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8 People We Want to Direct ‘Scream 5’

scream 20th anniversary

Before you scroll down to start bashing me in the comments, let me get one thing out there: I don’t think Scream 5 will ever happen. This isn’t to say I don’t want it to happen, but I don’t think it ever will. With Scream 4‘s disappointing box office gross in 2011 (a $38.1 million domestic take on a $40 million production budget), the disputes between screenwriter Kevin Williamson and the Weinstein brothers and the tragic death of franchise director Wes Craven last year (not to mention the minuscule ratings for MTV’s Scream: The Series), there is no way a studio would greenlight a fourth sequel to a franchise that audiences don’t seem to care about anymore. It’s a sad truth, especially for fans of the franchise or slasher fans in general, but it’s a truth nonetheless.

Let’s pretend for a moment that Scream 5 is actually a possibility. Imagine an alternate reality where Scream grossed over $100 million, Kevin Williamson had an amicable relationship with the Weinsteins and Scream: The Series earned higher ratings than Teen Wolf in its prime. If all of those things were real, then Scream 5 would be a definite possibility, but the franchise would need a new director (RIP Wes Craven). Thanks to the suggestion of Bloody Disgusting commenter cduns (and the additional prodding of commenter ScriptGiverTJ), we’re going to take a look some directors who would be perfect for directing Scream 5 should it ever come to fruition. It’s not ever going to happen, but one can dream, can’t one?

Sam Raimi

Let’s get the inevitable “this is never going to happen in a million years” pick out of the way. First of all, it does make sense. Raimi was initially considered to direct Scream back in 1996, but screenwriter Kevin Williamson didn’t think he understood the type of film he wanted to see get made. Well, 20 years later and I bet he has a pretty good idea now! In 1996 Raimi was primarily known for directing the Evil Dead trilogy. He’s got a more eclectic set of films on his resumé now so he’s probably the most qualified to direct something like Scream 5.

scream 5


James Wan

Again, this is one of those “it’ll never happen in a million years” things, unless Wan was allowed to write the screenplay as well (which may not be a bad idea). Wan keeps returning to the genre that made him famous even after saying he was going to take a break from it before. It’s not like he’s never done a slasher before either (Saw, hello?), so he’s got the skills. He would be perfect for Scream 5. Maybe once he’s done with Aquaman.

scream 5


Adam Robitel

The director of The Taking of Deborah Logan proved himself with that film, and now he’s directing Insidious Chapter 4 which is due for release next October. Deborah Logan was one of the biggest surprises to come out of 2014, and the fact that Robitel was trusted to take James Wan’s and Leigh Whannel’s places as the director of the next Insidious installment bodes well for the youngartist. He may not be eager to tackle another horror sequel, but he would no doubt bring a lot of talent behind the camera. Let’s just forget he was one of the four(!) writers of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

Scream 5


Max Landis

Truthfully, the son of famed director John Landis hasn’t done much to make us think that he would be qualified to handle Scream 5. He broke into the scene with his script for Chronicle back in 2012, but since then he has written the scripts for clunkers like American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein. Still, there is a talent there, and while he only has one directing gig under his belt, a fresh face could be just what the Scream franchise needs.

Scream 5


Karyn Kusama

Karyn Kusama has proven she can direct horror comedy (Jennifer’s Body is good. I don’t care what any of you say.) as well as mature psychological horror (The Invitation). Wouldn’t it also be refreshing to see a major franchise like Scream move forward with a female director? There are so few female horror directors out there that putting someone like Kusama at the helm would be a huge statement for the industry. That statement aside, Kusama has more than proven herself behind the camera and a Scream film directed by her would no doubt be a fascinating experiement.

scream 5


Greg McLean

The director of Wolf Creek and Rogue may seem like an odd choice for Scream 5, but McLean needs to do something to make everyone forget The Darkness ever happened (though it seems like The Belko Experiment (our review), being released in March, will do just that). All kidding aside, McLean is a skilled director who knows how to film some carnage. Scream has never been known for its gore (they’re all tame by today’s standards), but McClean could emphasize the brutality of the violence that is normally downplayed in the franchise. It would be a new kind of Scream, but if the box office response to Scream 4 was any indication, “more of the same” is not what people want.

Scream 5


Adam Wingard

Wingard may not exactly be willing to direct another sequel to a 90s classic after the chilly reception his Blair Witch received this year (from everyone except us, apparently), but Scream 5 could be his chance to make things right with the rest of you! He’s no stranger to meta horror, as films like You’re NextThe Guest, and A Horrible Way to Die have shown, so the Scream franchise would fit his career like a glass slipper on Cinderella’s flawless foot.

Scream 5


Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent hasn’t delivered a new film since she blew audiences away with her directorial debut The Babadook two years ago. Scream 5 would probably be a bit beneath her since The Babadook is a bit more classy than a slasher sequel, but she could bring her level of class to the franchise to inject some new life into it! I mean, Scream is a pretty classy slasher, right? Anyone?

Scream 5


Who would you like to see direct Scream 5 in this magical fantasy land where Scream 5 is even a possibility (just pray there’s no time travel in it)? Let us know in the comments below!



  • WoodsboroKiller

    Great picks! I agree on Karyn Kusama and Adam Robitel. Adam Wingard would be cool, but I’m not a fan of some of his camerawork choices. I think Mike Flanagan could pull it off.

    • bigniggitynuts

      I 2nd Mike Flanagan

      • James

        That was immediately who I thought of as well.

  • Quippie

    this is really just a list of good horror directors lmao i do think kusama would be perfect though

  • Wes Draven

    Slasher films are not “beneath” anyone, if they lack class or anything of the sort, it’s because those involved. Not what it could be.

  • jasonlives1986

    Uninspired list to say the least

    • James

      Very. I was hoping to see a choice that really stood out but nothing on the list did.

  • Adam Clifton

    You forgot the obvious… Kevin Williamson

  • Justin McGill

    I love Raimi. But NO. HELL NO. I could just maybe see Fede Alvarez possibly at that.. Wan is proving himself but just can’t see him doing Scream. Possible Steve Miner who helmed Friday 2, 3 and H20. He’s an old pro and has done decent by both franchises in the past.

    • Khy

      Steve Miner would be an excellent choice.

      • Saturn

        Indeed, Miner has the chops to do a decent slasher movie – so why the hell not?

      • Angela M Campany

        Top choice !

    • James

      I loved surveillance. That was a very nice surprise.

  • Khy

    I’d be more concerned with who’s actually writing it(if it were to happen). At this point it has been so many years and Scream 4 ended pretty tightly- so I really fail to see where a Scream 5 could take us that’s worth the trip. Unless of course Kevin is behind the wheel but considering every horror title Dimension touches turns to shit I highly doubt Kevin would ever consider coming back.
    There’s still a ton of other great writers out there that could crack an interesting story for Scream 5 I’m sure- but once again, I just don’t see the point.

  • Sasha Kozak

    Get Miiike to do it 🙂

  • Jennifer Kent is way above the Scream franchise. Please no

    • James

      How so?because she made the babadook? It was pretty overrated.

      • Lol nah

        • Saturn

          Babadook was awesome – but I can see why it wouldn’t work for some. Seems that if you liked Babadook, then you’d also enjoy The Witch and It Follows – but if you didn’t, then you’d probably not like the others either.

          Personally I loved all 3.

          • Creepshow

            Or….. If films weren’t overhyped as the “scariest movie of the decade”, people will respond to them differently. Stuff like The Witch, Babadook, and It Follows aren’t trainwrecks by any means. But if they are bloated to sound like films that will “scare the shit outta you”, then you can expect some disappointment.

          • Nahuel Benvenuto

            It Follows is good, The Witch is good, Babadook is just ok, highly overrated

          • James

            Loved it follows and the witch but was just so so ok the babadook. I was pretty disappointed with it.

      • nicholasmwalker


  • REC03

    well that is certainly…..a list. the only one who i could see getting Scream is Karyn K. The Invitation was creepy as hell and Jennifer’s Body gets the horror/humor done very well. overall even though it is my favorite series of all time it would be weird without Wes.

  • Brian VonDerahe

    David Robert Mitchell of It Follows fame? Or what does everyone think of BJ McDonnell, the camera operator behind most Rob Zombie and Adam Green movies? (directed Hatchet 3)

    • WoodsboroKiller

      Was also thinking DRM would be a good choice.

  • Saturn

    To be honest, it’s time for the remake (no Wes, no Scream sequels) with a new cast.
    Of course, the remake would be clever in that it deals with the tropes of “remakes” of classic horror movies.

    • Mr. Screamer

      But I thought discussing the tropes of remakes/reboots was the whole point of Scream 4? That’s why there shouldn’t be a remake discussing the same thing.
      If a remake does happen, it should just be about ”how to survive a horror movie 101” like the original film, maybe with some twists because it’s not 1996 anymore, but the same premise.

      • Saturn

        Okay, you’re correct (it’s a while since I watched Scream 4 to be honest and I don’t remember much about it – but I thought it was more to do with instant fame by using the internet? Could be wrong, as I said, it’s a while since I watched it).

        Perhaps just skip Scream 5 and 6 and go straight for Scream 7 which would deal with basically remaking the original movie but claiming it’s furthering the story many years later.

        • Mr. Screamer

          Scream 4 is basically about wanting the fame others have, by doing nothing worthy of it (and this subject is actually a lot more relevant in 2016 than it was in 2011, in my opinion).
          Hmm, I guess that idea could just as well for a Scream 5, lol. Especially considering that if it would happen, it still won’t be before 2019 so 8 years between sequels is enough to justify doing the ‘remake’ theme again (at least according to Hollywood). Actually, it could work: make it about ”remakes that fail, so after a long absence yet another remake is produced right after it”. It is relevant, because Halloween is getting rebooted after its (failed) reboot series (Halloween and H2), Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street too (well, NOES is not officially confirmed, but it’s obvious the next movie will be another remake).
          Scream 4 is the ‘failed’ reboot (it didn’t do well at the box office – they could say there is a Stab 8 based on S4’s events and say it failed), so the Stab series (or in our case, the Scream series), is getting rebooted once again.
          Who knows.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Slightly off topic (but not really since it was mentioned above), I finally sat down and watched Blair Witch. I gotta say I didn’t see anything at all remotely close to the accolades this site was giving (and giving) it. It was ok for a one-time viewing. But, definitely won’t be one I’ll revisit like the original. However, it was leaps and bounds better than Book of Shadows, so there’s that.

    • shawn lawson

      Uggghhhh….was it?

      • Creepshow

        It all depends on your taste. Going into Blair Witch, I just wanted something to creep me out at some point like the original. And there are a few “holy shit” moments. Did it live up to Miska’s ball sucking? No.
        But once I saw “the house”, it stirred up some of the terror that I felt from the first one.

        • shawn lawson

          Agreed. I just felt that it was one of those remakes that didnt bring anything new to the table. I lump it in with psycho, cabin fever etc ….how was rock and shock by the way? My October was kind of a bust.

          • Creepshow

            It was nice getting back to Rock & Shock after a few year hiatus. “Creepshow” swag was all over the place, so yeah…I spent a few bucks.

      • James

        I figure it can’t possibly be worse than the original so it must be worth a viewing.

  • ScriptGiverTJ


  • ScriptGiverTJ

    The Soska Twins.

    • Saturn

      It won’t happen – but that would be interesting, as their stuff has been pretty good.

  • cduns

    Thanks for the shoutout Trace, good write up. I was disappointed with Blair Witch but based off You’re Next I think Wingard could potentially do a good job win a Scream 5.

  • A2VL

    Drew Goddard of course!

    • REC03

      oh hell yes! idk how i forgot him. perfect choice!

  • Saturn



    • nicholasmwalker

      i’d be down for that

  • shawn lawson

    Srdjan Spasojevic

    • James

      That would be glorious

      • shawn lawson

        Ghostface…..its an honor to shake hands with such an artist of fuck.

  • Munchie

    if i were imagining this reality of which you speak, Wes Craven would still be alive in my reality, and this column would never have happened and I wouldn’t have read it nor written this comment that you are right now not reading.

  • nicholasmwalker

    scream 5 plot that pays homage to wes craven… here is my idea. make scream 5 take place in our reality like in wes cravens new nightmare. ghost face is some crazed fan who is stalking neve campbell, jamie kennedy, rose mcgoawn etc. this way it doesn’t have be bogged down with what has happened in past movies, and you can bring back fan favorite characters… or at least their real life counter parts. i thought this is what they should have done with scream 4 but ya know… nobody asked for my two cents when they made that movie.

    • That could possibly work.

    • ScriptGiverTJ


    • Mr. Screamer

      a LOT of people seem to have and like this idea (myself included). It would be a great way to do it, but I think it would be too expensive to bring everyone back, in the first place.

      • nicholasmwalker

        yeah to me it just seems like the next most logical step. the whole idea of the first scream was to be self referential or “meta” as the kids call it these days, and that’s what they tried and failed to do with scream 4. the only way for it to become MORE self referential would be to step out of that reality. but you’re right, it would be $$$ to bring everyone back, especially people like schreiber who are huge now.

        • Mr. Screamer

          They could even call the movie something like Wes Craven’s Final Scream. It would work so well.

    • cduns

      This is the best idea for a Scream 5 I’ve ever read.

  • kjtenorman

    Robert Rodriguez would be the most logical choice. He made THE FACULTY with Kevin Williamson and Marco Beltrami (the writer and composer of SCREAM, respectively). Rodriguez is also credited as the director of the fictional STAB movies within the SCREAM films. It would be the most meta choice.

    • PsychoMantis18

      Yeah, but he sucks as a director. Hasn’t made something decent in years.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    lol, Wes Craven or nobody

  • The only person that would “feel” right to me, and probably the only one that would draw the trio of Arguette, Cox, and Campbell back, would be Kevin Williamson himself. I know “Teaching Ms. Tingle” wasn’t great (I don’t even remember it), but I think with the right crew he could still nail it…or just bring on Patrick Lussier.

  • Matt

    Laurie Metcalf should write, direct, produce, and also to star in the film (should also act as key grip and best boy). That is the only option. Period, end of story.

  • REC03

    OT: a new BTS pic of Pennywise has come out you, you guys should post it.

  • Mamet006

    1. Drew Goddard

    2. Ronny Yu

    3. Patrick Lussier

    4. Vincenzo Natali

    5. Mike Flanagan

    6. Marcus Dunstan

  • Mark Lepine

    After cutting the Scream films and knowing Craven’s style I would agree that Patrick Lussier would be a great fit. He did a fantastic job with his updated My Bloody Valentine.

  • JohnS

    I’ve gotta throw my hat in for Williamson. The rest of the franchise would truly be for the fans, and he stated back in 2011 that he had 5/6 mapped out. Can we get a Kickstart for this shit?

    Also, Sidney. In this hypothetical world where 5 (and 6) would be made, she needs to become the killer or go out Casey Becker style.

    • PsychoMantis18

      Movies ‘for the fans’ is how you produce trash and steer clear of actual art.

      • JohnS

        I actually think the inverse argument to “made for the fans” has more ground. If Scream were to get a greenlight from Miramax ,it would likely be another study in compromise (Scream 4) aimed at box office numbers. As much as I liked Scream 4, you can almost trace the behind the scenes tension that Wes and Williamson were vocal about, regarding creative decisions. If feels like it is just shy of it’s full potential.

        In the ideal world created in my head, the original trio somehow agrees to finish the series, and the film is done on an independent level, where pressure for ROI is lower, and there isn’t the same need for formula. The fans get an ending free of studio influence.

        I would hate to see Scream go the way of the Halloween franchise in the 90’s and end up with a Cult of the Thorn shit show.

        • cduns

          Well said. That’s kind of the curse of a successful horror movie. Most start at low or modest budgets, and when they become successful they get bigger budgets and the focus is on ROI with more studio influence and involvement as the budget goes up. I would have loved to see a Scream 4 without the tension between Williamson and Wes.

      • nicholasmwalker

        i 100% agree. you can’t just pander to the audience, you have to take chances sometimes. it certainly helps to throw the fans a bone or 2 because you don’t want to lose fans as you gain new ones, but i firmly believe that most fan boys wouldn’t know art if it slapped them in the face

  • sailor monsoon

    Few other suggestions:
    1. Robert Rodriguez
    2. Jason eisener
    3. Ilya naishuller
    4. Chris “casper” kelly
    5. Jackson Stewart
    6. Adrian garcia bogliano
    7. Bryan bertino
    8. Taika waititi

    • PsychoMantis18

      Hahaha, good one.

  • PsychoMantis18

    I don’t want more Screams period. 4 was a good ending.

  • The One and Only

    If Dimension/The Weinstein Company decide, to go through with SCREAM 5, top of my list would be Patrick Lussier. On top of being Craven’s go to film editor, he has a decent resume as a director with the DRACULA 2000 TRILOGY, MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D, and DRIVE ANGRY. He even the directed the season finale to Season Two of SCREAM:The Series. So Lussier having the bloody hunting knife passed on to him I’d be comfortable with.

  • DarkBree

    For Scream 5 to be successful it should be a reboot or a soft reboot. Either bring back Kirby as the final girl with a new cast or all new cast with no one returning. Either way no Dewey, no Gale and no Sidney and forget the TV series ever existed. It could be like Jurassic World, the events of the previous movies happened but it’s a brand new story.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Scream the Series is irrelevant sh*t and nothing to do with real Scream fans

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Uwe Boll. Keep up the tradition of every movie (and the show) being worse than the last… totally meta-like. Then again, even he might somehow manage something better than 3/4/the series…

    • PsychoMantis18

      How the fuck was 3 better than 4?!

      • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

        If anything, I would only question whether 4 was worse than the show. 3 was crap too, no doubt, but a bit more entertaining at least. 4 was fuckin pathetic…

  • Mike Lawrence

    I would love to see more Scream movies! Darren Lynn Bousman would be a good fit for the feel of the series imo.

  • joewaters

    Alex Aja

    • PsychoMantis18

      He needs to make more movies – HE-ROW!

  • Halloween_Vic

    First and for most I love this article because I will always want a Scream 5. In my mind it will still happen one day and Kevin had plans for 5 and 6 so I would love to see how that would play out. As far as director’s go I say either Marcus Nispel or Adam Wingard hands down.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Fuck hipster-Landis and hack-Wan. IF there was going to be one, Raimi would be an awesome pick – humour and horror master.

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  • Michail Provata

    why do you only mention the domestic box office??Considering how it did WORLDWIDE it still had a profit, even if it was a small one. So they should find a way of…maximizing it on the latter filmes!

  • horrorfan4life8586

    I think without wes the movie may be in poor taste . . I would like to think this would happen because wes had already planned out a script . . the movie would suck if they killed off the main characters . . but of course you would need a very strong director producer etc . . to pull off a wes craven film

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