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A Definitive Ranking of the “American Horror Story” Seasons

Last year I told you why I thought ***SPOILER ALERT*** “Asylum” was the best season of American Horror Story and why “Coven” was the worst, but what about the seasons in between? It seems that ranking seasons of American Horror Story is one of the most divisive questions you can ask someone, as everyone has a different favorite. This is actually sort of genius, as it means that at least one season of the series will apply to one type of horror fan. There’s something for everybody here. Still, I maintain that there is a definitely ranking of quality when it comes to the series, and that is the ranking listed below. We’ll update this list in late November to include My Roanoke Nightmare. For now it’s too early to tell where it will place on this list. 

5. Coven

If there was one word to describe Coven, it would be “mess.” Coven has it’s fun parts, but it’s all too clear that Ryan Murphy and Co. did not plan ahead when writing this season. In fact, it almost seems like they made everything up as they went along. I stand by everything I said in my article from last year. The season arc of the new Supreme’s identity was never all that captivating, character actions lacked motivation and were inconsistent (LaLaurie specifically) and it was loaded with too many storylines yet still left some unresolved. It may have had a plethora of hilarious bitchy quips, but it’s still a sloppy series of television and definitely the worst offering from the series yet.

American Horror Story Ranked

4. Freak Show

A lot of people seem to hate Freak Show. While it certainly lost steam towards the end of the season (as most seasons in American Horror Story are wont to do), it at least had more focus than the season that preceded it and served as a decent send-off for series mainstay Jessica Lange. Freak Show’s biggest crimes were completely wasting Kathy Bates and peaking too early with the Twisty the Clown sub-plot before abruptly killing him off. Dandy, obnoxious as he was, made for a supremely entertaining villain (his comeuppance is one of the season’s highlights). One could say that Freak Show, as a whole, was somewhat forgettable. It wasn’t overtly bad; the whole just never amounted to more than the sum of its parts.

American Horror Story Ranked

3. Hotel

While I maintain that Lady Gaga did not deserve the Golden Globe she won for Hotel (#JusticeForKirstenDunst#NoReallySheIsAmazing), she did turn in an impressive performance in the series’s fifth season. Her story line as well as that of Kathy Bates’s Iris and Dennis O’Hare’s Liz Taylor carried the majority of Hotel. Unfortunately everything involving the Ten Commandments Killer and anything involving Chloë Sevigny ‘s character (can Ryan Murphy ever find a decent role for her?) dragged down the season. Angela Bassett’s vampire hunter and Sarah Paulson’s Hypodermic Sally felt like afterthoughts that never got their due, and don’t even get me started on that drill penis monster. Hotel was filled with plenty of good ideas, but had its fair share of bad ones too. If anything, it shows that a 10-episode season could benefit the show by forcing the writers to trim some fat off of the scripts.

American Horror Story Ranked

2. Murder House

Murder House is a strong season of American Horror Story, but the series was still working out a few kinks. It also represents American Horror Story before it really became American Horror Story. Still, Murder House is an effective piece of television that is marred only by a misguided finale that turned the entire season into a joke. It is definitely the most focused out of all the seasons. By concentrating on the Harmon family and relegating all other characters (including Jessica Lange’s Constance Langdon) to supporting roles, it allowed the series to build relationships effectively and naturally. The season just doesn’t have the same impact as Asylum, which is why it ranks just slightly below it.

American Horror Story Ranked

1. Asylum

Asylum is a near-perfect season of American Horror Story. Had it jettisoned the alien sub-plot, it probably would have been perfect (it admittedly took a kitchen sink approach to the storytelling). Asylum is the only season to truly embody the horror in the show’s title all throughout the season. There is a sense of hopelessness in Asylum (though it still gives its protagonist a happy ending). It also has the most consistent narrative throughout the season when compared to the other four. Characters are well-defined and their actions feel earned. The villains are deliciously evil without becoming caricatures. Still, many people don’t like Asylum, and I’m not exactly sure why. It is hands-down the best season yet.

Ranking American Horror Story

Does your opinion differ from mine? Let me know in the comments below or feel free to challenge me on Twitter!



  • Barry El Beardo

    I still love Coven!

  • The Horror Hunter

    Freakshow was the worst IMO. Coven is my favourite. I stopped watching because of freakshow.

  • The_Gentleman

    What makes your OPINION “definitive,” aside from your misguided ego, Trace? More bad writing and another list. Can you do anything other than lists??? Christ.

  • Luan Penna

    Murder House is my favorite, and I really like Coven. I think Asylum is actually a very weak season.

  • Travis_Bickle

    I only made it through 3 episodes of Coven before taping out. I watched all of Freak Show and regret it. Hotel was garbage, but not as bad as Coven.
    Murder House is my favorite. I like Asylum they tried to do to much though(Aliens, Escaped Nazis, Serial Killers)

    • J Jett

      Travis, i agree 100%.

  • Came here to make sure Season 2 was number 1. Bullet dodge

  • Taboo

    I enjoyed the first three seasons. I ditched Freak how halfway through and wasn’t impressed with premier of Hotel.

    • Sasha Kozak

      For me Freakshow’s first half was enjoyable but it fell waaaay off during the second half of the season for me. Hotel I hated the first 3 episodes but it did get better as time went on (especially once they started to show some of past of some of the people in the hotel).

      It is wierd, I like this show but for me many of the seasons either start really well and finish crappy or they start bad and finish great.

      • Taboo

        Yeah it has become a trend for this show. That’s why I’m worried the new season will start off strong and then go to hell on the second half lol

  • A2VL

    Freak Show is the worst season. Coven at least had way better acting, characters, and was entertaining throughout. I was bored halfway through Freak Show and still don’t know why I finished the season.

  • J Jett

    nothing beats MURDER HOUSE. it’s the most focused heartbreaking, scary season yet. ASYLUM had excellent performances but the storyline was a complete cluster fuck. i don’t know why that season is as popular as it is. it’s lame attempt at aliens (then dropping that storyline completely) as well as other introduced then just dropped storylines…the writers were throwing anything and everything against the wall to see what stuck.

  • Mr. Dry

    I’d give Coven a better place on the list as IMO it’s a mess but at least a kinda entertaining/hilarius one, can’t say the same about Freakshow and Lady Gaga soft porn videoclip Hotel was, even if it had some surprisingly good moments.

  • Jinx, The Loose Cannon

    This list isn’t definitive simply because Coven is ranked last?? it wasn’t good but it was EONS better than Freakshow/Glee. Freakshow was a joke. i’m surprised its still on TV after that mess. giving full arcs to characters who aren’t core cast members… a joke. Also Kathy bates was wasted. Angela Basset was wasted. hell, even Jessica Lange was wasted. for me its

    Murder House (The final simply ruins it for me)
    Hotel (lots of issues but enjoyable overall)

  • Noel

    While Coven had its problems I enjoyed it a lot. I would of ranked it higher. I think the problem with Asylum was the alien abduction sub plot. It felt forced and out of place with everything else going on.

  • Dns88

    Asylum is hands down the best season but Murder House holds a special place in my heart.i was sick at home,bored to death when i found the show online and binge watched the whole season in one that would be nr2 for me.even tho coven was a bit messy and a few characters annoyed me it was enjoyable and pretty funny.freakshow was good til they killed off Twisty then it get really boring and messy.hotel is by far the worst thing ive seen on television,i tapped out after the second episode.not sure where ?6 will fall on my list but i really enjoyed the first episode.

  • enemy

    Hotel was definitely my worst I hated everything about it. Freakshow was OK but coven just beats it, and I agree with the top two choices, now let’s hope season 6 delivers on story and scares.

    • eatinlunch

      the carpet in the hotel was the only cool thing

  • enemy

    Let’s be honest the last three seasons were not good, I’m surprised the show hasn’t been cancelled yet. Probably because it’s an anthology series.

  • John Lackey’s Teeth

    Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Murder House and – a distant last – Hotel. Don’t understand the hate for Coven! Honestly I didn’t think I’d like it, especially coming off the superb Asylum season. But Coven exceeded my expectations. Enjoyed Freak Show and Murder House was average, but couldn’t wait until Hotel ended. Disappointing.

  • La Ricura

    Murder House, Asylum, Freak Show, Coven, Hotel, Hotel the worst! and boring :/

  • richp_91

    Murder House/Asylum
    Freak Show/Hotel

    I didn’t like Hotel. I was really disappointed in Freak Show. I thought it would be the best season with the theme and characters. But it was crap.

  • Larousse

    Well, Murder House is the best one. Every actors were great, and evrything was perfectly creepy.
    Then, I’d say Asylum. Way too messy. Monsters, aliens, Devil, doctors, murderer… Wtf ?
    Freakshow was disappointed. And it looked like a musical with all these bad covers… Glee was that you ?

    And finally Coven/Hotel, draw.
    Coven was really boring. And I didn’t finished Hotel.
    Lady Gaga was awful, but only because it was Lady Gaga playing as Lady Gaga. Nothing interesting.

  • DannX68

    I really like both Murder House and Asylum. They’re both a lof of fun and kinda messy.
    Coven I could take or leave, especially Emma Roberts. I cannot stand her!
    I started Freak Show and made it to… two episodes? Three? Somesuch. Not far enough to see Emma Roberts, at least.
    Hotel… more Emma Roberts? Lady GaGa? Nooooot gonna happen!! Though I like Matt Bomer, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett.
    At least the “theme” for 6 sounds interesting.

  • Sasha Kozak

    Season 1’s first half was great, then it fell off the second half for me.
    Hotel I found the first half meh but enjoyed the second half.
    Freakshow for me was much like season 1 in that it started off wonderful but the second half again, finished badly imo.
    Asylum is up there for me as one of the best, but it also had alot of ups and downs.

    Imo they have not made a perfect season yet, or even close. Some seasons I like more than others, but most of them either are great the first half and fall off during the second half, or the opposite, they start off meh and finish good. I have always wondered what this show would be like if someone like Miike directed some episodes.

    Anyways, just my two cents as someone who is a big horror fan over the years. I wish Masters of Horror was still around!


    Jennifer Lynch is directing episode 3 of this season. Should be mighty interesting.

    • Sasha Kozak

      Good to know, thanks!

  • Rachael Henderson

    I 100% agree with 2, 3, & 4, the blurbs and the rankings. I would swap 1 & 5 though! Coven is totally my favorite and Asylum was my least. I still agree mostly with that you said in the blurbs though somehow haha.

    The alien sub-plot in Asylum was SO the worst part of that season, and even though the rest was some of it’s most cohesive story-telling it was still just TOO MUCH. Instead of focusing around one main idea (i.e. – witches!), it threw everything at you – serial killer! insane asylum! the devil! aliens! weird santa?! – and just didn’t mix well for me and was hard to follow.

    As for Coven, I loved the fact that it was almost entirely woman-driven (and strong women at that), and I thought everything wrapped up well. Also loved all of the real life history and historical figures tied in. If I’m being honest though, the real answer is because I’m kind of a witchy woman and I LOVE Stevie Nicks so I’m biased. 🙂

    Thanks for these great reviews!

    • I LOVE female-driven films and shows. I actually prefer them. But coven was too much of a mess. And Nicks was so shoehorned in! Thank you for your kind response though. I’m all up for civilized discussion and not bashing. =)

      • Rachael Henderson

        Oh Stevie was TOTALLY thrown in, but it was so campy that I ate it up! I also have an affinity for New Orleans, so I am super biased haha. I know Coven is not “technically” the best one, but it is the one I personally enjoyed most so I was sad to see it as #5. Seems like the majority is leaning towards Freakshow to hold the last spot, and that I might agree with.

        Asylum didn’t seem to capture the majority like it should have either, and all alien plot crap aside, I also agree that I don’t truly know why it was so poorly received. The middle is where it really lost me. Someone encouraged me to keep going by promising it wrapped up well and I have to say it might have the best AHS end episodes of all the seasons.

        • Yep, this exactly! I loved it because it worked so well with Misty Day’s character. Plus Stevie’s version of Rhiannon in that one episode gave me chills, I love her voice!
          And I think that Myrtle Snow has to be my favourite character that Frances Conroy has played – the only exception being Shachath. Plus Myrtle had some of the best one-liners:
          “These drapes! I’m just mad about tartan!”
          “Don’t be a hater, dear.”
          “Oh little bird, I’ve been buying in bulk from North Korea for years!”
          “Your mother’s Pol Pot in Givenchy!”
          “I’m told it starts as a tingle in the cooch!”

    • Carlos Enrique Gutierrez Carea

      Lol Coven sucks pretty bad, Asylum is the most majestic season of AHS it does really make you feel scared, a horror show shouldn’t be Campy, it’s supposed to make you feel uncomfortable and stuff, like Asylum did in a great way.

      • Rachael Henderson

        If you don’t think horror should be campy you are REALLY missing out on a lot of great horror! Evil Dead forever! 🙂

      • I LOVED Coven, but you’re right… I didn’t really consider it horror. It was more like a spoof of a horror-comedy.
        I think Asylum has certainly been the highpoint of the horror element, it’s by far the most intense of all the seasons so far.
        Hotel was by far the least horror like element IMO, it’s was too glossy, and the ‘horror’ elements ended up just being weird – the vampire kids and the kids with the blonde hair? Totally unnecessary. If AHS was going to do vampires they should have gone full on gothic vampire like Nosferatu – they could have probably even gotten away with a full length black and white season if they had done it well.

  • OceanSlaughter

    Coven is by far the worst season of them all. There was nothing about the season that made you care, now I say that because, if they made it correctly, it could have been a more violent Sabrina the Teenage Witch, esque.

    The main flaw? No one could actually fucking die. Every time someone died, they came right back to life and everyone was super chill about it. The only person that actually died, was Jaime Brewer, and they didn’t even make a big deal about it.

    I would rather watch Unfriended on Blu Ray with the extended behind the scenes look on the making of the film, then have to sit through Coven again.

  • Matt Gleason

    I’d swap Hotel and Freak Show.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Agreed 100%

  • Waylo

    I feel that Freak Show and Hotel should switch ranks. Freak show was remarkable in the way that they killed off the perceived main villain while slowly bringing forth and developing another even more twisted villain. The acting and storytelling was really well done too. I felt that the ending with Jessica Lange was a little bit much, but otherwise stand by the season. So far season 6 is looking good. The new format is intriguing.

  • Nick M.

    1. Asylum
    2. Murder House
    3. Coven
    4. Hotel
    5. Freak Show

    The newest season could end up being the worst if the first episode is any indication

    • ChowYunPhat

      I was thinking that as I was watching the new season, too. This fake reality show gimmick is going to get old, quick.

    • Oh, see, I quite liked it. I liked that they’re essentially taking the piss out of the current zeitgeist of all those monster/ghost hunter shows… although I am waiting to read about a lawsuit from the makers of Blair Witch. lol

      My main disappointment was “Oh look, they’re doing a haunted house… again.”

  • 1EyeJack

    LOVE Murder House. It was like nothing else on TV at the time and was actually scary (and sexy) in parts. Great season except the ending was dumb. Then comes along Asylum which was also great and scary… and so dark! I loved the entire season. Coven started off really strong but after the third or fourth episode it lost all traction and became this estrogen-fueled bitchfest. Not scary. Not funny. What the hell happened there? Freakshow was entertaining and well, freakish. A lot to like in this fun season and gave one of the best scary clowns in Twisty since Pennywise. Thank you for that! I thought Hotel was really good and very well done. It looked beautiful, yet dark and was pretty crazy in a good way for horror fans. I don’t understand the hate for this season because it is still better than most of anything else TV has to offer.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Still haven’t finished Hotel (lost interest halfway through for various reasons not necessarily related to the show), but otherwise:

    1. Coven
    2. Murder House
    3. Asylum (“consistent?” That is like the complete opposite word I’d use to describe that batshit crazy ADD-ridden season. 50 crazy ass cliche stories goin on at once and only 1 of those had anything relatively close to a satisfactory ending)
    4. Freak Show

    • Coven was WAY more inconsistent than Asylum!

      • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

        Totally disagree. Why do you think so? I felt Coven was the only season where everything did tie together and flow somewhat. Not perfectly by any means (Axeman was kinda pointless), but better than other seasons.

        I’ll admit though it probably had the weakest conclusion of a season besides Asylum, but then all of the endings have been crap so that’s not saying much. It also was not much of a “horror story”… but I dont hold that against it.

        • My main issue with Coven is storylines that just get dropped and characters making decisions that don’t make any sense (remember when Farmiga and Peters left only to come back an episode later for no reason? And what about LaLaurie’s redemption arc?). At least all of the characters in Asylum made decisions that fit their characters. It may have been overstuffed, but it was consistent (I even like the ending and think it’s the best finale the series has done).

  • Kat

    hotel was the worst for me, well joint… Gagas painful acting ruined it… i struggled to the end : Even Freak show was more interesting

    • La Molcajete

      Man the fact that gaga won a golden globe for that just instantly makes me hate it

    • I didn’t hate Gaga in it… but that’s because it was obvious her character was just going to be “Lady Gaga does Lady Gaga”. I’m more interested to see what happens when she makes an appearance in this season… can she ever do a character that isn’t Lady Gaga.

  • La Molcajete

    I missed out on asylum. Idk the aliens, glee performances, and maroon 5 guy just took me out of it. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

  • La Molcajete

    Am I the only one who enjoyed freak show for the most part. It got obnoxiously weird with all the gay shit towards the middle but the rest was pretty good. Loved the time period it was set in

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Coven is still the only one I liked.

  • Julyan Stephens

    Am I the only person who actually thought the alien subplot in Asylum was good? The first time I saw it i did think it was a bit out of place and unnecessary but after seeing the season again and analysing it a bit deeper, I thought it was genius! To me it represented, boiled down into the simplest of terms, the debate/battle of religion vs science.

    • I’m one of the ‘thought it was unnecessary’ camp, just because I didn’t get the point of it within the context of the story. Personally I’d rather they had done a season based on alien abductions or something. AHS: Abduction.

  • ChowYunPhat

    Freak Show was the worst. Very few elements worked and as it went on it felt like thirteen years olds were writing it whose only goal was to shock and offend people, when all they were actually getting was eye rolls.

  • Ana Ana

    1. Coven
    2. Hotel
    3. Freak show
    4. Murder House
    5. Asylum

  • For me, so far –
    1. Asylum
    2. Coven
    3. Murder House
    4. Hotel
    5. Freak Show

  • Esa Cortez

    Hotel is definitely not worthy of a #3 slot. My least favorite of the series. I’d swap Coven with Hotel…

  • DarkBree

    Freak Show
    Murder House

  • jusmastuff

    Murder House
    Freak Show
    I really disliked Hotel

  • PhoenixAshes

    Asylum was my favorite despite its meandering plot lines that went nowhere. Somehow, they still fit especially given the setting and subject matter, and the acting in this season was absolutely amazing.
    I can’t say the same when it comes to Coven. It was all over the place for no apparent reason whatsoever, and by the end it made me feel like it was just full of torture filler to remain “horror”.
    Murder House was great, IMO.
    I stopped watching Freak Show half way through. When I wasn’t bored, I was irritated by the obnoxiousness of tropes, and found it downright nauseating to sit through.
    I only watched the first episode of Hotel, and checked out immediately (pun mildly intended). I remember being actually pretty annoyed and had basically written off the series altogether until I saw the premiere of season 6 last week (which I thought was excellent and left me wanting more). The first ep of Hotel felt forced and unfocused in every possible way, while being bombarded with scenes for no other reason than for the sake of shock value. I also found it insulting that subject matter of rape was used as such. A friend told me I should give it another try because it got “good”. I may try watching it again.

  • 100% agreed on the ranking, though I do wish that Freak Show could’ve been higher. Not in your ranking, just that the show could’ve been so much better. I really REALLY wanted to fall in love with it from the moment they announced the theme (Tod Browning’s Freaks is one of my favourite films), and from the build up in the first few episodes, but it divebombed so badly towards the end that it didn’t even feel like the same show. They really missed a trick revealing Twisty’s story and killing him off so early, because it was all downhill from there.

    Hotel was the opposite, I wanted to hate it so badly because of the constant bombardment of “WE HAVE LADY GAGA GUYS OMG” talk, but it really surprised me. She didn’t deserve that award, at all, but even I can admit she wasn’t terrible and the series overall was the best since Asylum. My main problem with Hotel was that they did exactly what I was expecting and made the entire thing about Gaga being some kind of goddess that everyone lusted after, and her cardboard character didn’t live up to the hype. Denis* O’Hare and Evan Peters stood out for me.

    Coven was a joke. Murder House was great but I honestly don’t love it all that much for some reason. Asylum was the high point and the only time they really nailed it throughout (yeah apart from the aliens thing).

  • Adaaification

    Asylum was great, number one is well deserved. Music, Story and Visuals are all fiting well together. Then i would put Freak Show on the second place, because it is a visual tour de force and my god this soundtrack. But it has a heavy error in story telling and logic. But not so bad, when you look at some of the other seasons. Three is Murder House. Because it was solid story telling, some nice ideas and it put up some nasty twists. Then i would say Hotel. The visuals are great, but not as amazing as in Freak Show. And the story is confuse and can give you a real headache. And worst of the worst: Coven. This season was so stupid, yeah some visual eyecandy. But so stupid that it hurts your brain when you watch it. Stupid.

  • Kirby4Ever

    Am I the only one who LOVES Coven? Yes, it peaks within the first four or five episodes and character development/motivation and cohesive storytelling are non-existent after that. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is still to this day one of the most ridiculous, over-the-top but downright entertaining seasons of television I’ve ever seen. The performances were always amazing, pretty much every single line of dialogue is memorable and iconic, and it’s comedic approach really worked for me. I know some fans are purists who prefer their horror to be devoid of comedy completely, but the black comedy of Coven was perfectly catered to my personal sense of humor. It’s filled with strong female characters that made it empowering to watch… and I’m a guy! This is the one and only season thus far where the poor structure in writing actually benefited the show. Coven is so ridiculous and messy that it’s entertaining and unique. It’s like an intentional “so bad, it’s good” movie.
    It may be a mess, but it’s a hot mess. There’s a difference!

    My ranking:
    1. Asylum
    2. Coven
    3. Murder House
    4. Freak Show
    5. Hotel (what I’ve seen thus far was enjoyable enough, but the fact that I still haven’t had the desire to watch the last four episodes tells me this one is my least favorite).

  • craig

    Coven was horrible……ok, Asylum was cool (but definitely had too much going on)….But Murder House is by far the best. The characters, plot, everything are fascinating……have binge watched it twice…… rankings from worst to first….5. Coven 4. Freak Show 3. Asylum 2. Hotel 1. Murder House

  • matt

    i absolutely hated hotel, i couldn’t even finish the season. It just seemed to be gruesome for its own sake and not to serve the story or the characters.

  • Austin Flores

    I love how coven is a “mess” with many plot lines started and left untouched but that’s total bs. Asylum left way too many questions unanswered. Coven had a boring episode towards the last episodes of the season but for the most part it was exciting and crazy, the characters were all very engaging, I felt most story lines were concluded. I wish the witch hunters had a bigger role for sure, but I loved that every episode had something explosive going on. I’m surprised so many people didn’t like it – Coven in my opinion is the best season by far. I liked Asylum because it did actually have some horror elements to the story, but almost every thread was left unexplained, mostly the alien story line.
    1. Coven
    2. Murder House
    3. Asylum
    4. Hotel
    5. Freak Show

  • Amasa Delano

    From a writing standpoint, I thought Freak Show was even lazier than most Murphy shows. It had no idea where it was going and then fell back on gruesomely murdering characters. Neil Patrick Harris showed up just for a couple of episodes to kill Emma Roberts’ character in a scene that was idiotic in execution. He was clearly deranged and she was screaming for help, but none of the other freaks stopped him while he was sawing her in half. Then they all showed up as soon as he was done. BS. Then dandy boy went walking through the circus murdering people one by one with perfect aim from his golden revolver, firing off 15-20 rounds from a gun that looked like it only held 6. Murphy leaned heavily on being cruel when he had no idea what else to do.

  • Griffin J Schraeder

    I seem to be the only human being alive that absolutely LOVED hotel. I really enjoyed the twists in the plot towards the end and the homages it payed to many other great films. I thought the setting was beautiful and I absolutely adored Evan Peters as James Patrick March. That coupled with both Iris and Liz Taylor went really well for me. Along with the whole plot of living immortal beings interacting with immortal ghosts was really cool, as there were pros and cons on both sides. I just felt that the entire season was fantastically thought up and executed brilliantly. My list would be
    2.Murder House
    5.Freak Show (Freak show was terrible)

  • Randall

    I thought Coven was the best. Didn’t care for Asylum or Freak show.

  • Hiram Abiff

    Man… whether I agree with the order or not, the content of this review page is garbage; it feels like i’m reading something written by a high school student.

    “Murder House is a strong season of American Horror Story, but the series was still working out a few kinks. It also represents American Horror Story before it really became American Horror Story.”

    It should immediately be noted that it’s the FIRST season and that they were working out kinks. The second sentence is repetitive and unnecessary. Further, the reviews themselves are immature. “Angela Bassett’s vampire hunter and Sarah Paulson’s Hypodermic Sally felt like afterthoughts that never got their due.” Uh, no. Paulson’s character was one of the most on-scene of season and it was a strong anchor in expressing the angst and entrapment felt by the “tenants” of the hotel. And, not even a mention of Evan Peters? His acting was stellar and his character made the season what it was in the way chocolate syrup turns ice cream into a sundae.

    Sorry, but I’m not feeling these reviews at all. For kicks, here’s my order:

    5) Coven
    4) Hotel
    3) Asylum
    2) Freak Show
    1) Murder House

  • David Landers

    and then there was Roanoke. Easily the worst season for the show, maybe for any show. It seemed like the same boring episode over and over and over.

  • Caio Vinicius Viana Lima

    Roanoke is the third place now!

  • Alpaca_Male

    Murder House > Asylum >>> Roanoke >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everything else

  • Franco

    Murder House
    Freak Show


    Agree with the article, Coven was a joke. I couldn’t care less who the supreme was. And the major setting being a secret place for those with power, was such a rip off for Hogwarts or Charles Xaviers school for mutants.

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