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‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’: Ranking the Films from Worst to Best!

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’: Ranking the Films from Worst to Best!

Between the recent movement to celebrate August 18 as Texas Chain Saw Massacre Day due to the film’s events taking place on August 18th, 1973, the 43rd anniversary of the film’s initial release on October 1st, 1974, and a highly-anticipated prequel headed our way in October, Leatherface seems to have more longevity than any of his other fellow horror icons.

While the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise hasn’t spawned nearly as many as films as counterparts Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, or Freddy Krueger, the series has undergone a much bigger transformation than any other horror franchise. Beginning with the seminal shocker classic, the series has added numerous backstories, injected humor, a ton of gore, a reboot, and even an Illuminati-like secret society in cahoots with the murderous Texas family.

In anticipation of the upcoming Leatherface, we revisited and ranked all seven Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies from worst to best:

7) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning

Set around four years prior to the events in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), this prequel opens with the gruesome birth of Leatherface, or Thomas Hewitt in this iteration. Thirty years later, a grown Leatherface and his twisted family waste no time torturing a pair of brothers and their girlfriends. On the one hand, the prequel nails a brisk pace. It’s nihilistic in its dispatching of the characters, and that we get more R. Lee Ermey on screen is great. However, save for the weak attempt at unnecessary backstory to the Hewitt family, it’s almost a carbon copy of the previous entry in this series. Knowing how “Sheriff Hoyt” got his sheriff’s uniform wasn’t as shocking as it was meant to be, and felt more like filler than anything relevant. We also never really learn about the victims, save for that the brothers have been drafted into the Vietnam War much to the disappointment of the younger brother, so we never manage to care what happens to them either. Slick in style and gore, but a bit repetitive and soulless.

6) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Next Generation

The first and only of the series to be written and directed by original co-creator Kim Henkel, The Next Generation is also one of the most panned. Light on gore and heavy on cartoonish characters, this entry keeps Leatherface mostly relegated to the background while Matthew McConaughey chews the scenery as main villain Vilmer.  McConaughey’s performance is so exaggerated that it moves past comical into grating territory. The reveal toward the end that an Illuminati-like organization hires the family to show victims the meaning of horror, offering a sort of transcendental experience to the unwitting victims, is a strange twist that doesn’t quite work for the series (it didn’t quite work for most people either, just a year later, with the Cult of Thorn controlling Michael Myers in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers either). Why isn’t this ranked the worst? Renee Zellweger’s final girl Jenny is surprisingly one of the best characters of the entire series. Despite her nerdy appearance, Jenny demonstrates a knack for calling out bullshit from the outset. From calling out a classmate’s goofy claim that a lack of sex will cause cancer to standing up to her attackers, Jenny’s mental toughness makes her a character worth rooting for.

5) Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Chainsaw Massacre 3D

There’s a lot that’s wrong with this entry in the series. That it ignores all other films and sets itself up as a sequel to the original isn’t a problem; continuity has never been this series’ strong point. But it does ignore all logic, like having Alexandra Daddario play what was supposed to have been a woman approaching 40. In short, Texas Chainsaw 3D is dumb. However, it’s also admirably ballsy in its dumb choices. The decision to make Leatherface a sort of anti-hero is insane and the constant tease of nudity feels completely out of place here. Yet, there’s a sense of fun and enough nods and cameos from the original cast that die-heard series fans can enjoy. It’s a very, very flawed movie, but it’s not afraid to try something completely different and have fun while doing it. Somehow it manages to nail its entertainment factor despite everything that’s wrong with it. It’s the type of bad movie you enjoy watching, even when logic says you shouldn’t.

4) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This remake set off a whole series of horror remakes from Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a brutal, no holds barred take on the classic with sleek modern polish.  It takes a little while to kick into high gear, but when it does it’s unrelenting. That this version is completely devoid of any humor bothered many critics upon release, and they also cited a cast of unlikeable characters as well. I disagree. While we may not fully get to know most of them, the group of five friends that find themselves in the Hewitt family crosshairs are likable enough. There’s a loyalty among them that’s endearing, and Jessica Biel’s a compelling enough final girl to maintain the film’s intensity. The story does drag on a bit longer than it should, and young David Dorfman’s (The Ring) performance as Jedidiah Hewitt is just as weird and out of place as the ridiculous fake teeth that he’s forced to wear. In terms of remakes, it’s pretty decent.

3) Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990)

Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3

Released by New Line Cinema as an attempt to capture the success of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise by pushing Leatherface into the spotlight as the series’ star, the studio had to trim down the graphic violence after the MPAA slapped an X rating on it, reducing the final film to an R-rating. Even without the additional 4 and a half minutes of gore, this sequel still ranks high on this list. Why? The more traditional approach to the slasher formula with perfectly timed moments of humor makes this one of my favorites in the series. This sequel also boasts the best chainsaw of the bunch: a golden beauty engraved with the memorable quote, “The saw is family.” While Kate Hodge’s Michelle is a mostly dull final girl, Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, The Devil’s Rejects) more than makes up for it as the badass Benny. Of the entire series, his is the only character smart enough to bring a better weapon into the fight for survival. Also, Matthew McConaughey should’ve taken a page from Viggo Mortensen, as Tex Sawyer manages to equally charm and menace without being too cartoonish. Look for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo early on by Caroline Williams; seems like Stretch made it out of her encounter in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and became a news reporter.

2) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

How do you top the gritty, minimal horror that captured the attention of audiences everywhere? Well, if you’re Tobe Hooper you realize that you probably can’t, so instead, you push the horror into overdrive by hiring Tom Savini to handle makeup effects and head firmly into dark comedy territory. The gore and over the top humor turned a lot of people off from this sequel, yet Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel originally intended to take the story much further by featuring an entire town of cannibals in a satire of Motel Hell. Of course, the studio wasn’t on board and their interference lead to the sequel we know today. Wacky humor aside, the sequel offers more continuity than the rest of the series; the remaining Sawyer family retreats to an abandoned carnival ground in the aftermath of Sally Hardesty’s escape and Lt. Boude Enright is the Hardesty siblings’ uncle seeking revenge. The sequel even brings back the Hitchhiker, now a dead puppet named Nubbins, lovingly toted around by Leatherface and Chop-Top Sawyer, a memorable addition to the family thanks to Bill Moseley’s performance. Dennis Hopper may have famously hated this movie, but his take on the chainsaw-wielding Enright is perfectly eccentric. This wasn’t the sequel everyone expected, but I’m glad Hooper went with his instincts to deliver one memorable horror comedy.

1) The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

No surprises here; this is by far the best in the series. Why wouldn’t it be? Without this classic, there would be no sequels, prequels, or reboots. Over forty years later, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre remains one of the most influential horror films in history. Sally Hardesty still ranks high on the list of cinema’s best final girls, and her brother Franklin can’t be beat in terms of horror’s most annoying characters. There’s really nothing I could else I could add here that hasn’t already been said before, but I think it’s safe to say we’re all in agreement on this particular spot on the list.



  • Aslinn McIntyre

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the first of the slasher movies I ever saw. I think the first movie is the best as well.

  • Laura Kinney (X-23)

    My pick for the best IMO is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (which is the first I saw in the series and my absolute favorite!!) and my pick for the worst is still and always Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

  • Darkknight2149

    The bad:
    7. The Next Generation
    6. Texas Chainsaw 3D

    The Not-So-Great:
    5. Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
    4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

    The good:
    3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2
    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
    1. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

  • Bart Crowe

    I got a detention for quoting TCM 2. Teachers frown upon the quote, “Lick my plate, you dog dick!”. Given the situation, I thought it was perfect for the cafeteria.

  • Darkknight2149

    Actually, Texas Chainsaw 3D was intended to retcon the original as taking place in the early 1990s on August 18. They just did a very poor job of conveying this.

  • Darkknight2149

    The idea of the cannibal town was later realised in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2007 comic mini-series). It’s a sequel to the 2003 remake, and it’s actually pretty good. It’s a much better follow-up than The Beginning.

  • Alanmac

    Loved parts 1 and 2 as well as the ’03 remake. I’d have to say the worst would be a tie between The Next Generation and Chainsaw 3D. Both sucked royally.

  • drew
  • Blade4693

    My ranking would be pretty similar though The Beginning would be ahead of both 3D and Next Generation, and those two can duke it out for the worst lol

  • Texas Chainsaw 3D < The rest

  • Luca Vasto

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4, on of the wrost movie ever made is better than Texas Chainsaw massacre the beginning???

    Those who have drawn up this ranking should be interned in asylum

    • Darkknight2149

      One time, I heard someone in the comment section call The Next Generation better than the original.

      • Luca Vasto

        oh my god 🙁

  • I hated Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, the ending was awful and if I was the screenwriter I would tie the ending to the beginning of the 2003’s remake. I mean, the girl that committed suicide in the remake would be a victim saved by Chrissie.
    Or I would write a ending where Chrissie is kept in captivity some time by the family Hewitt and TCM: The Beginning would end with her escaping during the ending of the remake, in another words, the movie would be a prequel and a sidequel.

    Sorry my awful english grammar, but I’m portuguese.

    • Luca Vasto

      the ending of TCM The Beginning is GREAT, true politically incorrect.
      Evil triumphs,
      as it is right, here is talk of horror, I’m tired of happy ending, TCM
      the beginning is superb in my opinion, sick, raw, ruthless and full of gore scenes very amazing

      • Darkknight2149

        Dumb and uncreative. I like the idea of a TCM film with no survivors but how did Leatherface get in the backseat of that car? And how did he start the chainsaw without her hearing it?

        The whole movie was mostly dumb and predictable. It had great gore, R. Lee Ermey was good, the dinner scene was good, and Leatherface is cool. That’s about it.

        • Luca Vasto

          imho tcm the beginning is a great movie, i LOVE it.
          my opinion of course 🙂

    • Saturn

      I believe that the girl at the start of the TCM remake is meant to be a ret-conned Sally – I’m sure I read that somewhere, although don’t remember where exactly.

      Oh, and awful English grammar?
      You should be proud of it, it’s pretty damn good – in fact, if you hadn’t mentioned that it’s a secondary language I don’t reckon anybody would have noticed.

      • Darkknight2149

        What you heard is a random fan theory. Realistically, Erin is probably the closest thing to Sally that exists in the remake universe. Really, Leatherface is the only character from the original film that we 100% know for sure exists in that universe. Even the family and the town are different.

        • Saturn

          You’re probably correct – like I said I don’t recall where I heard it, so it’s possible that it’s just something I read on this site, or some other horror site.

    • Johnny


    • Darkknight2149

      R. Lee Ermey, the gore, the homages, and Leatherface are really the only things that The Beginning had going for it.

      If you want a true sequel to the 2003 remake, read the 2007 comic mini-series. It was pretty good and a much better follow-up than The Beginning.

      • Do you know where I can find the comic books online? 🙂

        • Darkknight2149

          It’s completely out of print (sadly), so online is your only option. I bought it a while ago, but they haven’t re-printed it. Here’s the first issue. The other five are on the same YT channel. It’s six issues long.

        • Darkknight2149

          Note that I generally am for supporting the creators.

          • Ok, I understand, the problem is I’m not American and it’s impossible to find the comics in Portugal

  • Javi Simon

    Am I the only one who thinks “The Beginning” was the best entry? And even the new one has to live up to it.

    • Meatwad

      I liked ‘The Beginning’ too. Wasn’t bad at all in my book. Next Gen however? The absolute worst!

    • Angela M Campany

      Nope i loved it too !

    • Travis_Bickle are

  • Rainn Summerz

    In the universe I live in, there only was one “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” movie. I’m so happy I live in this universe.

    • Saturn

      I guess CERN haven’t come along and wrecked things for you yet then!

  • eloycamacho

    I would rank it TCM>TCM2>TCM (2003)>TCM: The Beginning>TCM3>TCM3D>TCM: The Next Generation


    This sort of confirms that despite being such a famous franchise, TCM has been coasting on the first two movies for decades. The rest range from mildly interesting diversion to outright junk.

    • Hack Snyder

      Yeah, the TCM franchise is a total mess.

  • enemy

    Out of all the horror francises, I would TCM is my least favourite! the first one and the remake are good but the rest are well shit!!

  • Alex Dye

    I think I probably have the underdog opinion, but I hate TCM 2. I remember finding it on VHS at a garage sale, pumped for an afternoon of horror and gore. I could not do the whole “horror-comedy” bit, especially not after the grittiness of the first one. And the chainsaw fight at the end, to me, was over-the-top dumb. That being said, I love the Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness; I appreciate horror comedy. But this one I did not. After the credits rolled, I took it out of the vcr, donated it, and never looked back.

  • r_jovinski

    I don’t know why people hate 3 and The Beginning so much. I like 3 a lot and The Beginning has its moments (plus Chrissie was great).

    • Darkknight2149

      III was below average with minimal gore, while The Beginning was an overtly predictable and mostly boring film with dumb prequel explanations. Every obvious directional choice that The Beginning could have made is exactly what it did.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    7. The Next Generation

    (debate as you will)

    1. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

  • Luca Vasto

    in others type of movies ok, but in a horror movies the ending must be bad

  • Travis_Bickle

    God the remake is so awful. I don’t like admitting it’s among the TCM series.

  • WOLF

    Next Gen and 3D are by far the worst. Next Gen is awful on every level. 3D had zero respect for the original. To make the family sympathetic is insulting. Original is so effective because you can’t relate to any of them as human beings

  • Coty Reynolds

    7) Next Generation
    6) TCM3D
    5) TCM 3
    4) TCM 2
    3) TCM 2003
    2) The Beginning
    1) TCM 1974

    • Justin Anthony

      I think u nailed it , exactly how I would rank them except I’d put 3D last and possibly The Beginning as the best.

    • Sean Blackmore

      my list too!

    • Adam Matthews

      my list also

  • Justin Anthony

    The Beginning is by far one of the best if not the best, 3D was a worthless pos that should have never been made yet it ranks higher?? I don’t understand this shitty ass logic whatsoever, fucking horribly made list.

    • Adam Matthews

      oh totally agree!! 3d was a complete joke – ill never forget the collective feeling of embarrassment i felt while watching this in a half full cinema

      • The Fucked Up

        Kinda like sitting in a German porn theatre on vacation, looking next to you and realising you’re sitting next to a co-worker

  • Yeah I really like The Beginning a lot if only for the level of brutality present in it. Remake would be second place after the original for me though. I fucking LOVE that remake.

    • Poland626

      I still remember a scene I think where a guy fell on a chainsaw and leatherface turned it on while his brother (I think) held the guy down. Was a sick film to see at 13 at the time in theaters as nothing but Saw or Hostel was that gory


    • Barry El Beardo

      I remember actually feeling shocked by the violence in The Beginning. I love the remake also but after the first kill, everything is implied and there is no shock factor. The Beginning added the shock factor for me

  • Eastman420

    Move 3D to the back and that’s pretty much my list also.

  • Hack Snyder

    Great ranking, I don’t have any complaints. I’m very happy that the shitty remake isn’t ranked highly. The original is a horror masterpiece, 2 is a pretty good comedy, 3 is meh, fuck the rest of the series.

  • oh_riginal

    The remake and Beginning suck for trying to put origins into characters that didn’t need any.

    I don’t need to be told why Leatherface wears faces! He’s a big, dumb, force of nature that is entirely insane… that’s all I ever needed to know!

  • I have to disagree, Id put the remakes a lot higher. But thats just my shitty opinion!

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    7. 3d
    6. 3
    5. Re2
    4. TNG
    3. Re1
    2. 1
    1. 2

    Hate 3d and 3, like the rest, 1 and 2 switch places depending on my mood.

  • Bloodkry

    My list from worst to best:
    Texas Chainsaw 3D
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
    Next Generation
    Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre(2003)
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    • jsmoltz29

      Almost perfect!

      • Bloodkry


  • IWC-3PO

    I mostly agree with your ranking. Mostly. I would put “The Beginning” ahead of “The Next Generation”.

  • David.

    I absoloutely hate TCM2. I have never understood the hype and I think it’s actually so painfully bad it hurts the original a bit which none of the others really do.

    • HalesTales

      Yes! I seriously thought I was the only one.

    • Hardcore F’n Mudd

      I watched it on Thursday for the second time ever and its absolutely terrible after they leave the radio station.

      I hate hate HATE Chop Top and Drayton.
      Its such a loud and annoying film.

  • joewaters

    Really? TCM 4 should be listed as the absolute worst! Even the director didn’t want his name on it after it was slashed and edited awfully by Hollywood execs. At least the beginning had awesome kills and I love the dynamic of the Hewitt family especially the tea lady she is awesome. But the original is the best and can’t be topped

  • dukeblues

    I enjoyed The Beginning. As for the critics who did not like the 2003 remake because of a lack of humor…. Humor kills most horror movies (for me anyway.) The remake was pretty damn good. That is one big reason why I prefer Halloween and Friday the 13th over A Nightmare on Elmstreet.

  • American Atheist

    It’s funny, I just received the NECA 40th anniversary TCM Leatherface action figure in the mail. It’s badass! I wish NECA would do a 7″ Pinhead action figure to go along with the other ones I have.

    • jsmoltz29

      I collect the NECA 1/4 scale figures and I would give my right arm for an Ash and Leatherface to be added to the series. I have the 18in Movie Maniacs versions but those are nowhere near as poseable and high quality as my 1/4 scale Deadpool and Hulk. More like statues than figures.

      • American Atheist

        That’s cool. I wish I had room to collect the 18″ figures. I barely have room for the 7″ ones I collect. I saw a Pinhead figure at 18″.

        I also enjoy the boxes that the 7″ figures come in. Friday the 13th part 3 being my favorite with the lenticular cover. Evil Dead 2 my second favorite box. I also have Bub from Day of The Dead and Tarman from Return of The Living Dead. Great time to be a horror nerd. 🙂

  • Erick Lorinc

    The first two are the best, but I LOVE The Beginning. The leads act like they care for eachother and spend any free time they have trying to save their friends, the deaths are relentless (and more chainsaw based which happens less often than you’d think here), and also we go back to the family of cannibals. In the remake they never really established that they ate people. They were just killing for no reason and it felt weird. I love it. Whatever

    • Adam Matthews

      agreed – the beginning felt like a true texas chainsaw movie – the fact the texas chainsaw 3d is higher on this list than beginning tells me this list aint for me

    • Barry El Beardo

      I love The Beginning! If you watch the 2007 remake now, its actually quite tame in comparison. The goriest thing was the hitchhiker shooting herself in the head

  • Jada Maes

    I’ve said it before on another thread: the only thing worth watching about Next Generation is Darla and her investments.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    I’d say Next Generation and 3D were rightfully at the bottom. Why? Cause while Next Generation went into Twin Peaks levels of weirdness, 3D was plain dull and unlikable. I mean, I don’t mind them turning Leatherface into a more sympathetic character, but the fact that nearly every other character besides the main lead are assholes just takes any sense of debt and likability about the story. They don’t even do anything fun with it, as the lack of humor and charm makes the experience really boring. The filmmakers should’ve taken some inspiration from Psycho and Keeping Mum.

    • jsmoltz29

      Problem with Twin Peaks?

      • Jonathan Larsson

        Only when something else tries to be it.

        • jsmoltz29

          Fair enough

          • jsmoltz29

            Though as homage goes, no one has done it better than the Psych episode Dual Spires

  • Gower Cox

    The only thing I would change on this list is next gen and the beginning

  • Barry El Beardo

    I find The Beginning really underrated. The violence was upped a notch compared to TCM (2007) the characters felt driven towards a storyline that was interrupted by the Hewitts and I find Jordana Brewster always a pleasure to watch. The ending was especially downbeat and felt grittier overall

  • Simon Allen

    The 2007 remake will always be at the top of my list ….it’s up there with Dawn of the Dead as a remake that was better than the original and the lack of humour was one of the things that made it so right .
    Also I don’t get the hate for the 3D one ….it was big dumb fun .
    I don’t mind The Beginning but it was a almost a less violent carbon copy of the one that came before it .
    I’m not keen on the original as I find it effective but too depressing .

    • jsmoltz29

      Top of mine too. Has a lot to do with the memory of m,y first time seeing it though. It was the first time I’d ever taken a girl on a date to a scary movie and I got to experience the teenage wonder of having a beautiful girl cling to me in the scary parts of the movie. Still my all time favorite theater experience. It also turned out to be the first of many horror movies we saw on the big screen together. I ended up marrying her 🙂

      • Simon Allen

        AW !!! That’s such a cute story …..and people say horror movies are no good !!

  • Juicyfruit

    The original sucks ass. It’s utter shit.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    WTF ?? You really put “The Beginning” which is truely awesome behind “Next Generation” which is one of the worst sequel ever made ??

  • Derek

    I would rank The Beginning as 2nd, definitely not last as that spot is reserved for 3d. The remake was alright and everything else is too forgettable to rank.

  • HalesTales

    I’m in an unpopular camp when it comes to Texas Chainsaw. I haven’t seen 3 yet, but I’ll rank the others in the meantime:

    6.) 3D
    5.) Texas Chainsaw 2
    4.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2007)
    3.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
    2.) The New Generation (Yeah, the twist was weird, but spiritually it felt closer to the original)
    1.) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    • Louis Tyson

      3 and 4 are the same movie Lol

  • MrX13

    My list would be:

    1.) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original)
    2.) Texas Chainsaw 2
    3.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2007)
    4.) Leather Face: TCM III
    5.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
    6.) The Texas Chainsaw 3D
    7.) The New Generation

    Even though I enjoyed New Generation, I still have it on the bottom because I would watch the others first over that one.

  • igor

    The beginning (2006) and the remake (2003) are much better!!

    • Justin Anthony

      The 2 remakes are the best of the franchise imo

  • igor

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning and one of the best of the franchise

  • I Am Colossus

    I agree with this list actually. Not one of these releases has been able to eat that original…’s fucking psycho

  • Halloween_Vic

    Honestly the 2003 remake is the best of the entire franchise in my opinion. However out of the original films definitely part 3, next generation and the original are my top favs.

  • Greasy

    I’m a huge fan of next generation. i think a lot of what people see as it having missed its mark is actually deliberate.
    yeah, leatherface is just some fat guy with a mullet, who’s completely useless, stumbling and screaming, he’s meant to be! he’s not meant to be the original leatherface, none of the family are (maybe grandpa), the family are just a useless bunch of nihilistic generation x slackers, going through the motions with no passion for it. they’ve been tasked with ritualistically recreating the events of the first film by this rich pervert guy (who may or may not belong to a secret society) and they’re missing the point of it all and fucking it up. it’s a clever as fuck, deeply sarcastic attack on the state of horror at the time that it was made. try rewatching it with that in mind, and see if you still think it belongs so far down this list.

  • Matt Miller

    The remake of TCM is one of my favorite remakes. It’s stylishly filmed and completely brutal, the intro with the girl shooting herself has one of the coolest shots in a horror movie.

    • bigval

      It’s such a great movie not just for that scene also R. Lee Ermey plays the most vile, despicable yet hilarious cop I’ve ever seen on film but for mine the best scene is when Leatherface turns around to look at Jessica Biel and he’s wearing her boyfriend Kemper’s face.

      • Matt Miller

        R. Lee Ermey is great in it. Also the part where he acts like the sheriff and wraps the body of the girl in plastic as he threatens the group of friends is completely sick xD. And that scene of the mask of skin is great, the way it’s filmed, the lighting, it’s scary and fun, it must be one of the most violent mainstream horror movies. I don’t remember a studio movie that made me feel that disturbed.

  • bigval

    I recently re-watched the 2003 remake & The Beginning and I still say the remake is a modern day classic but The Beginning is pretty poor looking back on it now. TCM III has always been my favorite horror movie the perfect blend of horror & humor.

    My best to worst list would be:

    1. Leatherface: TCM III
    2. 2003 remake
    3. 74 original
    4. The Next Generation
    5. TCM 2
    6. The Beginning
    7. Texas Chainsaw 3D

  • Tan Shearer

    It’s a shame such an amazing piece of horror that was so original innovative was treated so poorly as a franchise. I mean Friday, Halloween and Nightmare etc. had some poor entries but some of the TCM sequels are just complete and utter shit.

  • Matty Ice 2016

    2 was awesome. Rest in peace Hooper

  • Chris Risdal

    I remember back in 2003 when everyone loved the remake. Glad to see people finally saw it for what it was: an anemic cash grab. RIP Tobe, as hard as we’ve all tried we will never emulate you.

    • Hans

      everyone still does. At least in comparisson to the other remakes that came out since then

  • Ivy Julia Carey

    Did you really just rank Next Generation above The Beginning? SMH

  • Hans

    7. The Next Generation
    6. Texas Chainsaw 3D
    5. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
    4. The Beginning
    3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
    2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
    1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

  • Mark Andrew Glinka

    Leatherface’s name is THOMAS Hewitt in the remake.

  • Sofyan Surya Diningrat

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