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12 of the Worst CGI Moments in Horror Movies




As horror fans, we have a natural aversion to CGI (computer-generated imagery). After all, why would we want to watch the cartoonish effects in 2011’s The Thing when we could watch the outstanding practical effects of 1982’s The Thing? Unfortunately CGI is cheaper (and faster) than practical effects, so more often than not we are graced (punished?) with CGI effects in film. Some films have some truly terrible CGI. Sometimes it’s so bad that it’s shocking that some of these effects even make it past the editing room. The 12 horror films listed below contain some of the worst CGI effects in horror history.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon has its supporters and its detractors. I unfortunately fall into the latter category, but what do you expect when the film opens on some random CGI objects floating around in an anti-gravity chamber? It looks even worse on Blu-Ray! They look like little cartoons floating around the set.



Stephen Norrington’s adaptation of Marvel Comics’s Blade is arguably one of the better comic book adaptations to come out of the 90s. Unfortunately it was when CGI was still in its early stages, so it delivered CGI blood that looks like it belongs on a Windows 95 screensaver.


Anaconda gets a lot of criticism for being really, really dumb, and it certainly is dumb. That being said, it is a highly entertaining B-movie with some impressive practical effects. With great highs come low lows though, as the film’s CGI creations don’t impress. The final confrontation with the queen anaconda (See? Dumb.) is one of the worst CGI effects of the 90s.

Deep Blue Sea

If you though Anaconda looked bad, you should check out Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea (a film I have professed my love for in the past). Though it was made two years later, the CGI in the film actually looks worse! The shark that jumps out of the water to ***SPOILER*** eat Samuel L. Jackson is so laughable it completely takes you out of the movie.

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