • ijiwarusensei

      Agreed. This article seemed as if it were written by a whiny 13-year-old fan boy.

    • Derek Schloesser

      Not to mention the notion of evolution and adaption that the xenomorphs probably would have went through.

  • Steven Irizarry

    the deacon alien provides a unique opportunity to create a unique form of xeno that is more in line with the ALL POWERFUL and intelligent lone xeno from the original film…without amping up the xeno

  • footiefan

    alien 3 could’ve been really good if it wasn’t for the poxy cgi alien, the characters of the prisoners were all good although i would’ve had just newt die when they crashed cos the burial scene was good and had hicks impregnated with the alien then ripley surviving then we wouldn’t have had to put up with resurrection. The new one needs shaw to be the new ripley, (obviosly) and kicking aliens and engineers ass wherever she encounters them.

    • muzzleloader

      Alien 3 for me was a total train wreck. The film’s starting sequence ruined the movie. The three surviving characters from Aliens killed off in Alien Three’s opening credits? Really? What were the writers and director thinking?

  • guest2visits

    Not at all displeased that the gore was less of the typical monster chomp variety. I found the story telling much more gripping. The religious notes were minor for me & tied into Shaw’s character. Trying to figure out what was happening & how it related to the ‘future’ films was the real deal with Prometheus. AND Noomi Rapace of course. If she’s not in the next sequel then I just have no patience for it.
    Prometheus was the film I both loved & hated. Such great performances & wonderful visuals. Such an interesting set-up for the sci-fi …. except… such infuriating questions left to ponder over.
    Why would the Engineers leave calling cards throughout history that led not to them but a deserted rock with weaponry.
    Was the goo on the switch that David noticed from the Xenomorphs or bio snot from something else? Was the mural actually disintegrating or was it becoming a different scene? What were we to imagine about the giant head surrounded by vials of death? Or that chunk of green kryptonite-like crystal? Or how did no one notice David’s behavior was out of whack for an android – and dangerous. Full of malicious caprice, infecting her guy then taking Shaw’s necklace when it meant nothing to him, leaving her to die.
    David was acting on his own personal motivation’s from the start; how did this aberration in his program develop?
    Having Shaw depart that cold planet somehow still full of the courage, the endurance & the spirit to seek out her answers (& maybe her vengeance) was one of the most compelling conclusions for a sequel ever.

  • Lee Hammack

    I consider “Alien” the best sci-fi horror film of all time. Also, enjoyed “Aliens” immensely. Did NOT care for Alien3″, and HATED “Resurrection”. I found “Prometheus” Intriguing, entertaining, and only inconsequentially flawed. My greatest hope for “Covenant” is that Noomi Rapace is brought back. She is PERFECT for the role. And I agree with a previous post that the religious aspect was minor and (I thought) added to the fullness of the character. I trust Ridley Scott to take full advantage of this new opportunity.

  • Relic

    Actually please don’t do ANY of things in this article…..

  • Jb

    The rock paintings that lead to the expedition in ‘Prometheus’….why would the Engineers give their address to primitive cave dwellers? Did Jane Goodall give her business card to the apes she came across? And Ridley Scott totally ruined it by going rogue and intentionally NOT making the movie take place on the original planet that the Nostromo encountered in the original film. We don’t need 4 more movies to connect the dots.

  • Kitsune Inari

    And please, Ridley, please write the script BEFORE you film the movie. Writing by the seat of your pants works best for Cels Piñol’s Fanhunter comics, but not for an horror sci-fi film.

    Btw, OP, why do you call the xenomorph a “non-xenomorph”? Is it because a xenomorph born from an Engineer looks sightly different to a xenomorph born from a human? Because we long knew that xenomorphs looked different depending on what the host is.

  • Typical. “Give us more violence and less… thinking.” Such is this generation.

    • Derek Schloesser

      Pretty sure that was the high majority of actions movies in the 80’s.

  • Clark Robertson

    what I would like to see is an ending similar to the ending of avp 1 (alien vs predator)where at the end the alien bursts out of the predator well if we recall in the first alien movie the engineer had a xenomorph hole in its chest I think if they ended it off like that we could have a connection to the first movie thats one of the things I want and secondly more xenomorphs second give us good gore and violence like the movie aliens and third a Queen and a nest

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