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Is ‘Paranormal Activity 5’ Being Fast-Tracked? (Exclusive)

July 30 Update: while the film is being fast-tracked, it’s looking like the studio is aiming for an October 2015 release.

Earlier last month we reported that Paramount Pictures was putting the brakes on Paranormal Activity 5, delaying its release until 2016. That was quite a bump considering it was slated for release this October 24.

Well, a source close to the production tells Bloody Disgusting exclusively that Paramount Pictures and Blumhouse Productions are fast-tracking the fifth film, with very unrealistic hopes hitting the original October release. They know this October is a long shot, but at least there’s serious movement that could bring fans a new PA in 2015. I should also note, however, that I have not confirmed with either entity, although our regular tipster is typically right on the money.

Right now, Greg Plotkin is working at lightning speed from a screenplay by Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark.

Some plot details were teased in this leaked casting breakdown from this past January.

Sources tell us that there was a lot of difficulty cracking this story, and that there’s even been talk about quietly removing the found-footage aspect at some point in the future – although, it should be known that Paramount is a big supporter of the found-footage subgenre.

With Paranormal Actity: The Marked Ones underperforming, you have to wonder if the October date is a must for the studio – or if people were just confused by the spin-off implications. It could also be said that maybe the audience is sick of the franchise. It’s hard to say, considering Lionsgate’s Saw did quite well for them over the course of seven films. PA5 would be the sixth, so maybe there’s an end in sight – before the eventual reboot.




  • Khy

    Sigh. Go away PA.

    • Golic

      it’s easy; if you don’t like something, don’t watch it.

      • Khy

        And what makes you think I don’t? I haven’t watched a PA film since PA3.

        But I’ll still comment on whatever the hell I want. Don’t like it? It’s easy- don’t read my comments.

        • Trippy Leatherface

          Watch the marked ones

  • Ress EZ

    Honestly, I really like to watch the ending of the series. If PA5 is going to be the last entry, give it a little time, will ya? But not 2016 little time. Since The Marked Ones was released earlier this year, 2015 should do it. PA(201)5…..

  • Krug09

    The first 3 were pretty good especially the original. People who dislike the movies make fans sound retarded like literally all we see is a door open and we are entertained. 4 was so bad i didn’t bother watching the marked ones. That story only needed 1 and 2 at most. 3 jumped the shark and 4 was pathetic… Now a 5? What else is there left to say?

  • ThunderDragoon

    It’s not like it’s a blockbuster franchise. It’s very simple to make a movie like this. Even if they started filming next month, they could still make the October release. It’s very simplistic. I liked 1 and 2, and I LOVED The Marked Ones, so I’m definitely a fan. I’m just saying that it’s a very simple formula, and as long as there isn’t much CGI, there won’t be much post-production to do. I’ll be very curious to see if they actually make the date.

  • Spence33

    How did the The Marked Ones under perform? It made 18x back at the box office.

  • Tyler Drainville

    Good to know it’s being rushed.

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