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6 Well Overdue Horror Sequels!

Complaining about Hollywood’s lack of creativity is a worn-out cliché at this point, and has been for many years now. The overabundance of sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots has been blamed for the downfall of western entertainment, but many critics fail to realize that the movie industry has always been this way. The rise of cinematic universes has certainly over-saturated the market in recent years, but original films are still out there, they just don’t make the same ridiculous amounts of money.

In any case, sequels aren’t an inherently bad thing. Some movies are just begging to be expanded upon, and there are quite a few mediocre pictures with untapped potential that could benefit from a second (or even third) chance to shine. I almost always prefer creative original films over fun sequels, but since franchises are the only sure way to win big at the box office these days, we might as well get used to the idea.

However, the horror genre has a peculiar relationship with franchises. Since scary movies are relatively inexpensive to produce, but can still compete with big-budget summer blockbusters, it wouldn’t make much sense not to capitalize on frequent sequels and spin-offs. That being said, studios often make questionable decisions regarding which movies deserve a follow-up, and that leaves us with bizarre choices like American Psycho II, S. Darko, Return to House on Haunted Hill or even Alien vs Predator: Requiem.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at six films I believe deserve another chance at the big screen. Most of these movies were either overlooked by studios or unable to raise the necessary funding for a sequel. Others are already part of dormant franchises, never having had the chance to conclude their stories. Of course, no good movie truly needs a sequel, but it would be a shame if these films never got one.

I’ll be excluding obvious choices like new Friday the 13th and Halloween films, since I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting those eventually. In any case, be sure to share what your dream sequels are in the comments below. After all, you never know who might be reading!

6. Laid to Rest

Robert Green Hall’s microbudget slasher, Laid To Rest, is one of those rare horror movies that manages to stand out from the crowd while still being a faithful homage to the slasher formula that birthed it. Compelling protagonists, fun kills and a memorable villain made this charming 2009 flick a prime candidate for a new horror franchise.

ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 finally arrived in 2011, but by then, much had changed. Gone was much of the charm and simplicity that made the first film so enjoyable, and so were the likable characters. The story also became extremely convoluted, though the kills and special effects work were as great as ever.

Luckily, the open-ended nature of the ending made it clear that Chromeskull would be back for a third movie, which could hopefully redeem the franchise. Six years later, that cliffhanger is all we have, with barely a sign of the promised sequel. Laid to Rest 3: Conception may be listed on IMDB as “in-development”, but we can only hope that Hall returns to the series that put his name on the horror map.

5. John Dies At The End

Don Coscarelli’s quirky adaptation of David Wong’s even quirkier novel, John Dies at the End, wasn’t exactly a smash hit at the box-office. Even so, it was one hell of a ride, and a refreshing comedic take on supernatural tropes that we horror fans know and love. Delightful practical effects, cosmic horror and Phantasm connections came together to form one of the weirdest and most fun films of 2012.

What some people don’t realize is that Wong’s novel actually gained a sequel that very same year, titled This Book Is Full of Spiders. This new novel was hugely successful as well, and it would be a shame not to see that success translated on the big screen by the same team that produced the first movie. If a possible sequel could keep that same level of absurdist humor and Lovecraftian overtones, I see no reason for us to be denied one.

4. Re-Animator

Discussing yet another Re-Animator sequel is a little tricky at this point, as we’ve already had three films and quite a few multi-media crossovers (not to mention the apparent reboot that’s on its way). Nevertheless, the Brian Yuzna-produced franchise has been dormant since 2003, which is a damned shame.

Regardless of your thoughts on the last entry, Beyond Re-Animator, there’s no doubt that Jeffrey Combs is still as likable as ever in the role of Herbert West. Horror fans could definitely benefit from a dignified send-off to the character, and it’s clear that there was interest in producing such a film in the past.

As our own John Squires covered last year, a new sequel entitled House of Re-Animator was initially planned, and would have featured the return of director Stuart Gordon to the franchise. Sadly, we never got to see anything beyond some promotional artwork. However, as long as Combs, Gordon and Yuzna are in the business, there’s still hope, right?

3. Behind The Mask – The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Scott Glosserman’s mockumentary slasher, Behind the Mask – The Rise of Leslie Vernon, is honestly one of my all-time favorite films. From Nathan Baesel’s memorable performance as the titular Leslie to the tongue-in-cheek dialogue about the great slashers of yore, dark comedies don’t get much better than this one, especially for us horror nerds.

The film also boasts an exceptionally clever end credits sequence (featuring The Talking Head’s Psycho Killer in one of its best cinematic uses yet!) that makes it clear that Leslie will be back for more. And yet, here we are eleven years later with only a failed crowdfunding campaign and a few rumors to show for it.

Personally, I feel that the horror world will be worse off if we never manage to get a sequel off the ground, and Glosserman apparently agrees with that sentiment. A sequel has actually been planned for a while now, though only time will tell if the team can secure funding to make this project a reality. If all goes well, Leslie will be back to stalking virgins in no time.

2. Trick ‘r Treat

There isn’t much to say about Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat that hasn’t already been said. This little direct-to-video anthology movie has somehow managed to join the likes of John Carpenter’s Halloween as the gold standard for movie marathons on All Hallow’s Eve, and rightly so. Featuring fun, thrills and impressive practical effects, it’s no wonder that we’re still clamoring for a sequel ten years later.

Dougherty still teases us with the possibility of a new film, and most horror fans believe that it’s just a matter of time before we see Sam terrorize another Halloween celebration. Hopefully, it won’t be too long, as the sequel comic books can only keep us satisfied for so long…

1. George Romero’s Dead Movies

There are few directors out there that can claim to have single-handedly changed a genre forever, but George Romero is certainly one of them. Regardless of what you think of his last few films, this guy is a cinematic legend. That being said, it’s a sad world we live in where the creator of the modern zombie movie can’t get the necessary funding to make new films.

We’ve seen 6 big-budget Resident Evil movies, 7 seasons of The Walking Dead and countless zombie videogames, but the 77-year-old father of the sub-genre, who is miraculously still willing to grace us with more of his work after all this time, can’t catch a break in the industry? Well, that just doesn’t seem right to me.

I can’t think of any film series/franchise more deserving of another shot than Romero’s Dead movies. There’s obviously no guarantee that any new film would be a masterpiece, but there’s only one way to find out, and until we do, we’ll be missing out. In an ideal world, Survival of the Dead shouldn’t be his last movie.



  • James

    I finally watched Laid to Rest this past weekend and that movie was absolutely atrocious on nearly every level except the gore.

    • Dan

      What? The 1st Laid to Rest was awesome. The 2nd one? Not so much.

      • J Jett

        Dan i agree w/ you.

  • A2VL

    I can’t see Dougherty making a Trick r Treat until after 2020. I thought itd happen after Krampus was a hit but instead he got Godzilla, which is awesome for him but bad for Trick r Treat 2.

  • Matt

    I agree that it would be nice to see another entry from all of these films. There is one, however, that I agree with 1,000,000%. That would be George Romero’s “of the Dead” films. The man is a living legend. From what I understand, he wants to make a small scale zombie-noir film. Hopefully he can find some funding while he still wants to do it. It’d be a shame if we don’t get at least one more “Dead” film the greatest zombie movie director who has ever lived. I say to hell with the “what have you done for me lately” crowd. He deserves another chance, while he is still willing and able to do so.

    • Creepshow

      Anything from Romero would be welcomed with open arms at this stage in the game. Just give us SOMETHING Georgie!

      • J Jett

        Creepshow, i didn’t know you were a big Romero fan! his DAY and LAND are my 2 faves from him.

      • DS Ullery

        Agreed! Actually, I’d like to see him deliver another film along the lines of Monkey Shines or Knightriders.

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      Eh, I’m kinda all zombied out. I only still keep up with The Walking Dead (show and comic) nowadays really. The last great zombie film I seen was Train to Busan. I actually loved that one.

      If Romero does anything new, I’d vote for probably a new Creepshow.

      • Matt

        Not me. If there were a channel that aired zombie related programming 24/7, I would never turn off the TV.

    • Optiluiz

      Agreed! We should be grateful he’s still willing to make new movies at his age. When he’s gone I’ll bet a lot of people are going to regret not giving him another chance.

  • Creepshow

    Forget another “Dead” movie from Romero. Give us a proper Creepshow 3.

    And I’d kill for another Bubba Ho-Tep.

    • J Jett

      and just who would you kill young man? 🙂


      Man, another Creepshow from Romero and King would be awesome.

    • DS Ullery

      According to Tom Savini, Tales from the Darkside the Movie was essentially Creepshow 3.
      I’ve heard a reboot was in the planning stages, but that was a while back and nothing seems to have come from it. There was an attempt to revive the premise with an online series titled Creepshow Raw , but that also went nowhere (though you may be able to find the first episode online).
      I’d love to see a proper third film reuniting Romero and King. I’d also like to see every existing copy of that trainwreck Taurus films laughably slapped the Creepshow name on destroyed.
      The memories of having suffered through that thing I’m stuck with. Some evil just can’t be unseen.

      • Creepshow

        I’ll let you choose the method of destruction for my copy. I’m thinking death by rush hour traffic, when I launch it out my window going 80 mph on the freeway.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    I would like the sequel to the Evil Dead remake because I’m an Evil Dead fanatic that can’t get enough of the series. I’m glad Ash vs. Evil Dead exist and is continuing the adventures of our beloved hero, but Fede Alvarez’s remake deserves revisiting too. It was everything Evil Dead should be without being some shallow carbon copy of the original film. If you say any different, you aren’t an Evil Dead fan.

    • silverfishimperitrix

      I’m an Evil Dead fan, and I thought the reboot sucked. Perhaps you’re the one who’s not truly a fan?

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        No, I stand by what I said. As a remake of The Evil Dead, the very first film here, it hits all the notes it’s supposed to hit and doesn’t just settle on being some shallow carbon copy. You’re just probably either one of those people that condemn remakes for their existence off the bat (which is an attitude that’s pretty hackneyed at this point), or you’re one of those fans thinking it had to be like Dead by Dawn and Army of Darkness.

        • Kaijudude

          I can agree , it’s rare that a remake that’s pretty much exactly like the original does well , But one that’s it’s own story that does well is basically a miracle.

        • silverfishimperitrix

          I don’t think it “has” to be anything, but it was just the same old torture porn crap that was popular at the time. Gore does not make up for a lack of tension or imagination.

      • WALKTER

        Shame on you, how dare you have a different opinion than someone else, shame . . . and then some more shame.


    • J Jett

      Chance, i too would love an EVIL DEAD (2013) sequel!

  • Tiger Quinn

    No, No, Maybe, YES, No, No.

  • Halloween_Vic

    I wanted and still want a true 3rd sequel to “I know what you did last summer.” Yea we did get a 3rd one but I pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Trick R Treat 2
    Hills Have Eyes 3
    Scream 5
    My Bloody Valentine (2009remake) part 2
    Cabin in The Woods 2
    Urban Legend 3

    • Vincent Kane

      Really? I pretend like I know what you did last summer doesn’t exist at all. Any of them.

      • Halloween_Vic

        Damn really? Ehhh I mean it’s not for everybody but for me the first 2 are classic cheesy slasher 90’s fun.

    • J Jett

      Vic, even though i completely love CABIN IN THE WOODS how would they follow up the events of the first film (since it looks like the entire world would be destroyed?)?

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        Maybe just a spiritual sequel? The Cabin in the Woods was basically just a giant love letter to horror with satirical elements. So something along the lines of that? Then again, it would be just doing the same thing only with different ingredients. Could be still fun, but lack the punch of the original. Especially since it kinda just came outta nowhere.

        • Colonel Ives

          prequel dude. they have been feeding the gods every year since who knows how long. so maybe a cabin in the woods “the beginning” or “before the end” or whatever would be fuckin brilliant! there were so many more monsters I wanted to see attack the cabin! who knows, what if another computer malfunction happens and ALL the monsters wreak havoc in the darkness of the woods and the organization dealing with it or either accepting it are fuckin partying and being the comic relief. nevertheless I can see a very easy prequel story

      • Halloween_Vic

        I know J lol Idk how I would follow up with that either it’s just because I love that film so much that I want to be taken back to that world. Maybe not a sequel but a prequel would make more sense? But I still would want a sequel to the first lol.

    • I’m definitely with you on Scream and MBV.

      • Halloween_Vic

        How I would love for Kevin Williamson to write and direct a Scream 5. He’s the only one who should do it besides Wes Craven (rest his soul).

      • I love that so many people want a follow up to MBV. I didn’t realise there were so many other people that loved that movie

        • While it’s not exactly what I would call a GOOD movie, it’s definitely fun, which is really the most important thing and I think that it endears it to a lot of people.

          • Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    • Optiluiz

      The first draft of my list originally looked a lot like yours, haha! I yearly rewatch the MBV remake and really wish there was a sequel, but it doesn’t seem like the horror community at large agrees with us. Cabin In The Woods 2 would be great as well, but I’m not sure how they could top (or at least stay on the same level) as the first one.

      • Halloween_Vic

        Lol nice man, and yea MBV remake is one of the best slashers of this decade. And yea I say the same thing as far as Cabin in the woods 2 because the first one is so damn amazing and original that it would be hard to top but I feel like they can take us there again and create something bad ass again, but I just love the idea of a possible sequel just cause I want to revisit that world again.

    • Abandoned_Being

      We got a Urban Legend 3. Urban Legend: Bloody Mary.

      • Halloween_Vic

        Yea I know but it honestly did not feel apart of the first 2. I like to think that one is in its own world and it was pure shit. I mean a sequel to the first 2 and in the slasher sense.

  • Kaijudude

    I don’t think Romero is gonna get a fair shake, unfortunately , until zombies are cool again, which may be a while. After Resident evil was a hit in, what , 00 – 01 , after zombies had been away for a while, that’s when people stated noticing them again which gave him an opening to do ” Land ” .

    One that i wouldn’t mind seeing that needs to be made is another Event Horizon.

  • J Jett

    i would have liked a follow up to Romero’s LAND OF THE DEAD (with the same cast from that film). the rest on this list…meh….(no offense Luiz). i desperately want a sequel to 2013’s EVIL DEAD reboot.

  • I have extremely strong feelings about JDATE. I’d love to see a mini series or Netflix show made of the books. There’s just too much going on for one movie.

  • Brett Carruthers

    Dredd. Period.

    • Colonel Ives

      I say this to myself every day

  • Mike Lawrence

    It Follows 2
    Cube 4
    The Collector 3
    Hostel 4
    Evil Dead 2
    House of The Devils Rejects!!

    • Colonel Ives

      house of the devil really bummed me out. but if it went in the direction of house of 1000 corpses with an extra 30 minutes that’d be fantastic!! WHODA THUNKIT

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    rEvil Dead
    Ginger Snaps (only if they bring back Tatiana’s Ghost though)
    Deep Rising
    Ju-on (finish off the original series pleaaase)
    Bubba Hotep
    Bad Taste/Meet the Feebles/Dead Alive… not that they need sequels, I just wanna see Jackson get back to his roots in some form (with no cg!).

    • The Frighteners was ripe for a sequel back in the day with the ending the way it was. I miss old school Jackson.

  • Mightygil

    I think you’re a lot more positive than I am lol. After Chromeskull 2 and Fear Clinic were terrible I don’t have any faith Hall can recapture the magic of the criminally underrated Laid to Rest. I also can’t see Romero coming close to his earlier work so I’m fine with him stopping there

  • Travis_Bickle

    Re-animator has several sequels….and we absolutely do not need anymore fucking zombie movies. We can take a break for a while. Plus, the Leslie Vernon sequel is being made im pretty sure.

  • Briand

    The tunnel
    I’d also like to see more of midnight meat train.

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      Strangeland for sure.

    • Mike tantatelli

      Strangeland was a cool flick I thought. I’m down for a sequel. Gotta bring back “The Twisted Sister” though somehow in it I think.

  • Si Llage

    I’m gonna get smashy real soon if “Werewolves Not Swearwolves” doesn’t happen.

  • EvilHead1981

    I’d kill for a new Return of the Living Dead movie. Something more akin to the first two (some comedy, but overall cool, fun horror) than the more serious “oh so 90s” third installment and the 4th and 5th installments which were bottom of the barrel SyFy original-esque. You’d need someone that is keen on delivering horror and comedic moments, which is funny that Trick r Treat is up there, cause I think Dougherty would be able to pull off a good RotLD installment. All you need is a good cast of characters and a “return”(hehehe) of the less grounded zombies of yore. The ones that run, thinks, speak, can formulate plans and trap victims, as well as shake off a head shot(cause you can chop them up and the pieces will still come after you). Hell, could be a good way of giving the whole “grounded-in-reality” modern zombie a nice middle finger in a fun way. Could even include the “…but it worked in the movies!” line (“It worked on Walking Dead!”) where characters find out that the Walking Dead-approach of offing zombies isn’t doing jack shit for these ones.

    That, and I’d love a new Demons. A REAL Demons 3, maybe take the sequel route where the events of the first two actually happened, but covered up people nowadays think it was some sort of 80s Cold War stuff.

  • Aaron Headley

    Dead Alive 2 or a Dead Alive Evil Dead cross over. Make it 3d just to make it even more tasteless.

  • RedNeoCon


    Romero struggled with Land, Diary he rebounded, and crashed with Survival. He’s a hack.

    • Hack Snyder

      “He’s a hack.”
      Nah, he has made too many good films to be a certifiable hack. His problem is he ran out of good ideas a long time ago.

  • Abandoned_Being

    I agree with a sequel for most of them except Laid To Rest and Romero’s zombie films. Laid To Rest has a cool villain and impressive kills but the storyline were weak. Romero has basically lost his touch with the zombie films.

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      Romero has been riding on his name for a very long time while slowly circling the toilet bowl. He hadn’t had anything fresh to bring to the genre for a very long time. His recent films have been Syfy channel movie of the week quality if even. The guy lost his touch ages ago. Good thing for him he is worshiped so much, any other director would have been forgotten ages ago for releasing such consistent poor quality in their films. He doesn’t seem to get the very genre he started

  • horrormaker

    Romero started with the night of the living dead and i think he should end it. The End Of The Living Dead. Make something happen that concludes the idea of Hell over flowing.

    • Creepshow

      Great idea. And possibly, an ending where humanity loses. Some may dislike “downer endings”, but those are the ones that linger in your brain. It’s nice to get a good kick to the junk once on a while.

      • I’d love to see the final shot of the final “Dead” movie revealing what started the zombie apocalypse. Especially if it were something ridiculous that could’ve been prevented a long time ago if they’d just looked in the right place. Imagine how much of a kick in the balls that’d be after almost 50 years, haha.

  • Evil Dead 2 and Scream 5 are the sequels I really want to see, then I would like to see My Bloody Valentine 2, The Hills Have Eyes 3, It Follows 2, Hostel 4, The Cabin in the Woods 2, The Collector 3 and a direct sequel of Cloverfield.

    • SSJ1Gohan

      >evil dead 2
      Got some news for you bud…

      • David Andrew Baros

        I’m pretty sure Pedro is talking about a sequel to the REMAKE of EVIL DEAD.

      • The remake is one of my favorite films, I want a sequel full of crazy violence, where we could see Mia fighting deadites in a psychiatric hospital, (we would need to figure out what’s real or illusion) or a sequel where she goes to jail after the Evil Dead’s ending and creates a weird squad with some (good) bandits to fight some deadites during a storm.

    • Mike tantatelli

      The collector 3! Hell yes!!! “The Collected”

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      i want Scream 5 and 6, they can do good stuff with all the horror trends since Scream 4, which was also a pretty good tough uneven parody

      • Scream 4 has a horrible ending, they need to do a last film with an amazing and satisfying ending.

    • Colonel Ives

      definitely need a cabin in the woods prequel where they actually succeed in killing everyone. would be a blast. I think it follows is perfect as a stand alone film

      • A prequel of The Cabin in the Woods would be so great!
        I have mixed feelings about It Follows, a prequel or a standalone sequel full of thrilling and creepy sequences would be good.

  • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

    Death to sequels

  • baronterror

    More Trick R Treat, absolutely, if it can stand at least close to how great the original is. If M D thinks he has the right stories and gets to make it, I’m very down.

  • David Andrew Baros

    More “Dead” movies?????!!! Are you kidding? The over abundance of zombie films has pretty much killed the mystique and scariness of the genre. Furthermore, it’s pretty sad(and pathetic) that George Romero can’t do anything but zombie films.

    A TRICK ‘R TREAT sequel has already been announced. I will be looking forward to it.

    As for the rest of the article… blah, blah, blah…

    • Matt

      By your logic, they probably should stop making horror movies all together, as there is an over abundance of films in virtually every sub-genre.

      As for the rest of what you said… blah, blah, blah…

      • David Andrew Baros

        Trying to sound profound in some idiotic sense… no, I think not. I was speaking specifically of the zombie sub genre, fool. Go now, and play with yourself.

        • Matt

          I know exactly what you were talking about and I replied appropriately, but damn, you sure put me in my place. I think I will just curl up in a corner and sob uncontrollably.

        • Anthony DeRouen

          Name calling! Someone’s wearing their big boy pants….

    • Anthony DeRouen

      You couldn’t hold George Romero’s jockstrap. Director’s find a niche in the movie industry and run with it. They do movies they want to do and could care less about what people like you have to say. Move along.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    Laid to Rest is pretty bad, John Dies At The End would be great with a sequel

  • shane-o-mac

    Would be awesome to get anothef Laid to Rest or Leslie Vernon movie. Other horror movies that need a sequel or remake is the collector,Midnight movie,Killer movie, Hatchet, Bloody murder and Camp blood (not counting the sequel that came out 1 or 2 years ago cuz that was horrible)

  • Aaron King

    How about these?
    The Burning 2
    Demons 3
    Fright Night part 3
    Ghoulies 5
    Silent Night, Deadly Night 6
    Sleepaway Camp 4 (Ignore Return)
    The Unnamable 3

    • runcible

      You had me at Demons 3.

  • Colonel Ives

    I never read “this book is full of spiders” but I can agree because john dies at the ends is an overall well done and enjoyable film. I would like to see:
    -Nekromantik 3, which could be your “of the dead” sequel we’ve needed
    -event horizon
    – cabin in the woods the prequel
    – a same universe film as “beyond the black rainbow”


    There are a lot of sequels // prequels I wanna see but if I have to pick just 3 then it’s the following.

    3) LIFEFORCE 2 // I really loved the 1984 flick and I die to see a sequel big budget reboot of this stuff if it’s done right.

    2) FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 13 // Those beeps cancelled the film cause rings failed in the box office like rings has to do anything with Jason……LOL
    Anyways only the title F13 PART 13 is enough reason to see this especially if it’s finally involve Jason’s father elias who we wait to see for …..30 cursed years now……LOL
    If it was in my hands I would call it……F13 PART 13 /// THE BLOODY REUNION involving all past survived characters of the films like tommy Jarvis, jenny, paul, reenie, tina…….etc….etc…….and their eventual elimination by Jason……I mean really now…..that tommy Jarvis SHOULD SUFFER A MACHETTE DEATH.


    My no 1 must see. Robert back in his last freddy role watching how he killed the kids when he was human using that script which was never made in to a film back in new line in last decade.

  • Brian de Castro

    I’m really hoping for a new Final Destination film. These had the cool, creative death scenes that the Friday the 13th films were generally missing, thanks to the MPAA. (And when will Paramount issue the uncut F13 versions instead of continuing to reissue new box sets/cash grabs of the existing ones?) Although the last Final Destination did a great job of bringing the series full circle, Death is still out there. There are plenty of scenarios that they could use, including those from the series of novels. So, bring it on!
    As for Romero, it would be great if he was given the budget to go all out and do what he does best. He probably wouldn’t even need a ton of money. Blumhouse has been hugely successful in the horror genre with low budgets – maybe they could work something out with the king of zombies.

  • Monkeymanbob

    I’d always hoped for Dog Soldiers 2

  • Karl Culer

    Dog soldiers 2, indeed!

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