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‘Paranormal Activity 5’ Is Going to Be In 3-D (Exclusive)

Some last second holiday news as we head off to go eat some turkey.

We have just confirmed our scoop from this past July that Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension is being fast-tracked. In fact, we’ve learned that filming has already begun with plans on getting the sequel into theaters by the original March 13, 2015 date.

Greg Plotkin is directing from a screenplay by Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark.

The interesting bit, though, is that the plan is to release PA5 in 3-D, and will be done using post-conversion technology. It can only be assumed that the 3-D is specifically for the “Ghost Dimension”?

The fact that Paramount is toying with the technology for PA means Friday the 13th could be next…

Some plot details were teased in this leaked casting breakdown from this past January.




  • Krug09

    One last squeeze just before the series is sucked dry.

  • Lucca Cantisano

    Are they trying to kill themselves?

  • chris hayes

    3D won’t do it any good…as you know part 4 pretty much sucked so their trying to flog a dead horse now….

  • The Magic Pumpkin

    3D and found footage don’t sound like a good mix

  • Grimphantom

    Who gives a rat’s ass….

  • Josh Cline

    The theaters better be handing out vomit bags because the combo of 3D and found footage will be disastrous for some.

    • WolfQueen

      Ugh. As a theatre employee that had to clean up vomit after Cloverfield, I’m not looking forward to this now. Gross.

  • Khy

    Well “Ghost Dimension” should’ve tipped us off LOL.

  • Vicente Garcia

    I’m just interested to see how they’re gonna make and market the whole movie in under 5 months?

    • Khy

      They’ve face this challenge with previous films in the series so I’m sure it’ll be fine(fine as in it’ll make the date). As the article said, they’re already filming now and these movies are filmed EXTREMELY fast.

  • Weresmurf

    Omg now I can watch it suck in an extra dimension!

  • Victor

    So first of all under 5 months of filming and then its gonna be 3D???? I’m officially convinced that Hollywood no longer gives a shit about horror films let alone even making a decent one. And now they want to make a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film in 3D? This is gonna suck even more.

  • jack

    Brad, you’re getting a bit excited with the F13 3D speculation. A bit too click-baity. How can anybody be really bothered what the PA series does to gimmick-in audiences? The ENTIRE franchise is a gimmick. You can’t actually feel like some sacred ground is being walked over when a hackneyed, money-grubbing, found-footage, marketing machine of a film series in prodution on its SIXTH TITLE adds on an extra 3D whistle.

  • Sir Shilly VonShillington

    I didn’t know there was a 4th one! I bet it was lame.


    • Chamber

      It was horrible.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Nothing about this sounds appealing, not just the 3D. This series has run its course.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Found footage and 3D? Hmm.

  • aratkinson

    i actually love parts 1-3 (especially 3) and i’m excited for this.
    part 4 sucked ass, and the marked ones was just okay, and I’m not stoked about the 3D (or the lame subtitle) but as a fan of most of the movies i’m eager to see part 5.

  • WolfQueen

    I was a fan of 1 & 2. I hated 3 & 4. Making this one in 3D? Nope. No thanks. 3D is a shit gimmick that needs to just go away.

  • DLConspiracy//

    1-3 is all you need to see in this series. It all went downhill after that…

    • Chamber

      Agreed. Marked Ones was good, but the rest that aren’t 1-3 were horrible.

  • Leebo

    I can’t wait for Paranormal Activity X – when toby turns up in space!

  • The PA franchise has become ridiculous – like NOES and at least that one had Freddie saying one liners. PA4 was an absolute mess and the marked ones carry on with the unbelievably convoluted story. Every movie ends with Kate and the story has never progressed since PA1! I mean some of the scares are very good (PA3) but to see each movie with the same ending and with people carry on filming when they should get the fuck out, it just too stupid to bear.

  • Taboo

    This doesn’t sound like a good idea at all. I sure hope this doesn’t become an ongoing trend for horror films.

  • James Allard

    3D + Found Footage = Train Wreck. It could have the potential of “OMG What a POS! I can’t look away!” cf. Sharknado (one, not the other one).

  • Ress EZ

    Why would the studio want to spend extra millions to post-convert is beyond me. The fact is these movies can’t even sell anymore nowadays and they still intent of going over budget. For what?? I love found footage and I want it 3D-free! You can 3D your non-horror movies ALL YOU WANT, Paramount!!!

  • I’m fan of 3D and so this news really annoys me. There is so much potential for creativity with 3D and yet more often than not it’s forcefully slapped on for no other purpose than to make more money.

  • When is the sixth one coming out ?

    • Next Halloween?

      • Chrissie-Watkins

        In Smell-O-Vision!

  • excited!

  • Britany RedMonroe Bryant

    Omrfg who is seeing these movies? Huh bc I don’t know why they keep doing these paranormal activity movies they suck. Like if you just want waste your money away give it to me and I lock you in my closet for 2 hrs open it and go boo. That would be a lot scarier than this franchise. The haunted house movies have been the death of horror.

    • Grimphantom

      It’s like asking why people still go see Transformers and TMNT from Michael Bay because people………are idiots. You can say they are brainwash to go see these movies because of their weak mind, only those who are capable to realize that those movies are garbage.

      Have you seen They Live? Pretty much shows how society is now recently, if you see this video it pretty much explains it

      • Britany RedMonroe Bryant

        They live is classic one of my favorites! Well when you put it in those terms paranormal activity it’s a lot scarier than I thought lol

  • Pokey

    I can’t wait to see those kitchen cupboard doors open in full 3D.

    • Christensen


  • Ya know what? No. I’m done. I am so tired of Paranormal Activity milking all these films that don’t give us full explanations. It’s like Final Destination, constantly giving us characters to like ONLY to kill them off because “HEY THAT’S SCARY!”. At least with FD, despite being stupid, there was a reason as to why everyone died, but THIS ONE? OH because our cult is a fucking god therefore everyone has to die.

    • Grimphantom

      Don’t go watch then. You know they drag you to watch it thinking something new will happen but it’s the same crap over and over. Don’t you get it? You’re getting orders to watch crappy movies just like “They Live!” is happening.

      • Ya do realize some people are fans of a series and continue watching it in a small hope it gets better, right?

        Gave up right after PA 4, only saw glimpses of Marked Ones and it sucked.

        • Grimphantom

          Pffffftttt because people are a bunch of idiots who never learn, thinking that “oh i know this will be good as the last one, i know they put some effort into” It’s like people go to a game and their fav suck ass yet they still go when they should realize if they STOP going they consider to better themselves but since they know people like crap, they don’t give a rat’s ass just like Hollywood.

          • So basically you’re saying “people who are really into a series are idiots because it takes them a while to realize how much it sucks”. Ass much?

            Although give you credit, your reasoning over Hollywood likes giving fans shit is true.

          • Grimphantom

            Series that they know it’s garbage, not to mention that they hate it. Take Transformers live action movies for example, people complain of how much they hate the movies YET they still go!!! What in their right minds have to go see a movie just to bash or hate it? Micheal Bay even confirmed it that no matter how people hate his movies, he still get his paycheck because why? Because people go see them….

            John Carpenter already shown this on They Live! how people are being brainwash on crap they see on TV and movies.

          • Pretty much, Bay’s stuck doing these money maker films, it’s a shame since he some good films (Bad Boys and The Rock were pretty solid films) and his special effects aren’t bad. But unfortunately, he’s gotta do this shat films. I just shrug off the Transformer films.

            Oh booooy, that’s a good representation.

  • Javier

    This is *exactly* the kind of ridiculous decision that Found Footage 3D is making fun of with their Scream-esque take on the found footage genre and they actually *shot* theirs in 3D. How does post-conversion even make any sense for a found footage movie?

    • It doesn’t and it’s the reason why 3D is getting such a bad rep because most of the time it’s utilized for nothing more than an extra cash grab. Films like Avatar, Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1 & 2, 3D Final Destinations and Transformers 4 have all proven that 3D can be an amazing experience if handled properly.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    Honestly, in my opinion, the entire franchise has produced exactly five scary minutes. That was the last five minutes of the first movie. Anything after totally sucked, although I will admit I did not see The Marked Ones.

  • Chamber

    “Ghost Dimension”? Seriously? The Franchise peaked at 3, then a steep decline, and I thought that it was finally heading in the right direction with “The Marked Ones”. This ghost dimension bullshit, coupled with the post-production 3D (not even filmed in 3d, FFS) just killed any interest I had in this movie. R.I.P. P.A. You had a decent run. Time to put my mother towards more effective franchises.

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