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“The Walking Dead” Hits 6-Year Ratings Low as Negan Storyline Continues to Lose Viewers

“The Walking Dead” Hits 6-Year Ratings Low as Negan Storyline Continues to Lose Viewers

At the risk of coming off like we’re piling on “The Walking Dead” (personally speaking, I’ve been a huge fan and defender of the show since the very beginning), we do think it’s important to talk about what’s happening with the show right now.

What’s happening, you ask? Well, viewers are continuing to tune out in droves this season, with the latest ratings report showing some serious cause for concern: the most recent episode, titled “The Big Scary U,” brought the hit AMC series to a six-year ratings low, pulling in just 7.85 million viewers this past Sunday night.

That’s the lowest number of viewers “The Walking Dead” has had since way back in 2011, when 6.89 million people tuned in for Season 2’s second to last episode.

Mind you, as it’s always important to point out, “The Walking Dead” continues to be a ratings juggernaut despite its recent ratings troubles; most shows would sacrifice goats and cut off hands to grab as many viewers as the series continues to. But it’s at least worth discussing what’s going on, if only to try and figure out WHY it’s going on.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 83%, “The Big Scary U” is one of the best reviewed episodes of Season 8, mostly serving to humanize Negan in a way that has altogether made him a more interesting, realistic villain. Of course, the issue isn’t so much with Sunday night’s episode, but rather that many just plain didn’t watch it.

Oddly enough, the previous week’s episode, “Some Guy,” was critically acclaimed across the board – yours truly, in a piece here on Bloody Disgusting last week, dubbed it Season 8’s best episode – so it’s certainly interesting to see the ratings dip in the wake of such a solid hour of television. “Some Guy” actually brought an uptick to the show’s ratings, besting the previous week’s 8.52 million viewers by pulling in 8.69 million viewers. So why then did nearly one million people tune out this past Sunday?

If you look back at the numbers, you’ll see that the ratings slide began back in Season 7, which kicked off with one of the most watched episodes in the series’ history (it promised, after all, a bombshell resolution to the show’s biggest cliffhanger) but then started pulling in weekly numbers considerably lower than it had been enjoying at that time. Of course, Season 7 is when Negan came onto the scene as the show’s new villain, suggesting that viewers, well, they’re just not all that into the Negan vs. Rick feud; interesting, given it was the show’s most anticipated storyline for many years.

The war between Rick and Negan was kicked into high gear right out of the gate in Season 8, and yet, many of the show’s faithful viewers just haven’t been sticking around to see how it all plays out. Of course, it’s only natural for the episodes sandwiched in-between premieres and finales to pull in numbers much lower than those premieres and finales, but even Season 8’s premiere drew in numbers that paled in comparison to those of other season premieres. And again, subsequent numbers have only continued to experience drops that are way more concerning than the show’s have ever been.

The easy explanation for this dilemma? “The Walking Dead” hasn’t exactly been must-watch television since its shocking Season 7 premiere, and the week-to-week numbers have been a reflection of that simple fact. Despite being one of the most fan-favorite storylines from Robert Kirkman’s comic books, the show’s version of the so-called “all-out war” has been decidedly lackluster, and it seems to me that viewers have caught on to the fact that they won’t be missing much as long as they tune in for the mid-season finale on December 10. You can expect the numbers to jump significantly on that date, but until then, what are the stakes of this war if we know all of the main characters are immune to its horrors? And with no real stakes, why should anyone care?

“The Walking Dead” has for years been sticking to a pretty clear formula, one that ensures that major happenings are for the most part entirely exclusive to season/mid-season premieres and finales. And I think that formula is hurting Season 8 more than any other season because we’re in the midst of a war that *needs* casualties in order to be compelling; alas, we’ve all caught on to the fact that substantial casualties very likely won’t be sustained until the night of December 10. If nothing much is going to be happening between now and then, can you really blame viewers for spending their Sunday nights doing something else?

And if Rick, Daryl and all of our favorite characters continue to be almost supernaturally bulletproof, is it even worth being invested in their plights anymore?

For a show like “The Walking Dead,” there are of course stakes and storytelling techniques beyond character deaths – simple things like a change of scenery and some fresh storylines would go a long way to keep things interesting. But Season 8, in particular, needs to start spilling some blood (the blood of important characters, that is) if it hopes to keep viewers interested. After all, the only real water cooler conversation we’ve gotten out of the season so far was the death of a computer-generated tiger, which one could argue just isn’t compelling enough.

Here’s hoping the “all-out war” starts feeling like one real soon.



  • Mike Riley

    I wasnt invested in this past Sunday’s episode at all. That said i prefer Walking Dead over most basic cable TV currently.

  • Dennis Chenier

    You can’t just kill “big” characters for shock value. You eventually run out of cast members that the audience cares for. I personally find this season excellent and moving at a nice pace. The declining ratings is likely from its age and no longer viewed as the hip, new show on tv.

    • John Squires

      Not about shock value, just about showing that there are stakes. That anyone can die in any episode. That’s what would make The Walking Dead must watch every single week. Kill a major character out of nowhere in Episode 4, let’s say, and now we’re talking. It’s just become way predictable, in that regard. You mostly know when big things will and won’t happen, and that sure seems to be dictating when a lot of people tune in and when they don’t.

  • Craig Yeaster

    Why has there never been an article like this about the dip in ratings for Preacher on AMC?

  • DukeStKing

    Some people, not all mind you, some people need all zombies, all gore, all action all the time. I’ve been a fan since the get. Some episodes are lackluster, filler, etc. But what can you expect? Not all Seinfeld episodes were classics. The way I see it, it’s one more episode of zombie goods a week than I had 8 years ago.

  • sliceanddice

    shame. the something to fear comic run was good while i read it. gave up on the show once the governor became some limp drip of himself.

  • Hack Snyder

    TWD doesn’t just need more unpredictability, it also desperately needs tighter writing and a bigger budget. Forget the 16 episodes per season garbage, chop it down to 12 or less episodes per season. Season 1 is the only season of the entire series that isn’t bogged down by painfully boring episodes that don’t advance the plot in anyway.

  • Jake

    I honestly thought it was the worst episode yet this season, and up there with one of the worst in the series. I know I am not the only one who thinks this. We had a episode centered on everybody we don’t care about. If we had our main group, it would have pulled in more viewers.

    • Hack Snyder

      Are you kidding me? This was by far the best episode of the season. Gabriel has evolved into a likable, interesting character, and Negan and his gang are more fun than most of the main group.

      • Jake

        Gabriel is one of those characters that you forget is even there sometimes, and when he dies nobody will bat an eye. Negan was fun at first, and now everyone is tired of his goofy schtick. Simon is the only interesting one of his bunch, but kill everyone else please. If we had to get a saviors only story this season, I would have preferred a backstory storyline and not the rubbish we just got.

        • Kaijudude


        • Hack Snyder

          I hated Gabriel for a long time but I think this episode redeemed him. Negan’s goofy schtick is saving this show from becoming a total soap opera cliche. I long ago got sick of the old rinse and repeat “[insert character here] does something coldly badass and then acts mopey while questioning his/her morality” formula that TWD loves to do with the main group. For a long time Carol was my favorite member of the main group but then Gimple fucked her over with that tiresome formula he loves so much.

      • Matt

        Why didn’t Gabriel just kill Negan?. He entered the trailer armed with a military grade assault rifle with unlimited ammo and he doesn’t kill the main target. The writing is so crappy. Best episode? ,Give me a break! This season has been so stupid.

        • Hack Snyder

          You can very easily nitpick EVERY episode of this season to death. I would argue this episode had the least amount of groan worthy shit. Gabriel not killing Negan isn’t even one of the top 5 stupidest things of this season.

    • ShadowInc

      Holy cow, I couldn’t disagree more. The Negan, and Gabriel moments were some of the better moments on TWD in a long while.

  • jasonlives1986

    I hate this show and still watch it. It’s a pompous full of your self with terrible dialogue patting your self on the back bs. No real characters or archs and payoffs.

    This whole season has taken place over th3 course of a few hours with nothing but shoot out and “action”

    Because viewers complained last season about the slow pace. They seem to think they solved the issue by doing a total 180. Every storyline in this season has already happened with different characters already. It’s like watching wwe raw.

    That said, the last two episodes have been it’s best in quite some time. However that isn’t saying much.

    • Hack Snyder

      I agree with everything you said.

    • Frank

      TWD thinks it’s a smart, high-end prestige drama, but doesn’t have the writing to back it up.

      • Hack Snyder

        It had the writing… back in season 1. Ever since Darabont was fired the writing has been extremely erratic and ever since season 6 it has been more miss than hit. If AMC weren’t so terrible they would reduce the number of episodes per season, double or triple the budget, and fire Gimple.

  • Frank

    When AMC came out a few weeks ago and said that The Walking Dead could run for decades, that’s when I knew that this story isn’t going anywhere. There’s no endgame. No plan for how things could wrap up in a meaningful way. No attempt to tell a coherent story with a beginning,a middle, and an end. No reason to keep watching.

    • Saying Like It Is

      That’s really stupid reasoning. It’s like saying what’s the point of living if you don’t know where you’re gonna be in the future.

      • Andrés

        Man, first of all, there’s no need to be rude. Besides, you can’t compare life to a TV series. Telling a story is not exactly like telling the events in someones life. Normally drama has a very different way of dealing with events. That’s why it is intense. It has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing what’s going to happen.

        • Saying Like It Is

          In my opinion his opinion was stupid, how’s that rude? “Besides, you can’t compare life to a TV series” why not? Granted zombies aren’t real and some questionable decisions happen in the show for the purposes of narrative but at its core the show’s about life and survival in a very grim world with situations likely inspired by real life. The fact that there’s “no end game” is what makes it intriguing but some feel their life will somehow be better when the show ends which I find baffling .

          • Travis_Bickle

            yack yack yack…

          • Saying Like It Is

            Yakety Yak Don’t talk back.

          • Andrés

            It has nothing to do with the fact that the series is about zombies. All stories are, in the end, about life. Even if the protagonists are vegetables. That’s why people feel connected to them. The point is life has no dramatic structure. It just hapens, it doesn’t tie all knots, it’s a series of events that doesn’t have to have any point. Stories normally have, specially if you are working within the boundaries of a genre. Now, not every story has to be like that, in the end, it depends on how you see life. Your example about “It’s like saying what’s the point of living if you don’t know where you’re gonna be in the future” doesn’t really work (I wouldn’t say “it’s stupid”, but suit yourself) because in a story, if you know what’s going to happen, you lose interest, so you can’t compare it in that regard. You can say it’s intriguing that there’s no end game, but some of us find more intriguing trying to figure where is it heading, and not if it’s just meandering. His point is, if the writer’s can stretch the story all they want, then they have no concrete story to tell, just arcs and arcs. I’m not saying I completely agree with that, but he has a point, and I don’t think it’s stupid.

      • Frank

        I have no idea how to respond to this because it’s such an insane comparison to make. It’s not life, it’s a TV show. My life is what I make of it. The Walking Dead is what the writers make of it, and what they’re making is pointless because they have no intention of resolving the story. Real life doesn’t need that kind of resolution, but a work of fiction sure as hell does.

        • Saying Like It Is

          You’re right it is a TV show but every piece of art is inspired by real life in some way. “My life is what I make of it. The Walking Dead is what the writers make of it”. We can’t foresee every circumstance that life throws at us and there are always unexpected twist and turns to maneuver around before we get to where we want to be. The show is kind of the same way. It continues on because the network wants it and while there is still interest why would the creators quit doing something they love doing? Supposedly, it is also being rebooted after each finale trying to address fan concerns but the problem is that these so called fans will never be happy. So, with the ratings continually dropping the final season is inevitable and when that happens you’ll get your end game.

    • David Carr

      Yeah, something like Doctor Who, I can see going on, or Star Trek, I mean whether one likes those shows or not. But a zombie story? There are very limited possibilities unless they would be willing to get into humanity getting it together and actually rebuilding society, maybe better than before, then getting into scientific and ethical questions with the virus, possible cures, origins, but Walking Dead is just a permanant post-apocalypse that kept restating (when I watched–6 seasons) over and over that life is basically a kind of hell, and the only reward is being spartan enough to adapt to that.

      • Frank

        Once again, after facing zombie hordes and trying to establish a safe place to live, our ragtag team of survivors learns that in the zombie apocalypse, the REAL threat is the living.

        (Repeat over and over until the last star in the universe has burned out.)

        • David Carr

          Yeah, I kept thinking that the progression toward order, cooperation, and rebuilding would be a lot quicker. It might have to come from some kind of organized army type institution, and that could carry all manner of problems, but it wouldn’t just be everyone cutting each other’s throats and letting the zombies in every time you manage to establish a town.

          On the other hand, if that _is_ the intended message, and the creator and writers see humanity itself as the most scary enemy, ourselves, then it could have been said in a movie or one season, because where do you go from there?

          • Frank

            Right? And that HAS been said in a movie… it’s kind of the thesis of every zombie movie.

      • My hope is that it ends with Rick finally becoming the villain and getting toppled by someone he used to be, just showing that in that world, everyone eventually becomes the new threat.

        Also hoping Negan and Rick team up for a while against some other jerk. They seem like they’d make a good team.

        • oh_riginal

          They kinda played with this concept when Rick and co. first showed up to Alexandria. Then Michonne hit him over the head and literally stopped that plotline.

          I thought I read that this is also the same concept behind Fear the Walking Dead, except more drawn out, with Madison eventually becoming a villainous character. It would be cool to see play out.

  • scream4ever

    My big complaint with this week’s episode was how out of character Darryl’s behavior was.

    • Dave Galloway

      Most contrived scene of the series. Rick/Daryl fight.

      • At least the face they made at the end admitted that to us. Points for self-awareness!

  • Kaijudude

    The sad part is is that this is absolutely true. I am curious enough to see where this may be going , and whether they actually kill Negan or not , but on the other hand , if you’ve read the comic , there’s a 99% chance that’s what going to happen aside from a few small changes and filler .

  • Matt Graupman

    The big problem with “The Walking Dead” is that it’s boooooring. I was a regular viewer through Season 3 and then just gave up. I’ll tune in for a random episode now and again (or as much as I can stand to watch of an episode) and the writing, pacing, and dialogue are all exponentially worse than in previous seasons. It’s overwrought, tension-less, and tiring or, like I said before, boring.

  • zomnombie

    They need to bring in more seasoned directors.

    • Hack Snyder

      And writers, and a better showrunner.

  • Brandon

    Negan will never be a realistic villain, he’ll always be a cartoon character.

  • David Carr

    The reason I finally realized I disliked the show, and I watched six seasons, is that it’s politically conservative, assuming the worst of human beings generally. It’s Hobbesian. George Romero zombie films are the best and were much more radical, and weirdly life affirming.

  • llcc1103

    They don’t care. Gimple is surrounded by yes men cult members who will just cater to his base with his horrible trendy hipster edgy bland storytelling. Oh well..

  • Adrienne Santiago

    I have to disagree with you on the death of Shiva. Someone had spoiled it for me and as a result, I avoided the last two episodes like the plague. Plus I always need to watch Talking Dead, which put me almost 4 hours behind, to which I recently caught up, and as suspected, cried over my favorite tiger. In addition, Eric’s death was also a hit, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time with this character for it to hurt me as much as losing Glenn and Abraham. I speculate Morgan to go this year…

  • Travis_Bickle

    It’s been a sinking ship and characters like Negan and The Governor are poking more holes. Wasn’t this season supposed to be “All Out War!” and all it’s done is drive away viewers.

    All Out Snore!

  • WhimPickens

    The walking dead hasn’t developed the zombie story. How, why when, where…the character development is important so we care about the cast, and compounding the peril with the human threats is great, but not at the expense of the zombie threat itself which has been neutered.
    The best episode(s) were those involving the CDC.
    It broke up the monotony of the rural content and was thematically superior.
    Terminus was the last bit of thrill the show produced.

  • AldermachXI

    This show has blown donkey dick since the first season. It’s amazing people have kept up for this long. Same goes for Game of Thrones.

    • Paul Rubino

      So if it sucked since the first season, why do you comment on it, that means you haven’t watched season 2-8 right, so your stupid comment here is based only on the first season? We all know you watched all the season’s you just wanted to be a ass clown and give a stupid comment?

      • AldermachXI

        Consider it an “it’s about time!” comment. I didn’t watch all the seasons**. Sorry you get your feelings hurt when people don’t like everything you do.

        I’ve seen just about every good zombie film ever made…What purpose does TWD serve? Just over hyped garbage for brain dead zombies. Ironic, isn’t it?

        • Jai Jessimy

          Aldermach stfu and stop bitching about a show you know nothing about. your stupid opinion isn’t needed. go watch bad George Romero films.

    • zombie84_41

      LOL GOT is really awesome at least they aren’t scared to kill off main characters and show some gore. TWD is so pussy faced with the gore. I seen more gore when I cut my finger.

  • Dennis Giles

    Huge fan of TWD watch each episode 2-3 times (good or terrible) But lets finish this show soon eh ?
    What a disaster zone the writers room has turned into.
    Main characters look bored out of their heads,a CGI tiger gets eaten by a few walkers..and ?
    Negan’s antics can’t be taken seriously at any time now he is so comical ! (Season 7 finale ..okay perhaps)
    Please Gimple finish this show and put it out of it’s misery as you have been doing since mid-season of two !!

  • RJ MacReady

    Walking Dead logic: Rick & Company’s goal is to kill Negan. He walks out in the open to talk and no one snipes him. Gabriel has multiple chances to shoot him, but decides to chat with him and then give him back the gun he took back from Negan. Makes perfect sense.

    • zombie84_41

      Right like they had many shots to kill negan. But hey its all for the stupid ass ratings.

  • Paul Rubino

    All of you are stupid, if u dont like the show why do you still watch it and comment on it?

    • AldermachXI

      How DARE people give their opinions on something they don’t like?! The OUTRAGE!!!

      • Dave

        I get what you’re saying but yeah.. why comment or give your opinion or something you’re not a fan of? Kind of a waste of your time, no?

        • Big Boss Rogers

          No it’s not! I watch amc alot for different reasons and as much of a horror fan I am I never cared for this show since season 1 when I tried watching it. So even if you don’t watch it you hear about the hype around it still my coworkers talk about it I don’t get into the convo tho. And we as haters and readers have the right to voice our opinion on what’s going on in the horror business.

          • Saying Like It Is

            Unfortunately the opinions are not making it better but worse hence all the PG-13 releases, remakes, reboots and not to mention what happened to the Alien franchise.

          • Big Boss Rogers

            All I’m saying is they need to drop the show! Put all its seasons on Netflix and Hulu for you all to go jack off on all 9 seasons. And come with a new horror show based on something else but zombies.

          • Saying Like It Is

            And read more of your complains about how much that new show sucks too?

          • Big Boss Rogers

            I won’t be just me with the complaints if it sucks haha

          • Saying Like It Is

            Oh, I’m sure.

        • Matt

          Because it helps make very small people feel big.

        • GunsOfNavarone

          The no? thing is so dated bro. It’s definitely hanging somewhere around 2010/11.

      • Dennis Chenier

        The negative Nancy’s remind me of people who eat at the same restaurant every week but hate the food and then complain about the menu. There’s no logic to it and you deserve your own miserable experience.

    • zombie84_41

      I try to like the show but the writers are acting like we are fucking 4yo’s who can’t handle gore and curse words. the writing is sloppy as fuck. Spice up the writing, give us good zombie gore, throw out some fucks here and there. Which they were suppose too btw and I still haven’t heard one fuck yet. it’s AMC its not like its FOX, CBS, NBC, then I would understand a little bit more. But for crying out loud this season of AHS had mad curses and its on FX LOL so yeah doesn’t make much sense to me. But this season is a set up from 6 and 7. But thats not saying much.


        Rick swore in the train car at Terminus but it was censored for tv even though it’s uncensored on dvd.

        Same with Negan.

        • zombie84_41

          Yeah I saw those back on youtube. The negan one was stupid I know it was in the comic’s but I was sort of glad they took that out. I just wanted a few curse words in each ep not a whole rant fill lol. because then its like somebody said it becomes very cartoonish.

      • Saying Like It Is

        That’s not the writers fault. They have to abide by the network’s rules such as the very recent allowance of only one f-bomb per entire season. Also, the lack of gore is the result of stupid fans who started complaining to the network that their “zombie” show is too violent for TV. One woman even complained to AMC because she found the scene back in S2 where Andrea puts her hand on Shane’s crouch in the car inappropriate and can longer watch the show with her “11 year old” daughter because of it. If you want to blame somebody, blame the so called fans.

        • lonestarr357

          And, of course, the execs never thought to question why this woman would even let her impressionable 11 year old watch their violent zombie show. Fucking morons.

          • Saying Like It Is

            So what? They still have to address complaints or face losing subscribers. The “fucking moron” cutomers are always right.

        • zombie84_41

          I wouldn’t say it’s the fans at all. Its not like the die hard fans who still stay and watch like me. Yeah I complain about the show sucking and all, but its the god honest truth. If you have shitty writing and directing doesn’t make it good at all. And I know alot of other fans who would like the show to be gory again. i guess AMC isn’t a good network.

          • Saying Like It Is

            Well maybe not entirely the fans fault but if the lot of them complain about a show being too violent and the network responds accordingly to retain its fans then it is their fault at least in this regard. Secondly, I’m confused when it comes to complains about the writing when the same fans praise the comic that the show is based on.

          • zombie84_41

            Yeah I’ll agree with you on that too, I never really read the comic, but I read a few pieces of it when I was at Barnes and Nobles. The writing was pretty much the same as the show lol. I still got Game Of Thrones lol that show is at least pretty dope as fuck still. Sadly its ending.

    • Big Boss Rogers

      Cuz ppl like me click on articles like these to see why this show is still even fucking going and why idiots still watch this overrated same story different concept shit! Regardless of if you watch it or not the hype that’s around can’t be avoided it’s promoted on a lot of shows and ads so your gonna here or see about it anyways! I personally rather watch old school stuff that they need to bring back. Tales from the crypt, masters of horror! Tv isn’t what is used to be anyways especially in horror.

    • peter

      You are my body I totally agree with you

  • Matt

    First, these type of ratings don’t really apply in today’s world. Even if they do, the ratings are still strong enough for a couple more seasons. Personally, I still love the show. Looking forward to Sunday.

  • Bryan Haldeman

    The show has been garbage since season 2.

    • peter

      You don’t know anything about this series go to sleep see you

  • I Believe You

    They find a place to live. Rick gives a speech. The main characters split up. A human villain appears. Rick gives a speech. They come together. The villain dies. Repeat.

    This show really sucks.

  • Dave Galloway

    Worst episode of the series last Sunday. Worst scene of the series, Rick/Daryl fight. They better right the ship.

  • zombie84_41

    Good this show has been sucking ass for a while now. I still think season 5 was the last proper good season. This season is way better then 6 and 7. But its nowhere near amazing as 5 or the past seasons. Its all the same shit over and over and over. For a show about zombies they hardly even show any zombie action. I haven’t seen a good zombie eatten human scene since noah was killed in season 5. I wanta see guts ripped out, brains eatten not a bunch of zombies walking around aimlessly looking stupid as fuck. I don’t want to see annoying human characters whine like a bunch of little bitches. I’m trying my hardest to hold onto this show but I think its time I jump off this ship. And Negan for a really tuff ass badass character the dude is real fucking pussy.

    and OMG that Rick/Daryl fight was horrendous and the end scene of it was so off kilter.


      All of those poor guns and ammo they could have rescued from that crashed overturned truck.

      • zombie84_41

        yeah right could of used them to finish off Negan, oh wait!

    • Saying Like It Is

      But zombies are supposed to be “stupid as fuck” and always have been with Land of the Dead probably the only film that attempted at giving them some intelligence. In any case if there was more zombie action I bet people would complain that it’s repetitive and there’s not enough story.

      • zombie84_41

        lol yeah people will always complain about something I know I’ll be happy. Two ep’s back was really good the one with the king. Up until that lame CGI shitfest ending lol.

      • Daniel Kennard

        Don’t forget Bub, from Day of the dead 😉

  • Spawn Bitch

    They need to make a storyline in which they have to travel North because they pick up a helicopter pilot who crashed from the army and says New York is working on a cure and they need his Intel briefcase. Now Rick and some of the others must leave Alexandra and head north to NY, they can make a whole awesome season on how they make it from the south to the north. They meet new allies and enemies along the way and the Whisper’s have NY on lock down, going through Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, showing America’s cities on fire and how they make it to NY, now that would be awesome to see, just think of all the adventure and plot twist you could right, the people they lose and meet along the wsy, Rick even gets wounded and close to death right up to him reaching NY, God I could make every episode so juicy, the audience would be on the edge of it’s seat with every episode. When they get to NY they meet a small group that’s been surviving on the outscerts of the city, they take Rick’s group to NY through the sewers because they explain how the hordes are huge above ground in NY and the only way into the city is through the sewers, those episodes would be incredible, I have so many ideas, call me and I’ll right them.

    • David W Fitts Sr.

      You’re going to “right” your ideas? Where, on the “outscerts” of the city? Go home, little boy, and let the big boys write their ideas on the outskirts of hell. Hey, here’s an idea; Rick stands outside the Sanctuary with 3 beer bottles on his fingers, tapping them together so that they clink with an ominous, melodious tone while he repeatedly yells out, “Saviors, come out and play-ee-ay.”

  • Meisha’s Taint

    They still doing this walking dead thing huh?

  • KnegaKnick

    The show has lost something. I used to anxiously wait for it on Sunday nights, now I just catch it on dvr.

  • markajacoby

    God! Why are you people even asking “WHY” this show is still on? Did you not read the article? 8 MILLION VIEWERS on a weekly basis for a channel that’s not that big? HOLY CRAP!!! What shows are you guys watching that are “must see” and let’s compare ratings, okay? Wise up people. 8 million viewers for anything these days is ASTONISHING….

    • JackJonston24

      Gee,i don’t know,maybe the fact that they lost half their fucking audience over the course of only two seasons and are losing more weekly,fuck off you tool !

  • Rick-Taylor

    Is Fear the Walking Dead even still on tv, anymore? I remember that was supposed to be the next big thing with the series, but haven’t heard anything after the second episode aired.

    • Saying Like It Is

      S3 ended right before premiere of TWD and FTWD has been renewed for S04.

      • Rick-Taylor

        Thank you.

        • GunsOfNavarone

          And the irony is that it’s a far better show than TWD now. Words fail me.

  • WOLF

    I lost interest last season and gave up after episode 1 this year. The show isn’t very good with handling the gun vs gun action. There’s only a few characters I like. Ezekeal is beyond ridiculous. Zombies are a side note.


      I don’t own a gun but even so I watch a lot of tv shows,movies and games and I find it interesting on the whole real gun safety and real world gun tactics so I like to do research on these kinds of things just for fun and it’s pretty ridiculous on the walking dead.

      Though I will admit Andrew Lincoln’s gun handling was pretty good in episode 2 of this season.
      He was holding his 9mm pistol in one hand up to his eye while going around clearing corners so as to prevent his weapon from being taken off him and he was switching from his pistol to his MP5SD as needed he was going in areas that were close quarters or longer range.

      Though every other character apparently can fire unlimited ammo without needing to reload also all the other non important characters get given air soft guns which is fair enough because real weapons are expensive so they CGI bullet hole effects but what annoys me because Iam OCD is that I noticed they don’t bother to CGI empty brass leaving the receivers of the air soft weapons.

      • huntermc

        Also, not to mention that none of them wear any ear protection despite constantly firing weapons. They’d all be completely deaf by this point.


          Especially Rick since his signature pistol is a colt python.

      • WOLF

        Lol yeah I’m surprised they don’t have a gun expert helping them.

  • Necro

    Too many characters and storylines. The main characters seem to be ‘Michael Myers’-esque and you have an all out war where no one dies except CGI animals and zombies. I honestly thought they were getting back on track when ‘Glen’ and ‘Abraham’ got killed, but I was wrong. Yeah there is just way to many characters running around and they need to get back to a smaller cast. Even when they were taking on ‘The Governor’ things were much simpler. These people are way to trusting to, they said they’re going to war and last I checked people die in wars, especially when you’re taking on those same people who basically enslaved and brutalized you. Dave Mustaine from ‘Megadeth’ said it best “Take No Prisoners……..Take No Shit!”

  • zombie84_41

    Hey that was a really stupid fun movie lol nothing more nothing less.

  • Andrew Salisbury

    the producers are in one of those “damned if we do, damned if we don,t situations when it comes to killing off major characters. people complain that there are never any stakes because major characters are immune to death, and yet, they threaten to stop watching if major characters are killed off. they can’t win either way

  • Marla

    Walking Dead has gone way beyond it sell-by date.

  • For what it’s worth, ABC moved the popular ‘Shark Tank’ to Sunday nights and I would imagine that gives a healthy alternative to the important evening’s choices…

  • Master99

    It’s clear that they ran out ideas a while back and are trying to drag out what they do have way longer than they should. They need to start working towards getting to the end. While they still maintain better ratings than a lot of shows, they also spend a lot more money making their show. It’s only a matter of time before the bottom falls out and the show gets cancelled or they have to start making big cuts to the quality (more so than just getting rid of a CGI tiger).

  • mark long

    Still one of the most watched shows on TV. However, the problem is pacing. It is just to slow in developing and anything actually happening. I could have watched the season premier and then no other episodes and then watched last week’s and felt like I didn’t miss anything and know exactly what was going on still. I watch every week, but I hope they pick it up some and definitely more than just at the mid-season and season finales.

    • Dan

      Very true, nothing happens, still fighting……

  • Dan

    I’m an avid fan and will watch TWD until it goes off the air or I die, which ever comes first. But even the biggest fan like me has many problems with the show. My biggest pet peeve is & continues to be the stupid way of storytelling. Why they continue this bullshit one arc per episode shit is beyond me, we have not seen half the cast this season. And I’m starting to agree with a lot of you about the writers of the show thinking we’re fucking idiots. Why would Rick not put a bullet in Negan’s heads the 1st episode this season? Why would Gabe not put a bullet in Negan’s face the 2nd he had the opportunity last ep? Stupid stupid stupid….. That being said, I’ll be tuned in Sunday, I’m stupid like that……

    • oh_riginal

      Me too… me too.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    I don’t really think much of the show any more and preferably I’d like to stop watching it, but half of me feels obligated to because I enjoy Fear The Walking Dead and am aware of the crossover episode. I just wish AMC would sack all the writers and the current showrunner and turn this thing around. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d miss Hershell’s farm, but sure enough, it’s upon us.

  • Don’t blame Negan. Negan’s been fantastic. It’s the directors trying desperately to make it seem like the show has more characters than just him, Rick, Daryl, Carol and Morgan.

    • WOLF

      I don’t blame the actor. But Negan’s speeches have become so tired … for me at least. He struts around like a rooster for awhile and it goes on too long.
      I’m not knocking anybody for enjoying the show. I stopped after the first episode this season and I have no desire right now to catch up. The show worked for me when it was characters with hand weapons vs zombies. I don’t care about most of the newer characters, and that’s a huge problem.

      • Riding The Bus With Spooks

        This guy gets it.

      • The first episode was okay, the next two were awful (there’s that problem of the newer characters in full, boring force), but if you get in the mood to watching it, the latest episode was fantastic. You can just skip to it without missing much of anything. There’s more of that rooster strutting but they made sure to make it feed into the plot – plus there’s the zombie vs melee stuff in there again.

        Definitely sucks that I have to hype up this episode so much, but for people who like the show – and are getting shafted by all the dragging and the filler – the second and third episodes were another serious letdown that made a lot of people give up before the got to the gem of the fourth episode.

        • WOLF

          I still have them on DVR….so we will see 😉

    • Luca Vasto

      totally agree with you

  • Riding The Bus With Spooks

    Don’t care for the Negan character. I have a really hard time people would really act this way during a crisis like this. Just plain dumb.

  • Collin

    My problem with the show: it started off decent enough for me to get into the comics, had a terrible second season, an okay third season and since then has been painfully mediocre. And with so much pointless b.s. surrounding the show, like talking dead, all the zombie ads that play during it (dear god the ads), its impossible for me to view it as just a tv show. Theacting lacks personality and the writing is tedious and muddled and it got to the point where the shock of a character dying wasn’t enough. The comics are so much more fast paced and the writing is a million times better, the show just takes too much time to go ANYWHERE.
    For me I stopped watching at that finale where they don’t show who negan killed. To me that was the final middle finger to the audience in a season filled with stupid fake outs and fake cliffhangers. It was the biggest fake cliffhanger of all. By that I mean there was a mystery at the end, not because the characters didn’t know who he killed, but because it was edited in a way that would create Buzz around the show. Seriously thefade to black should have had “fuck you” on it because then I’d at least respect the show enough for being honest with what it was doing. But they tried to spinit as a way of keeping people talking. Smh

    • Dan

      A cliffhanger that is meant to create Buzz for the show? Say it ain’t so……

  • I think they need to find a way to make the zombies the main antagonists again: really make them scary again like they might be a threat. At the moment if they show up it’s just a bit like “Yeah, they’re going to kill them, who cares?”. There have been some real great zombie moments: the horde outside the barn during the storm, Glen being ‘eaten’, when the horde attack Alexandria resulting in Carl losing his eye… I think the problem with all the gang stories is they seem to repeat the same story over and over. They’ve branded this season as “All Out War!” – but we’ve kind of seen that a few seasons ago with The Governor. Maybe it’s time the zombies mutated and got a little faster or something.

    • Mike Wellein

      I think that one scene where Ezekial had to crawl away from zombies that had just started turning was pretty intense. It was actually the first time zombies have been remotely scary in the show for a while.

      • Yeah. I think the problem is for the last few seasons, whenever they meet new groups it always follows the same format: they meet, everything seems okay for a while, then everything goes tits-up, they fight the other group, the other group inevitably loses and then they move on with wherever they had been completely destroyed. Shower, rinse, repeat.

        Maybe it’s time they did a mini-reboot or something. I’m not sure bringing back the garbage pale kids is helping any either.

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        Zombies just aren’t scary, and the show isn’t really about them, but they need to do exactly that with them more often. Create more tension filled scenarios that capitalize on the threat they still do pose. Like, it makes sense dealing with the zombies is now for them like dealing with a poisonous snake or something, but that can still be dangerous in various set ups.

    • oh_riginal

      Best zombie kill the show EVER had was when Noah died. I liked him and didn’t want to see him go, but damn, his death was hardcore!

      • That was pretty brutal.

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        Always thought it was kinda weird people were saying Glenn’s death was when the show was apparently going too far with the violence, but Noah’s death is arguably still the most brutal death in the series thus far.

        But that’s also because people gave more of a shit about Glenn than Noah so.


    u want to save this show ?

    well… is an advise from the most fanatic zombie fan in the world.






    • Dan

      A great post, for real, and I agree with all of it. But even in the books the zombies aren’t scary, just a manageable threat now.


        fuck the books…….in the series they should take liberties and do what is necessary to keep interest high.
        zombies must be the real threat again.

        • Dan

          That’s fine tough guy, but they are making it well known they are using the books as a go to source while still deviating from them a little. So go swell up on the writers Home Boy…..

    • Luca Vasto

      Negan killing the show??? Negan is the only good thing about this show, It is not Negan’s fault if the screenwriters are poor if they can not write the episodes. for example Ezekiel is a terrible character, Negan is amazing, Jeffrey dean Morgan is amazing.
      The basic problem is one: the series is too long, it’s been going on for too long, manufacturers should think of an end.

      My personal opinion of course 😉


        luca u don’t seem to get the point. it’s not that negan is not good. it’s about the story. they replaced zombies as villains with a human villain named negan. that’s the problem.
        I liked the negan story too….but they should have killed him midway season 7 and move on.
        we are now at halfway season 8 and negan is still alive.
        ratings were have no problem until negan arrived on scene.
        no matter what we think…….most fans don’t want him….so just kill him.

        • Luca Vasto

          agree with you about some points, but IMHO, Negan is the best part of this show, ok maybe
          Negan’s era will end with 8×16 and that’s right, but the seasons of
          this show were boring from season 4 at the end of the season 6 , with the
          arrival of Negan, the show improved, I swear, Seasons 4 and
          5 do not remember them, they were so boring and insignificant they did
          not leave anything and zombies have been set aside long ago, long before
          Negan’s arrival.

          Personally I think this show
          should end as soon as possible, it depends on me, the end would come
          with episode 8×16, final war with Negan and end of the show. this
          is just my thoughts of course ;-), but when Negan comes out of the
          show, I personally will stop watching it, because this show lasts for
          too long, everything has to end and 8 seasons are IMHO enough 😉

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      The Walking Dead is not really about zombies. It’s about the human element. The fall of civilization in a great disaster and what’s left. The title itself is a double meaning not only describing the walking corpses, but the survivors who are doing just that. Holding on in a world saturated with death. “Dead man walking”. So many things reinforce this theme. From the fact that they are all infected regardless, to Rick even making that whole speech where he uttered that line “We are the walking dead.”

      And zombies are nothing but braindead monsters that could only be a viable threat for so long. Not enough to hold an entire series on, and also kinda going against their more grounded tone. Hell, hypothetically if a real zombie apocalypse ever happened, unless they are like, 28 Days Later zombies or those insane zombies from Train to Busan, do you really think we wouldn’t be able to handle it very quickly? (honestly, if we’re being even more realistic why the hell would things like the military and society crumble to these zombies in TWD but whatever 😛 )

      But this show’s backbones are the characters, and drama surrounding them. Some people already complain its boring, but it would truly be boring as hell if it was nothing but everyone killing zombies. That works in a zombie movie mostly, but even so, sometimes maybe you can realize your zombie movies can be a weak link in horror.

      They’re not a bad tool to use, but give me stuff like Train to Busan or something any day because zombies on their own, don’t hold up anymore.

  • EmPleH

    Bring back Frank Darabont to try salvage of what’s left that’s been butchered by AMC.

    • Dennis Giles

      Well said !!!!!

  • Rotten Tomatoes gives The Big Scary U an 83% freshness rating. So what if some of the weak links walk? Most of them were watching the show just because it was the cool thing to do. Die hard fans could give a crap!

  • American Atheist

    Fuck Rotten Tomatoes. Shit is irrelevant. Critics hated Justice League and that was one of my favorite movies of the year.

    I still enjoy TWD. So I guess that’s all that really matters. If I was concerned over who watched what, I’d never watch anything.

    Each episode has been getting better since “Monsters”. All the gunfights come across as cheesy but that’s part of the All Out War story arc. JDM has been killing it. He’s a shit load better than the Governor.

    • Dan

      I agree, JDM is killing it, not his fault the story runs at a snails pace. I also agree about the Governor. The comic version of The Gov was 10 times more brutal, not sure why they dumbed down the character much.

      • American Atheist

        I always thought Danny Trejo would’ve been a bad ass Governor.

        Morrissey took me out of it when ever he yelled because I could hear his accent. It sounded silly and don’t even get me started on that abomination of a story line with Andrea and the Governor. Awful.

        Andrea is one of my favorite characters in the graphic novels. I don’t know why they ruined her on the show.

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        The Governor is practically cartoonish in how ridiculously psychotic he was in the comic to the point where it was just boring. The show actually gave him more to work with, and was more interesting to boot. The whole storyline wasn’t perfect, but the Governor was an improvement.

        Not everything in that comic was better. Some of it still is, but the purist have no real reasons to keep saying one is superior. It’s about equal really. When they introduce Alpha and the Whisperers, they also need to not kill off that groups most interesting character so goddamn early because that made that whole group just a stupid detour at times in between all the more interesting Negan/Rick stuff in the aftermath of the war.

    • Tiger Quinn

      And here we have why the ratings are still good despite the show being shite: the fan who will accept ANYTHING.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      JL is a bad movie

      • American Atheist

        I didn’t realize you are the king of movies. Are there any other movies I need to change my opinion of for your approval oh great movie king?

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      You are why actual DC fans can’t have nice things. Snyder’s movies were garbage no matter how you dice it. The Justice League deserve better. Your taste in movies are bad and you should feel bad.

      • American Atheist

        I feel great! I just watched JL a second time this weekend. Take your hate somewhere else.

  • Dan

    8 mill people beg to differ.

    • Tired

      Out of 6 billion

      • anthill

        People watch it in other countries too.

        • Tired

          And your point?

          • anthill

            That its not 8 million people out of 6 billion.its 8 million out of 260,00 million or whatever the population of the U.S is.

          • Tired

            Thanks for clearing that up. I get what your saying.

  • The ratings are awesome and the show is definitely not in trouble. The drop off is typical of shows that have run this long. Eventually the concept gets boring, the creative core gets jaded, and shows just fizzle out.

    • Tiger Quinn

      Because you can’t admit that this show is doing those things because it’s creatively bankrupt, not because we’re “bored.” I literally CAN’T get “bored” of a zombie show and I’d wager that’s true of a lot of people. It’s the very, very, very bad writing, and the very, very, very bad production design.

  • Tired

    We just can’t get into it anymore. Decided to wait until season is over and then we’ll watch again. And if we finish it and are still kinda “eh” about it, I think we’ll be moving on.

  • Brad

    Still the highest end rated show on television.

    So clearly people do.

  • Tiger Quinn

    I hadn’t watched in about a year, though I read the comic – tuned in last ep to see how it was going, and I was just shocked. The characters are….what the fuck. Scenes are constructed like throwing shit at a wall. Resolution happens because it’s time for the episode to end. And the zombies have the only actual recognizable human reaction to things. I mean, just fucking wow with this show.

  • Liam21

    Well, the last episode I watched was the premier of season 7. TWD has never been a joyful show – actually – it’s often more miserable. What kept me watching for 6 years was the characters, but they unceremoniously killed off too many and replaced them with less interesting ones. I’ve never the watched the show for “cool zombie kills”, just as I don’t watch GoT for “cool dragons”.

    Also, the producers say year after year that they’re gonna keep the show on for many, many years without referencing to having a story to keep it up. TWD lacks a purpose, there’s no sight of an end game in the horizon. I loved how season 1 teased a story about the origin and future in the final episode, seems like they just scrapped that and retreated to “lets just introduce as many evil people as possible” which is just repetetive and unoriginal.

    I would love for TWD to have a central storyline running in the background and end when it’s natural to end. Then spin it off for another story with a beginning, middle and an end that I would also watch.

  • Dylan Summers

    Perhaps because people are tired of 9-11 episodes of a 16 episode season being absolute fillers. The whole ‘survivors get split in to 3/4 different groups’ angle is beyond frustrating too. Can the group just not stay together now?!

    I can no longer watch TWD week by week as it’s just too frustrating waiting for the next episode when you know it’s going to be more of the same unresolved crap. I have to wait until the entire season has finished and then binge.

    Jeffery Dean Morgan is great and Negan is a great character but he’s just gone on for too long and his eccentric monologues are just boring now.

    Season 9 needs some epic change of pace like Rick and the group coming into contact with the military/government who perhaps are figuring out a cure. Just some kind of direction towards a resolution other than ‘Find a home. Meet a baddie. Lose home. Rick has mental breakdown. Beat baddie.’

    • oh_riginal

      I think this show works best when binged, and it’s been my theory for a while that people might realize that and wait for the seasons to finish before coming back to watch it, which would lead to ratings drops. I hope that is the case, cause the alternative is that the show is permanently losing viewers, and that would be a shame.

  • Will Ft. The Roots

    Its just hard to stay interested week to week. I find Fear to be a more interesting show at this point.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    The stars of this show who do convention appearances and charge upwards of $100 for autographs/pics better enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Chris Rogers

    This show, as with FTWD, seriously needs to be put out of its misery – Serious One of TWD was compelling viewing, but its been all down hill since – stopped watching after series 5.

    • bigval

      That was when I finally decided to bail on the show too. Terminus, Abraham is just became too boring. But boredom got the better of me and when Season 6 started I watched the first episode with the Alexandria situation and thought what the hell I am doing and quit again and haven’t looked back. I only watched the first season of FTWD before giving up on that too.

  • Michael Gevins

    The main issue with this series, is that it has an after show. Easier to tune into that, get a summary, list of kills and comments in 5-10 minutes than to slog through an episode.

    Cancel Talking Dead, ratings will go back up.

  • Glitchiee Glitch

    what bores me about this show now is the “charactercentric” episodes … man maybe im the only one but I DONT GIVE A FUCK about morgan.. REALLY dont give a shit about ezekial .. they just push too much boring stupid filler in our faces.. and the plot holes are getting annoying
    if they want to get this show booming again they need to make the zombies the main focus and make them a threat again. they writing is already terrible its not like many people would question the virus strain mutating and making the zombies less slow and boring.. speed them up..

    now lets not go all day of the dead remake “wall crawlers” bullshit…lets think more like dawn of the dead remake speed!

  • Tiger Quinn

    I’d just like to see what this show would be like if there were, oh, 5-8 characters total, and they all traveled with each other so they could have extended conversations. Not obsessively splitting up like they’ve been doing since season one.

  • Jesse Williamson

    The poor pacing, bizarre editing, terrible action scenes eg. Unlimited bullet, shoot-outs with no name characters is what is failing the show.

    Cut the season to 10-13 episodes and structure the story with no filler episodes required.

  • Matthew Landers

    It’s on my DVR, and this is the first time I’ve ever not felt the need to watch it. I figured we’ll binge it before long, but it’s not a priority any more.

  • Tiffany Michelle Slone

    I read the comics and actually stopped cause I disliked Negan as a character so much. There for as much as I like the actor I ll wait till hes taken down to go back to TWD.

  • gjk2012 .

    As said before the show has become a slow paced filler soap opera with too many commercials. Not surprised the ratings are going down.

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