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‘Alien: Covenant’: Official Logo, Synopsis and a Release Date!

Finally, we’ve got official news direct from the studio! Twentieth Century Fox has released a bunch of information for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, his newly titled Prometheus sequel that went under the title Alien: Paradise Lost for a short period of time.

We not only got our hands on the official logo, which hearkens back to the opening sequence of the original 1979 film, but also scored a synopsis!

“Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created in ‘Alien’ with ‘Alien: Covenant’, the second chapter in a prequel trilogy that began with ‘Prometheus’ — and connects directly to Scott’s 1979 seminal work of science fiction. Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world — whose sole inhabitant is the “synthetic” David (Michael Fassbender), survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.”

Interestingly enough, Noomi Rapace is suspiciously absent from this synopsis. Prometheus ended with Rapace and Fassbender embarking on an alien ship to head to the Engineer’s home planet in search of answers. However, the synopsis makes no mention of her, which seems somewhat odd. Every film in the Alien universe has been led by a strong female character, so this feels like a bit of a deviation, although it’s rumored that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation‘s Rebecca Ferguson is allegedly in talks to join Scott’s Covenant expedition.

In regards to the Covenant crew, “It’s going to be its own separate thing because they are going to the planet of the Engineers and they are going to see what happened there. It was a disaster,” Scott revealed earlier in October. “And they will be in that alien craft that takes them there, but with a new group that’s incoming, a new group of travelers in the beginning of the first act.” Scott also spoke of a new origin story for the Alien Xenomorphs.

Fox also hatched a new date for Alien: Covenant: October 6th, 2017. Looks like we have a bit of a wait but nothing too unmanageable.

Regarding the title of the film, Brad has an interesting theory on where it’s coming from. Check it out here.




  • RidleyScott

    My main long term goal is to live long enough to see this movie. Ugh a new Alien movie. Directed by Ridley Scott.

    Where is Elizabeth Shaw though? Don’t go Alien 3 on our asses. Homegirl was still searching at the end of Prometheus, and I want her search to continue.

    • Khy

      Is it pathetic that I cried when I saw this?

      • RidleyScott

        You and me both, buddy. You and me both.

    • agree….I was super pissed off as a teen when I saw Alien 3…Killing off Hicks and especially Newt…I got emotional attach to her.

    • MySelfDestruct

      But it’s not really an alien movie though?

      • RidleyScott

        Oh yeah you’re right. Still excited!

  • Golic

    meh. I would be excited for this, if it wasn’t attached to Prometheus. I’ll probably just redbox this one like I SHOULD have the last one.

  • Tailor00


  • Halloween_Vic

    Can we get Blomkamp’s Alien 5 instead? Scott is starting to irritate my nerves with this.

    • Freddy D Roberts

      Ya I was much more excited to see what Blomkamp was going to do with Alien 5 and I bet it would of been awesome! I liked all his movies.

      • Dirty Frank

        All his movies have been great. The only genuine reason when you get down to it that so many people moaned about Elysium and Chappie was the South African flavour. In reality while both weren’t terrific movies, they were indeed good movies and far more deserving of praise for their inventiveness and their ideas than anything Scott has done in the last 20 years.

        • Halloween_Vic

          What Blomkamp had planned sounded soo fucking amazing!!!It’s like……..Damm give somebody else the chance to do something amazing with a franchise you started, why get all bitchy cause of the hype then all of a sudden change the title and direction of your new quote on quote Prometheus film!

          • Dirty Frank

            I fully agree. He knew Blomkamp’s movie had the chance to get a fan reaction in the positive range that Prometheus never managed, so he couldn’t have that and screwed us over. Of all movie news in the last couple years, Blomkamp doing an Aliens sequel that ignored everything that came after Aliens was simply the most exciting and anticipated projects for me. And now it’s just gone because Scott is determined to shove more of his crappy Prometheus films down our throats and doesn’t want the chance of being shown up. Such a bad decision. Allow both projects. No need to screw us over and make us hate his Prometheus films even more for it.

          • Halloween_Vic

            Yup yup and YUP! What I loved about Blomkamp creating his sequel to ALIENS was that he is such a hugeeeeee fan of those films kind of like a Fan boy which is good because with that comes passion and vision about something you wanted to see after those films ya know? It’s like he kinda knew what fans wanted because he wanted it himself as a FAN. First Friday The 13th getting delayed, then the new Halloween getting delayed and then now Blomkamps ALIENS gets put on the back burner…… Like fuck what a way to hype us up then shut it all the way down!

        • No, they really haven’t been.

          The South African flavor is not the problem. I hate Elysium because nearly all the characters were boring, badly developed and atrociously acted, and nearly all of his films have the most heavy handed and obvious use of social commentary, handled with the subtlety or thoughtfulness of a brick wall. They look pretty, but that’s about it. If District 9 is his only genuinely good film, I don’t know why he’s heralded for being a great director for being a one-hit wonder.

          • Dirty Frank

            Atrociously acted? Seriously? Sorry, if the acting in his movies is what you consider atrocious, I’m not sure what films you would consider acting to be “acceptable”. When you go so far to denigrate someone you’re basically going down the “worst______everrrrr” level of argument and I can’t really take you seriously.

      • Halloween_Vic

        Breaks my heart Scott had Blomkamps version pushed back!!

  • eli

    Scott > Blomkamp
    Yep, I typed it.

    • SugarShane333

      Well yeah. Not really debatable.

    • Dirty Frank

      Late 70’s- early 80’s Scott greater than Blomkamp. Lately, not so much. The Martian wasn’t a patch on District 9. Him killing Blomkamp’s Alien movie was a dick move.

      • eli

        District 9 was great.
        That’s all the positive I have to say about Blomkamp.

      • Warner Brown

        Agreed. Ridley is a true cookie monster dickhead for doing that. But maybe it will give just time for Blomkamp to refine a better script, if his vision does come to fruition.

        • Dirty Frank

          Blomkamp isn’t returning to this. This project isn’t returning. Look at the separate facts. This is the second major scifi film that’s been pulled from Blomkamp at the last minute. He was up for Halo before that was cancelled at the last minute. He was already in production on this when Scott pulled it out from under his feet. The guy seems to have a good sense of self respect as well as the fact he’s got a lot of self awareness. I doubt he’ll come back even if they ask him. The second issue is, that’s all moot anyway because this is a dead project. How many projects that get suddenly shut down in production and put on “indefinite hold” come back later on? Not many, and that’s putting it mildly. This movie is done thanks to Scott. He’s going to pinch off Prometheus 2, then there’ll be the same comments from Scott about not wanting to confuse the audience by letting Aliens 2 happen before Prometheus 3…

          And the really telling thing, the thing that shows he KNOWS that more people disliked Prometheus than liked it, is his distancing the new film from it. It’s not “Prometheus 2” anymore, it’s not “Paradise Lost” anymore because that’s the title he’d linked to Prometheus 2….oh no. Now it’s an Alien movie again. Because maybe if it’s an Alien movie again, he can con people who hated Prometheus into going to see it.

          Well not this grubby, filthy, borderline perverted Wally Squader, Ridders. Not on your nelly old son. You can take your Covenant and smoke it sunshine. This is Prometheus 2, and no amount of polish is gonna put a shine on that toilet intruder. My money you will not take, and for the putting of the kibosh on the one Alien movie in 25 years that had a chance of being good, I’m doubting I’ll ever spend money on a Scott movie again.

      • MySelfDestruct

        Scott in his prime was amazing but he hasnt been that in a long time.
        And I agree, that was a dick move. He’s the typical rich male who thinks he owns everyone.

        • jim83

          No, he just has a better directing resume than Neil Blomkamp, plus since he was the one that kick started the Alien franchise it makes it easier for him to call dibs on a proposed alien prequel.Same thing happened with Bryan Singer and the X-men.

  • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

    A new crew of scientists making dumb and irrational decisions! Weeeeeee!

  • Darnell

    I didn’t like Prometheus so my hope for this film is low. Prometheus was pretty to look at but not much else. Super smart scientist doing extremely stupid stuff. The movie didn’t seem to know what it wanted to be and didn’t make much sense.

    • Warner Brown

      I agree. I think the only REALLY good scene in the film was when Noomi does the self-surgery to get the alien out of her stomach. And the opening with the “Engineer” That’s it.

  • Rocco Paone

    What the hell? Where is Shaw? Don’t do that, Scott. Really…

  • Mehliens

    It was about fucking time. Since he is officially returning to his own franchise the expectations are going to much higher than with prometheus. It’s time to (over) deliver Mr Scott

  • It’s a bit strange to see them label this as a Prometheus sequel when I for one don’t feel that vibe. First Scott mentioned something about this being a start of a new trilogy and now this synopsis about a new crew arriving to a new planet with David being its only inhabitant and no mention of Shaw. It seems like Prometheus will only exist to give a plausible explanation for David being there given how Prometheus ended and this movie will be its own thing.

  • Mr. Dry

    Well, this is weird but an Alien movie is an Alien movie, and with Mr. Scott (!) I’m not gonna complain.

  • Vader the White

    As a fan of the Alien series, I will watch it, but I’m not expecting much as I did when I saw Prometheus. While I didn’t hate it, I agree with the general sentiment: it is a gorgeous film on a visual level, but failed on a story level. It was a dumb B-movie, which saddens me since Alien was a smart B-movie that was elevated by the makers of the film to an A-movie.

  • Cody Briscoe

    Shaw was the best part of Prometheus. Hope she shows up! Early synopsis’s are usually never 100% accurate.

  • Blade

    I hope David gets destroyed in this movie lol I don’t like that thing at all

  • sliceanddice

    loving the raw alien vibe. but will he deliver? we shall see.

  • After the vastly underwhelming Prometheus…I am not sure if I want to see this. But then again, “Alien” is my favourite film franchise…..

    • RidleyScott

      Psh. You’re going to watch it. Don’t even.

      • I know Ridley. It is a soft spot. Want my sci-fi horror damn it!

        • Ian Hellier

          Before Prometheus was released I’m pretty sure it was stated you can’t watch it expecting an Alien film, it was based in the same universe only. But we all knew what was going to happen at the end!

  • Calum Sanderson

    After the stupidity of Prometheus, and the fact Scott cancelled Blomkamp’s Alien film, I want to make it known how much we shouldn’t support such a megalomaniac

    • RidleyScott

      Prometheus 2 had 15 drafts. Alien 5 just had its first draft turned in a few weeks ago.

      Prometheus 2 was ALWAYS going to come out first, so stop.

      • Warner Brown

        because it had 15 drafts doesn’t mean it will be a better film.

        In fact, 15 drafts means there were some big fucking problems.

        That doesn’t necessarily mean the final script will be “fantastic”

        • RidleyScott

          I didn’t say it would be a better film.

          It’s called PRIORITY, numbnuts.

        • Ian Hellier

          The number of scripts doesn’t mean much in my eyes. I see it as writing an awesome book but then having to mould it into a screen worthy adaptation. Yeah some stuff might get missed, but that’s what the the blueray versions are for.

      • MuldoonLives

        THANK YOU. Where the fuck did any site say Alien 5 was canceled?! No where. Because it isn’t. Its on HOLD as for the time being so Alien: Covenant can have it’s rightful spotlight. Then once Scott’s movie wraps up after completing filming, Alien 5 will have it’s time to shine.
        God, I’m so tired of seeing these misinformed nitwits just spew out words about something they won’t even give a chance based on their biased beliefs.

        • RidleyScott

          Agreed 100%. They really lack reading comprehension skills.

        • Mehliens

          True, its on hold indefinitely as per source. But lets be realistic, that just a nice way of saying that after the Chappening Blomkamp was fired. He won’t be directing any Alien sequels.

          • MuldoonLives

            Was Chappie really that bad? And I didn’t know Blomkamp was fired, do you have a source?

          • Mehliens

            Thats the point, there will not be an official source confirming that or else it wouldn’t a nice and face saving way of putting the project on “indefinite hold”. Of course I could be wrong but the hype train did stop pretty abruptly for Blomkamp don’t you think?

          • MuldoonLives

            It did halt pretty suddenly, I’ll admit. I just thought he was busy w getting stuff ready w A5. Do you think we’ll ever get an Alien 5?

          • Mehliens

            No, Fox wants him to do another project and this quasi confirms my theory that he won’t be doing any Alien sequels anytime soon… as in (probably) never. Now of course I have no hard facts but when your read between the lines the latest news about Prometheus becoming Alien Covenant and Scott being hell bent on doing two more after that my guess is there will never be an Alien 5 as long as Scott lives. There might be a prequel that directly connects to Alien. Just as the Thing prequel basically ended exactly with the scene that Carpenters Thing opened with. Thats all I can predict and I’m pretty sure thats how its going to play out in the end. Scott has a fetisch for picking up old stuff. The new Blade Runner will open with the scene that was planed to be the opening scene of the original.

          • Mehliens

            About Chappie, if you consider the considerable hype that Blomkamp got you will realize by just glancing over the rotten tomatoes reviews that he must have dropped the ball big time. But do yourself a favor and don’t watch it. Seriously.

          • MuldoonLives

            I definitely will not watch it.

  • Warner Brown

    I’m tired of all this fucking fiddling around. I want Blomkamp’s Aliens sequel with Ripley, Hicks and Newt, provided it’s a strong enough script to compete. Sick of all this prequel stuff (who created them? who is god? who created us?) complete pseudo bullshit!

    • jim83

      Have you seen Chappie? The fact that Blomkamp is out is probably the best thing that could happen to the Alien franchise right now. As for the Ripley-Newt-Hicks an-all sequel it’s not happening cause we already had Alien 3.

      • Warner Brown

        Chappie was “ok” but a vanity project. Blomkamp is only good if teamed with a very good screenwriter. Otherwise he is a capable universe-builder. Now, Alien3 (I just puked in my mouth) is being disregarded from the canon, as that piece of shit should be. So yes. Aliens sequel with original cast. Bring it back to the new. Tired of all this “Prometheus’ bullshit. Blomkamp being out is a good thing? what do you want? a fucking Micheal Bay Aliens sequel with Mark Wahlberg? c’mon be real..

        • jim83

          Well, the characters in Chappie were just as stereotypical as the ones in a Michael Bay film so..,but anyway nobody claimed that Alien 3 was gonna be disregarded as canon, at least no one official from the studio so Alien 3 still stands. Personally i think it is a decent film which bookends the Ripley character in a nice way but to each his own. Blomkamp is a good universe builder, problem is he builds the same universe over and over,he is a one trick pony and he already had three films to prove that he is not.I loved District 9 but he is on a declining trajectory ever since so i can’t say i was sad to see him go,even though to be honest i never believed that that his pitch would ever materialize,not with Ripley and all those dead characters from Aliens.

        • John D.

          “Blomkamp is only good if teamed with a very good screenwriter. ”

          Well, let’s be fair, the very same thing is true of Ridley Scott.

        • Mehliens

          Blomkamp is a hack and The Chappening was a first degree fuckup in literally every department.

        • Ian Hellier

          “Aliens sequel with original cast”

          lol, love it.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    My take on ‘Alien: Covenant’:

    On their way to the Engineer’s home planet, Elizabeth Shaw and David go through a wormhole that takes them back in time. They arrive to the would-be home planet of the Engineer’s, but they soon realize that they now pre-date the engineer’s. Alone in a uncharted planet, David uses the “black ooze” to start life. Elizabeth falls victim to David’s experiments and births new life –to which we later learn is the start of the Engineer race i.e. Elizabeth is her own god. David watches on as the planet flourishes.

    We soon meet a crew aboard the colony ship, “Covenant”, but they too fall through the wormhole and arrive on the Engineer’s home planet, except they arrive at a point in time post-engineer creation. David supplies the crew with answers, but as the crew quickly learns, escaping the planet with their lives will be their biggest challenge.

    • Moonpatrol

      Leave out the time travel.

    • MySelfDestruct

      This is at least creative, props for thinking outside the box.

    • Robin James Doxford

      The whole wormhole time travel things is a rather contrived plot device. But the rest is kind of cool.

  • jim83

    The fact that Noomi Rapace is absent from the synopsis doesn’t surprise me at all.She wasn’t that great in Prometheus,Theron was far more memorable. I say give Ridley Scott another shot,after all, he did the first Alien & Blade Runner so that should give him eternal pass when it comes to sci-fi films

    • I’ll agree that Rapace wasn’t super great. Theron was more memorable possibly, but not in a good way. She easily had the worst lines of dialogue, and was quite possibly the cheesiest, most unnecessary major character in the whole film.

      I’m going to guess that David murders Shaw the first chance he gets and becomes somewhat of a prince of this dark desolate planet, which honestly sounds pretty awesome.

      I think Prometheus’ main problem has to do with its ‘Ancient Astronaut’ inspiration. When science and religion are heavily present in a movie, they tend to conflict too much, and neither are given a very respectful or accurate portrayal, hence why Prometheus was dubbed stupid by many. I liked Prometheus, definitely more than most people, but this new film definitely has the potential to iron out all the kinks of the first, which excites me greatly.

      • jim83

        Yeah, David murdering Shaw the first chance he gets would be cool.Prometheus was certainly watchable but at the end it didn’t meet expectations and the way those….scientists acted was beyond stupid and Scott is part to blame for that(frankly,i blame Lindeloff more for the shitty parts in Prometheus). It certainly is salvageable as a franchise and like you mentioned with a good writer on board it can easily be great.

        • Definitely. Both Spaihts(spelling?) and Linedeloff are amateur writers, whose only experience is in trendy tv shows. Scott is definitely the type of director who needs a great writer as well as a great creative team to kind of rein him in a bit. The art crew of Alien is full of so many geniuses who contributed their own ideas to the plot and such. Prometheus goes to show that Scott hasn’t lost his visual edge one bit, he just needs smarter people working with him, and people who can stand up to him when his ideas fall flat.

          • jim83

            I agree, Prometheus visually was stunning to say the least.

      • How can you forget Theron’s inability to run in a diagonal line?

    • Sandbox

      I think Noomi Rapace is a fine actress. Just not in Prometheus. Her role should have been that of Theron (and vice versa). I hear she’s playing Amy Winehouse next so perhaps her part in Covenant is small. Elba, Fassbender and Theron and the always incredible Guy Pierce made her look small and insignificant. I actually liked the spare Tom Hardy as well. Not a bad actor at all. There was nothing to do for him in the movie though.

      I’m not sure the whole prequel thing is going to work anyway. This is was Lindenoff hates about prequels. It’s hard to build tension when in truth you already know who lives or dies. If they tie in Bishop in some way and then go the evil synthetic route, now that would be interesting.

      • jim83

        Rapace was great as Lisbeth ,better than Mara in my opinion but so far in all the other movies i’ve seen her she has been just ok.She is a serviceable actress be doesn’t really elevate the material she is given.

      • James

        He was but they froze his film in light of Ridley’s Prometheus sequel unfortunately.

        • Sandbox

          Ridley Scott is his own worst enemy. As far as Blokamp is concerned; Highly, highly overrated.

  • jim83

    Unless James Cameron returns to the Alien franchise, Ridley Scott is second best and you know it fellas.

    • Ian Hellier

      They are two different styles of director – they’re both excellent in their field.

      • jim83

        Yeah,but James Cameron expanded the franchise in such a way that Scott never did.Not only did he introduce the Alien queen and the whole hive mind thing with the Aliens, he also established the tough as nails character of Ripley they way we know her today.Sure the seed was there from Scott but Cameron took it to a different level, plus his secondary characters in Aliens were far more memorable than the ones in Alien.

        • As good as Aliens is, The Queen and bugs feel like such a grounded and unoriginal take on the aliens, likening the Xenomorphs and the life-cycle/biology to something we can understand or comprehend- insects, and this completely removes the element of total otherworldliness that first film so meticulously builds.

          The seed? Cameron hardly elevated her character, she was basically the same, just with more maternal instincts kicking in. The secondary characters in Aliens feel a lot more hammy and wisecracking and nowhere near as real feeling as the crew of the Nostromo.

          And on top of everything, Cameron’s an asshole.

  • Robin James Doxford

    Rather glad Noomi Rapace isn’t in it. Her face never moved, she was wooden and terrible. More David is just what I want!

  • James Allard

    Alien Covenant: coming to a Halo crossover game soon….
    Just let it sit there and stink for a few seconds, okay?

  • CP Munk

    Oh fuck, 2017.

  • Brian Odom

    Hmmmm. I’m getting so many strange and mixed emotions for this. But most are good ones.

  • Sandbox

    I think Noomi Rapace is a fine actress. Just not in Prometheus. Her role should have been that of Theron (and vice versa). I hear she’s playing Amy Winehouse next so perhaps her part in Covenant is small. Elba, Fassbender and Theron and the always incredible Guy Pierce made her look small and insignificant. I actually liked the spare Tom Hardy as well. Not a bad actor at all. There was nothing to do for him in the movie though.

  • Damn 2017? Oh well at least it’s on my b-day. I had issues with Prometheus but I’m still looking forward to this.

  • Cujucuyo

    All of the newer Alien games have been utter crap with lots of hype, not holding my breath anymore for a good one.

    • Rex

      Isolation was top notch

    • DrewHamster

      This is a movie you dip lmao

  • Peter Johnson

    Damn, was hoping for a sequel to the game

  • mimranyameen

    so it’s exactly the same movie as prometheus?

    • James

      But this time with all of the alien connections he removed the first time.

      • zero2815

        Lol nice.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Looks like someone shopped the original Alien title card with their frickin’ phone.

  • CelticBull

    “Disclaimer: Name, Synopsis, Logo and Release Date may be subject to change.”

  • Chamber

    2017? Remind me when we are closer to release date. Not gonna care until then.

  • Nikilauta

    I’m just happy that it’s coming 🙂 After Prometheus there was no news for long time.

  • DarthValanx

    Doesn’t look remotely like Alien Resurrection, at all.

    • steph dumais

      who said it did?

  • Darrell Simpson

    I got excited when I saw this as my initial thought was the follow up to Alien: Isolation had been announced… alas it hasn’t. Back to not being excited for the follow up to Prometheus

  • Jago Hara-Kiri

    2017 , will be a hell of an year , Justice League , Alien , Friday 13….

  • Please no more religion elements and creator ideas, just keep it out of that and find better screenwriters. Visually looks amazing, Ridly is great but lately he had this weird ideas about God that just don’t fit anywhere. Some kind of life crisis or something. lol

    • I don’t think it’s necessarily the religious elements that made Prometheus’ story sub par. I think it more has to do with how the religious AND scientific elements were handled. I don’t think enough respect was given to either side- the scientific side felt unscientific and stupid and the religious stuff felt very general and unthoughtful. These two elements aren’t incompatible, and can often work well in tandem, as long as they’re both given their due respect, research, and thought.

      • Actually that is a very good point. Well said and certainly better worded than me. It felt off somehow, and the way you explained it articulates the problem. Thanks.

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