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8 People We Want to Direct ‘Scream 5’



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Before you scroll down to start bashing me in the comments, let me get one thing out there: I don’t think Scream 5 will ever happen. This isn’t to say I don’t want it to happen, but I don’t think it ever will. With Scream 4‘s disappointing box office gross in 2011 (a $38.1 million domestic take on a $40 million production budget), the disputes between screenwriter Kevin Williamson and the Weinstein brothers and the tragic death of franchise director Wes Craven last year (not to mention the minuscule ratings for MTV’s Scream: The Series), there is no way a studio would greenlight a fourth sequel to a franchise that audiences don’t seem to care about anymore. It’s a sad truth, especially for fans of the franchise or slasher fans in general, but it’s a truth nonetheless.

Let’s pretend for a moment that Scream 5 is actually a possibility. Imagine an alternate reality where Scream grossed over $100 million, Kevin Williamson had an amicable relationship with the Weinsteins and Scream: The Series earned higher ratings than Teen Wolf in its prime. If all of those things were real, then Scream 5 would be a definite possibility, but the franchise would need a new director (RIP Wes Craven). Thanks to the suggestion of Bloody Disgusting commenter cduns (and the additional prodding of commenter ScriptGiverTJ), we’re going to take a look some directors who would be perfect for directing Scream 5 should it ever come to fruition. It’s not ever going to happen, but one can dream, can’t one?

Sam Raimi

Let’s get the inevitable “this is never going to happen in a million years” pick out of the way. First of all, it does make sense. Raimi was initially considered to direct Scream back in 1996, but screenwriter Kevin Williamson didn’t think he understood the type of film he wanted to see get made. Well, 20 years later and I bet he has a pretty good idea now! In 1996 Raimi was primarily known for directing the Evil Dead trilogy. He’s got a more eclectic set of films on his resumé now so he’s probably the most qualified to direct something like Scream 5.

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James Wan

Again, this is one of those “it’ll never happen in a million years” things, unless Wan was allowed to write the screenplay as well (which may not be a bad idea). Wan keeps returning to the genre that made him famous even after saying he was going to take a break from it before. It’s not like he’s never done a slasher before either (Saw, hello?), so he’s got the skills. He would be perfect for Scream 5. Maybe once he’s done with Aquaman.

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Adam Robitel

The director of The Taking of Deborah Logan proved himself with that film, and now he’s directing Insidious Chapter 4 which is due for release next October. Deborah Logan was one of the biggest surprises to come out of 2014, and the fact that Robitel was trusted to take James Wan’s and Leigh Whannel’s places as the director of the next Insidious installment bodes well for the youngartist. He may not be eager to tackle another horror sequel, but he would no doubt bring a lot of talent behind the camera. Let’s just forget he was one of the four(!) writers of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

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Max Landis

Truthfully, the son of famed director John Landis hasn’t done much to make us think that he would be qualified to handle Scream 5. He broke into the scene with his script for Chronicle back in 2012, but since then he has written the scripts for clunkers like American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein. Still, there is a talent there, and while he only has one directing gig under his belt, a fresh face could be just what the Scream franchise needs.

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Karyn Kusama

Karyn Kusama has proven she can direct horror comedy (Jennifer’s Body is good. I don’t care what any of you say.) as well as mature psychological horror (The Invitation). Wouldn’t it also be refreshing to see a major franchise like Scream move forward with a female director? There are so few female horror directors out there that putting someone like Kusama at the helm would be a huge statement for the industry. That statement aside, Kusama has more than proven herself behind the camera and a Scream film directed by her would no doubt be a fascinating experiement.

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Greg McLean

The director of Wolf Creek and Rogue may seem like an odd choice for Scream 5, but McLean needs to do something to make everyone forget The Darkness ever happened (though it seems like The Belko Experiment (our review), being released in March, will do just that). All kidding aside, McLean is a skilled director who knows how to film some carnage. Scream has never been known for its gore (they’re all tame by today’s standards), but McClean could emphasize the brutality of the violence that is normally downplayed in the franchise. It would be a new kind of Scream, but if the box office response to Scream 4 was any indication, “more of the same” is not what people want.

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Adam Wingard

Wingard may not exactly be willing to direct another sequel to a 90s classic after the chilly reception his Blair Witch received this year (from everyone except us, apparently), but Scream 5 could be his chance to make things right with the rest of you! He’s no stranger to meta horror, as films like You’re NextThe Guest, and A Horrible Way to Die have shown, so the Scream franchise would fit his career like a glass slipper on Cinderella’s flawless foot.

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Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent hasn’t delivered a new film since she blew audiences away with her directorial debut The Babadook two years ago. Scream 5 would probably be a bit beneath her since The Babadook is a bit more classy than a slasher sequel, but she could bring her level of class to the franchise to inject some new life into it! I mean, Scream is a pretty classy slasher, right? Anyone?

Scream 5


Who would you like to see direct Scream 5 in this magical fantasy land where Scream 5 is even a possibility (just pray there’s no time travel in it)? Let us know in the comments below!