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[BEST & WORST ’14] Trace Picks Horror’s 10 Most Surprising Movies of the Year!

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Like I mentioned before, I have watched a lot of possession films and I have watched a lot of found footage films that came out this year. To top it all off, I have watched a lot of found footage possession films. That is probably why I enjoyed The Taking of Deborah Logan as much as I did. I have to wade through some shit to get to it (it was one of the last movies I watched this year because I put it off for so long) but it was a surprising find. What sets the movie apart from the others is an amazing central performances by Jill Larson and Anne Ramsay as Deborah Logan and her daughter, Sarah. I also like that it wasn’t just a typical demon that was possessing Deborah. The film does have its flaws: characters for some reason don’t  turn on lights when they should, characters keep filming when they really shouldn’t, etc., but those can be overlooked to appreciate that we surprisingly have a better-than-average found footage possession film for once, with a few twists on the genre.

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  • CTHL

    Everything you said about Tusk is exactly how I feel. It’d be my pick… because I haven’t enjoyed a Kevin Smith movie since Mallrats and generally hate the man (in fact, I have a bit of history with the dude online… I am almost positive to be one of those trolls in J&SBSB… good times!).

    Despite not being terribly funny or at all scary, I enjoyed it thoroughly…and even made me cry, strangely enough. That walrus suit though, lol, so bad… the funniest part of the movie.

  • J Jett

    STARRY EYES is fantastic. the very slow burn coupled with the
    explosive and VERY brutal ending work beautifully together. i’m a
    lifelong horror movie fan and even I was a bit shocked at the violence
    at the end. i highly recommend this movie.

    HOUSEBOUND is easily one of the nicest surprises with a movie i’ve had in years. i also knew really nothing about the film and i hadn’t scene one frame of film or any pix from it and i so completely ended up loving this movie. it’s one of the best horror/comedy films i’ve ever seen. no hyperbole there.

    and Trace i highly highly recommend KRISTY. it’s basically (and i mean this in the best way!) one long chase scene movie but it’s excellent. also the fresh take on werewolf movies called WER is excellent. i’ve watched it several times and i love it each time. lastly Lucky McKee’s ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE is also a movie i much to my surprise loved a lot! the title may turn some people off but it’s actually an awesome, fun movie.

    • I liked All Cheerleaders Die a lot! Its randomness reminded me a lot of Detention (a movie I LOVE but it’s incredibly polarizing). I will definitely add WER to my list (I still need to see Late Phases so maybe I can pair it with that). And as for Kristy, I will make a note of it!

    • SuperKilla

      Gotta check the others out but “Starry Eyes” was pleasantly repugnant.

  • McGilli

    I’m glad you put DON’T BLINK on the list. I really liked it. It was enough of… like you say a Twighlight Zone episode, or X-Files etc to keep me very interested and guessing…

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    I will probably have to check some of these out. It’s still sad to see so many found footage movies, there are just way too many these days.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    13 Sins is a remake of the Thai psychological horror comedy 13 Beloved/13: Game of Death, and it’s pretty much the same movie only a bit tamer than the original.

    • I fully admit that I did not know this. I might have to check out the original now!

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        I recommend it. It’s kind of a bizarre flick. There’s one particular crazy challenge the remake cuts out that was one of the most stand out parts in the original.

  • Beyondthegarve

    Thanks for the recommendation of “Asmodexia.” I had read a few reviews but just forgot about it, but I watched it yesterday after reading this list, and I enjoyed the film.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Deb Logan and Willow Creek are easily two of the worst films of 2014. The former was predictable as shit and the latter was completely boring and uninteresting. So I don’t know if I can trust anything else on this list.

    • That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. These are mine. Again, not all of these films are amazing, but they are better than I expected them to be and I was pleasantly surprised. I can see why some people thought Willow Creek was boring, but I didn’t find it to be. You can choose to take my word on the other films on this list or not. We just clearly have a difference of opinion.

      • Chandler Of-Adelaide

        Yeah but when your opinion states that the finale of Willow Creek “leads to a climax that is terrifying and extremely disturbing” and that Logan was “better-than-average found footage possession film for once, with a few twists on the genre” it shows your opinion is seriously munted. These films have so much OBJECTIVELY wrong with them that putting them in a top 10 that involves any praise brings your opinion sorely into question.

        • Well, again, that is your opinion. Thoughts on movies are subjective so while you may feel that way, I do not. I’m interested to know what you liked though. Definitely let me know!

        • Kyzfrintin

          You can’t have objective faults in a subjective field

  • SuperKilla

    I’m very picky with slow burn movies but “Starry Eyes” was definitely a “caught me off guard” movie. When the gore showed up it was such a plus for me because it didn’t stop once it started. But like this article said, the transformation of this girl was crazy to watch but the ending could have been a smidge better.

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